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So apparently some people have enough spare time on their hands in groups that they actually write songs and sing them.

To squawk-boxes. At drivethrus. I’m a fan of fast food and a fan of music, and have always wanted a soundtrack to my life. But I don’t think I’ve taken any of these interests to the extreme the next five people have. Here are the top 5 drivethru singers I’ve ever seen.

#5 Taco Bell [Song]

This one gets an A for Affort, and believe it or not, it’s better than some vids I had to sift though, poor quality and all.

#4 Taco Bell Rap

Not bad, but not good enough to beat the professionals (from the radio show Free Beer and Hot Wings)

#3 Yo Gabba Gabba

They’re always having that guy do horrible things.

#2 McDonald’s Rap (they call it a “freestyle” but it seems rehearsed to me…)

Mad rhymez, y’all. But it couldn’t quite reach #1, reserved for the (possibly most internet famous)…

#1 McDonald’s Melody (ba-da-ba-ba-ba)

Just imagine if all these people used their creative energy to do something productive!

And on a Different Note…

I will not sully this by saying anything more.

Oldie but Goody

I tend to get a little tense sometimes. I tend to get easily frustrated, at people and things.

It’s a cold, depressing time of year, you know? So I thought I’d post something cute and uplifting today, and I’ve scowered the internet but am completely unable to find anything that has made me smile so consistently as this:

Have a good one.

Paper Airplane

This is beautiful. All my paper airplanes tend to take a sharp nose-dive seconds after take-off. The fact that this one’s entire flight was captured so beautifully is really impressive.

Now I’m off to fold some paper.

It’s astounding how these trends form and how much work goes into them. Seems like ever since the first video came out, everyone’s been setting their Christmas Lights to music (or sound). Here are my top five favorites:

5) THX Sound FX:4) Carol of the Bells:

3) Toy Sack, BABY!

Wow, this one. I think I like it so much because of the Dancing Santa.

2) Nutcracker:

1) The amazing, the original, Wizards of Winter:

That last one amazes me every time. I sifted through a ton of these videos, with so many people trying to pull off the same thing (even with the same song, and almost always the same band), and not one really stood up to it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Cheerful Kwanzaa to you all. Many presents and happy feelings your way.



You know, I have a couple friends and family members working at different retail stores and they all have stories about people calling in at exactly opening time and asking for Wii’s. Wii’s!!

Me personally? I think it’s a fad. Yeah, woo, no dumb unaccessible game controller, a everyone-friendly remot–forgive me–wiimote to waggle around. Which i guess is cool.

But then they bring in all the Wiimote controllers like, the guitar and the nun chucks and…apparently, for some ill-inspired, completely bogus reason…a bat:

And that’s why the Wii won’t last. Not every mother is as easygoing as the one in that video (I’m shocked by her, actually).

Think twice before scrambling for that Wii Christmas present, people.

The Most Annoying Toy

When Christmas shopping for the young people in your life, here are some things to consider before springing for some cool toy to stuff their stocking with.

1) Don’t buy it if it has several small, sharp parts. Test appropriateness by spilling parts on the floor and stepping on them without socks. Now imagine that feeling in the dead of night while you (or your relatives) stumble out of bed for a glass of water.

2) Don’t buy it if it dissolves in the child’s digestive tract into a date rape drug.

3) For the love of peace, don’t buy it if it’s this:


And, more importantly, where can I get one?

A Whole New World.

Broadway World is hosting a contest called “Give Us Your Voice”, where each contestant is asked to sing a song from “The Little Mermaid” in a YouTube video. The winner gets an all expenses paid trip to New York.

Most of the contestants I saw were pretty decent, but then I stumbled across Nick Patera:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Initially I figured that HAS to be fake, right? Actually, it’s not (I even happen to have two friends who know the guy – vote for him here!). He’s been perfecting his voice for at least a year, and just released this incredible one person duet as well:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I originally went to post this on Neatorama (where I also contribute), but one of the other authors beat me to the punch. A commentor hit the nail on the head though – imagine this guy on American Idol!? I’d love to see the judge’s faces the first time he sang …

Free time.

Every time I mention to people that I write for a blog on the internet, someone’s bound to mention the idea that I have too much free time.

I feel like this is garbage, but even if it weren’t and I was somehow awash with spare time and not begging the clock to slow down just a little while as I feverishly block out the world to finish the thirty assignments I’ve fallen behind on in the last two or three weeks due to my application of all my attention on three other classes whose final projects seemed more pressing at the time, no matter if that were true, I’ll never ever ever have as much free time as the people who sit around and make these:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the internet’s crowning achievement. We should all be ashamed.

Gotta dash!

Between classes and work, I’ve pretty much totally forgotten there ever was a holiday break at all. I’m pressed for time right now even, so no time to refine and present some awesome new content for you all. But it’ll be up quickly enough, and in the mean time, here’s a video that perfectly portrays how I feel inside my head right now, with all the rushing around.

I think I have a little dancer like that flinging herself around inside my brain all the time. And, comment back, readers: I’d like to know what you think of the idea of an every-now-and-again SayNoToCrack webcomic. It probably wouldn’t be a storyline or anything, and it might not even be any good (you’ve seen my art already, soo…yeah). But if you’re interested, I’ll give it a try and we can see from there if it’d be worth anything.

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