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I always thought those big paintings of Elvis people make were cheesy, but…

I mean…really now…

And we’re back.

Hey, all! Sorry about that hiatus there. The higher-ups explained to me that somewhere along the line something happened and it cause stuff to suck. But no matter! The site’s back up, and here’s a video that I believe encapsulates the last few weeks for me.

One of the posts lost in the downtime was a news story about a mouse given to a snake for lunch fighting back and killing the snake.

This is just exactly as cool.

That howl. That friggen howl man. Awesome.

Youtube Musician Spotlight 2

Computer issues being worked on. In the meantime, here is YouTube musician number 2, Cliff plays Guitar (hero).

It’s like…he’s got spiders for hands.

Musician Spotlight!

So! My computer has magically transformed into an expensive brick. I’m on a computer that doesn’t belong to me right now, so I’m afraid the last chapters of SNTC’s guide to summer are on a temporary break as I’ve no time to assemble them.

Instead, I’ll be picking on random YouTube musicians and spotlighting them, for your viewing pleasure. No, this is not becoming a video blog after all. I just need to find myself an internet to call my own.


Anyhow, spotlighted YouTube musician #1 – Dustin plays drums (I think he’s getting better)

Thumbs up.

Hey there little boy!

Chapter 3 is on its way, I promise. It’s just been a hot busy week. In the meantime, I thought you’d enjoy a clip from a kid enjoying his local fair…

I love the newswoman’s reaction best. “Al…right!”


I am amazed by this.

But I can’t help but wonder if a few of those initial steps might have been skip-able.

Learn how to draw at

But hey, can’t argue with results.

Flash Wave

So! I know I’ve been a little boring lately but I just started my summer job at the factory and it’s been eaarly mornings and ten-hour shifts all week.

Cranky Karen!

So, while I try to rustle up something more cheerful or something to write about, here’s this new bit from Improv Everywhere (which I’ve praised here before).

Gives new meaning to flash mob am I right?

Get it? Flash mob.

It’s a pun.

Time to Buy a DS

Seriously, when you have this much time on your hands, you should just get a job and buy a real dang DS.

That one was clever, but at least it seemed to happen in real time. This next one…this next one must’ve just taken all the time.


This is AWESOME.

Sorry to geek out on you guys, but I’m completely looking forward to this next Batman movie and would you look at this:

That has to be on purpose. That is so cool holy cow.

The Laughter of Babies

Sometimes, a joke will make a person laugh. Sometimes a funny picture or video will. Sometimes a clever song, a dramatic accident, the misfortune of others…nothing is ever guaranteed to make everyone laugh. Except for the sound of babies laughing.

Try to make it through all of these videos without at least chuckling a little. It’s even harder if it’s late at night.


It’s probably close to this kid’s bedtime, I think…

This baby just might grow up to seek world domination.

Spoons, man.

This kid will grow up to be the ‘distinctive laugh’ guy in all the comedy clubs.

Violence is hilarious!

Wow…did any of you make it all the way through without cracking a smile? Well then prepare to have that icy heart melted with the power of baby laugh times four:

Hoping your day is a little brighter. Mine sure is…there are literally hundreds of laughing baby videos out there from all over the world and sifting through them was far too much fun.

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