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A lesson in Sequels

Remember Charlie the Unicorn? Remember how it was pretty much funny mostly if you’re in the right mood for it?

There’s a sequel now.

I’m so sorry.

The lesson? Don’t make a sequel to something that was ok unless you originally planned on making a sequel.

More Crazy 911 Calls!

And, even nicer, all condensed into a single video, and not many.

Funny PSAs

Parody is comedy gold. Nothing is quite as funny as a well-executed satire. And there are few targets quite as fun as Public Service Announcements. Here’s a handful of my favorite PSA videos to be found on the internet.

#1 -Snuggling. I like this, it’s a clever idea…they just took it waaaay too long.
What if they hog the blanket?

#2 – Cooties. I love this one because of nostalgia.

#3 – Guns don’t kill people. The Undead do.

#4 & #5, Lowcarbcomedy. These guys’ humor isn’t always clean enough for SNTC, but their PSAs always make me smile.

Yeah, like a Farm Silo.



Screams like a Girl Man

Okay, okay, okay. I was sure that I was paranoid. I was sure it was just me.

But I’ve noticed in films with anything like an action scene, there’s always that one guy…with that one girly scream…and it sounds exactly the same in every movie. In my head and to my friends, I used to call him “screams like a girl man” and I could have sworn he showed up pretty much everywhere.

So imagine my triumphant delight when my friend sent me this video, proving to me that I was one hundred percent completely right.


Emergency Call Hilarity

Sometimes, you are faced with an emergency. Things are looking bad, and there’s only one number you can think to call. The emergency hotline, for these people, 911. Just a nice insight into the world of subjectivity, and what some people consider qualifies as an “emergency.”

I didn’t mean the police!

…But this isn’t the burger I asked for!

I think we might be dying.

I’ll think of something.

Outstanding Elephants. Why can’t this happen in my neighborhood?

That last one is just awesome.

A Theme Song for SayNoToCrack?

Could it be? I think it just might need some kind of honorary title.

Cat of 1,000 Faces

I know it’s been a slim week for quality updates, and to distract you let me throw a lolcats video at your face:

I promise Quality, Words, and Not Videos will be here very soon. It’s been a rough midterms season.

Who hates aliens?

Chad does!

Best. Birthday. Ever.

I know I know, videos. They are a curse!

But I think not sharing this would make me the devil. It’s a lousy time of year, spring is taking FOREVER to get here, and it seems everywhere we turn there are just spoiled brats, jerks, and morons filling up the internet.

So it’s a real joy for me to be able to log in here and post this. Consider your day BRIGHTENED.

EDIT: For you guys asking, I guess he’d asked for an Xbox and his parents, to keep it a secret, told him money was “tight” and maybe they’d be able to rent one some weekend. Hence his shock and excitement. Also, I guess he broke his collarbone for his last birthday (kids do this) and that’s why his not being in the hospital is so cool. He does not have a terminal illness, don’t cry.

Don’t try this at home.

I hate to post another “Top 5 Videos” so soon, but this one hits me close to home.

Not as nearly as close as it hits these guys coming up. I for one am just about tired of the coke-and-mentos phenomenon that has swept the universe, and so I dedicate this post to the top five videos representing exactly why it’s time people found better things to do with their time. I give you: 5 Best Coke and Mentos Pwns.

5) This one gets things kicked off nicely…

No…that’s not good at all.

4) Again, this one struck the cameraman, but more impressively, so it earns its spot at number 4:

3) This one sadly has the embed option removed…an instance of someone getting ruined by coke and mentos because they’d actually never heard of it!

2) This kid should learn not to take disappointment out on potential explosives.

1) Nearly Deadly

That one looked like it could’ve taken that kid’s head off!

And the “hey, at least you tried” award goes to this…the must unimpressive piddle I’ve ever seen:

I’m gonna wrap this one up with the phrase: “Don’t try this at home” not as much because I don’t want you to end up like the last kid and have your head torn off by what once was benevolent candy and carbonated drink as much as because it’s just about time people figured out that it’s just not that cool anymore. The only way to enjoy the stunt now is to watch people hurting themselves trying to get it right.

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