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Happy Black Friday

Still enjoying my break, maxin’ and relaxin’. But here’s a shout to you poor saps who get up far too early to shop for presents on this, the Black Friday.

I hope none of you were subjected to this.

Fun side note – I just recently learned that the day before Thanksgiving is known as black Wednesday to some bars, as it is for whatever reason one of the biggest drinking days.

Another note – Ignore ebaum’s watermark at the bottom of the video. That’s not where I found this, and Ebaum is well known for stealing everything and marking it as his anyway.

I really was born.

I’m enjoying my break from school. Sleeping in and getting little tasks done. Today I’m going to share another video with you. Not a parody, just…awesome.

Born to check that mic.

Such an Idiot.

Star Wars is one of those amazing things that doesn’t get old. References to it in movies, television shows, jokes, and parodies are still funny somehow. This doesn’t usually happen; for instance, if I told you a Matrix joke right now, or a Finding Nemo parody or something, it’d be completely lame. But Star Wars, for some reason, seems always to stay fresh.

Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself to justify sharing this gem of a parody with you.

I take it back.

That one creepy guy smiling into the camera creepily? That thing? That’s not the creepiest thing on the internet. I take it back.

Because of this. O sweet heavens, what is this.

I just…I just……I just….It’s like….I think I’m never going to be able to sleep again. I gotta lay off the videos for a while I think.

This was e-mailed to me

And I thought it was really funny. It starts out as if it were a new take on an old situation, and its overall comedy value was so/so…but then…well, watch for yourself.

Thanks, Ephraim, Al, and Dailymotion!

You know what’s awesome?


I know, I know. I’m sorry. but not really. In the spirit of Halloween’s approach, I’ve assembled a few re-cut trailers to turn something you loved as a child into something dark and horrible.

This one is…okay.

This one, is totally brilliant. I would go see this movie.

This final one is actually pretty creepy. I’ll never look at Mary Poppins the same way again.

Next time I’ll find a scary internet thing that’s not a video for you.

Oh Sweet Merciful Heavens

I thought I’d start a fun series where I post something scary I’ve found recently every day until Halloween.

But after finding this, well…I think this might be the absolute scariest thing on the internet. Or in the world.

What IS this?? Who DOES this?! Who does this and then uploads it to the internet!?


These are the haunting mysteries that make the internet like Halloween every day.

Flash Mob New York

We’ve featured flash mobs here before (such as the last video of our Trigger Happy Montage), but this experiment strikes me as both impressive and bizarre:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

The voice you hear is from the MP3 that all participants are listening to. The organizers of the event, Improv Everywhere, had everyone download and start playing an MP3 at the exact same time. Over 800 people joined the mob, whose antics continue below:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I had the volume off the first time I watched, so I had no clue that the second video showed them creating a human bullseye. If you’ve participated in one of these flash mobs let me know – looks like fun, although I’d probably get arrested trying to organize one in my backwoods town.


So…remember back when I was talking about not getting enough sleep? I still have yet to really get a full night.

So I’ve been consuming coffee and energy beans (I wish it weren’t true), and trying to get by. At this point in the game, the whole world kind of seems like this

(warning: the f-bomb once)


By the way, I just want to promise that my next post won’t be a video. I promise promise.

Look Around You!

I used to hate those old videos they’d show in school of people doing educational things in lame ways. In dated clothing and with stone age computers, these videos tried so hard to be hip to our young jive. Alas, such failure.

So, having this history of dislike for edutaining movies, and my absolute fiery passionate love affair with parodies, it stands to reason that the Look Around You series is one of my favorite things on the internet. I honestly have no excuses for waiting this long to share them with you guys. There are several of them. Here are the first two:

Episode 1 – maths.

Episode 2 – Water

What is a bird? We just don’t know.

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