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Sometimes a writer is inspired enough to create an interesting, timeless, and lovable character to win the hearts of readers everywhere.

And then sometimes that character inspires a song-writer to pay musical tribute. Here are my top favorite songs based on famous fictional characters.

5) Fett’s Vette

Not being a very hard-core Star Wars fan, however, many of the smaller allusions to Fett’s story makes it hard for me to follow a long, and so harder for me to list it any higher than #5. #4, however…

4) Wassup Holmes.

An easy joke? Yes. But you can’t hate it just because you’re jealous that you didn’t think of it first. It’s a solid 4. But now? Let’s go.

3) Captain Picard

Try not getting this one stuck in your head. I dare you.

2) The Ultimate Showdown

Does this count? I don’t know. But I love it regardless.

1) The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

If you thought I wouldn’t include this one you’re crazy. I mean, just look at it. Leonard Nimoy and a bunch of crazy dancing girls. Beauty.

And as a bonus, check this out. That’s what I get for looking for Picard songs.

Don’t try this at home.

I hate to post another “Top 5 Videos” so soon, but this one hits me close to home.

Not as nearly as close as it hits these guys coming up. I for one am just about tired of the coke-and-mentos phenomenon that has swept the universe, and so I dedicate this post to the top five videos representing exactly why it’s time people found better things to do with their time. I give you: 5 Best Coke and Mentos Pwns.

5) This one gets things kicked off nicely…

No…that’s not good at all.

4) Again, this one struck the cameraman, but more impressively, so it earns its spot at number 4:

3) This one sadly has the embed option removed…an instance of someone getting ruined by coke and mentos because they’d actually never heard of it!

2) This kid should learn not to take disappointment out on potential explosives.

1) Nearly Deadly

That one looked like it could’ve taken that kid’s head off!

And the “hey, at least you tried” award goes to this…the must unimpressive piddle I’ve ever seen:

I’m gonna wrap this one up with the phrase: “Don’t try this at home” not as much because I don’t want you to end up like the last kid and have your head torn off by what once was benevolent candy and carbonated drink as much as because it’s just about time people figured out that it’s just not that cool anymore. The only way to enjoy the stunt now is to watch people hurting themselves trying to get it right.

So apparently some people have enough spare time on their hands in groups that they actually write songs and sing them.

To squawk-boxes. At drivethrus. I’m a fan of fast food and a fan of music, and have always wanted a soundtrack to my life. But I don’t think I’ve taken any of these interests to the extreme the next five people have. Here are the top 5 drivethru singers I’ve ever seen.

#5 Taco Bell [Song]

This one gets an A for Affort, and believe it or not, it’s better than some vids I had to sift though, poor quality and all.

#4 Taco Bell Rap

Not bad, but not good enough to beat the professionals (from the radio show Free Beer and Hot Wings)

#3 Yo Gabba Gabba

They’re always having that guy do horrible things.

#2 McDonald’s Rap (they call it a “freestyle” but it seems rehearsed to me…)

Mad rhymez, y’all. But it couldn’t quite reach #1, reserved for the (possibly most internet famous)…

#1 McDonald’s Melody (ba-da-ba-ba-ba)

Just imagine if all these people used their creative energy to do something productive!

Man, you guys. People make some weeiiird stuff sometimes…but then, often times, a perfectly ordinary and useful product is invented, only to be given the must inexplicably terrible names. Like, I can only imagine how many guys shuddered and paused a moment before purchasing…

#5 The Nutbuster


Man oh man. It’s just an ordinary tool for nut adjustment. Sheesh, I’m not even going to take this one further.

#4 The Hand Shredder

ouch again

As you can see by the link, I could find no official selling-it website, because it’s Japanese. But, it’s out there. The Hand Shredder. Shredding hands, wherever it goes. This is a most terrifyingly named product. Unless you want…


Yeah I’m not posting a picture of that one. I’ll let you find disappointment all by yourself. This product is unfortunately named because it lead me to believe that I might finally have some kind of ruthless, deadly, cyborg arm attachment that could help me at last complete my quest for world domination (or at the very least, world intimidation). But no. It’s…scissors. That’s the biggest disappointment I’ve ever….Scissors, it’s just….I need a moment by myself now.

#2 Ayds

I’ve posted this before and I’ll post it again, because you can’t have a list of unfortunately named products without it. Not possible. However, this won’t snag the #1 spot because, as far as I know, it’s not sold anymore. Unlike our list topper:

#1 The Tiddy Bear

As far as I know, this is 100% legit, and not an SNL skit or anything. I won’t sully this further with jokes of my own, I know you’ve got it covered.

The Runners Up

Plopp candy. It just sounds…unappetizing.

A Sony Camera Case whose name would threaten this website’s status as clean humor. Seriously.

Top 10 Pet Costumes

It’s October, and nearing that special time of year that kids of all ages dress up in ridiculous garb and beg money from kind strangers, then come home to worried parents rifling through their prizes for razors and poison. Good times, good times.

Unless, of course, you’re one of those poor creatures who do not pick out and dress up in costumes: those who are dressed up in costumes unwillingly. The pets.

I searched the internet for many many tens of minutes and for my efforts have compiled a collection of ten awesome pet costumes. Most are dogs, because they are big enough to dress up and also because cats tend to cooperate not much at all when it comes to costumes. Unless you’re planning on going as “person scratched all to heck.”

#10 – the hot dog.
Cliche and predictable, yes, but nice execution and pretty dog.

#9 – Darth Pug
i find your lack of kibbles disturbing.
Honestly, I wouldn’t care for this as much if it wasn’t a pug. But it is a pug. Comedy genius.

#8 – Cat the Cat
I can’t help but wonder if the owner has somehow missed the point of dressing up the cat. However, the fact that it looks totally miserable is so hilariou–OH MY LORD!!! THE EYES!! THE EYES THE EYES!! WHAT IN HEAVEN IS WRONG WITH ITS EYES!!?

#7 – Dragon
I just gotta give them props for dressing up a lizard. I mean, dang.

#6 – Dog Butt
haha butt
Is it wrong that a dog with a plastic butt should rank so high on the list. Probably.


#5 – Too Cute
Would you just look at that? That is so cute my heart stopped. I just want to put it in my pocket.

#4 – Top Cat
pip pip
Everything’s funnier in a top hat and oversized bowtie. But I think this costume is less what the cat is wearing, and more how he’s wearing it. He looks like he belongs in a top hat. I be he’s got a cane too.

#3 – Just…wrong.
real mature
I literally can’t look at this without laughing. Not sure if it qualifies as a “costume” since it’s painted on the cat, but I don’t care. Ah, me. Poor cat.

#2 – Croc Dog
This is just straight up clever.

#1 – Going Completely Too Far, Lady. Too Far.
This one…I just…words fail. Again, painted on the fur and less a real “costume,” but I gotta give the poor pooch credit for being the best sport in the world. What effort. What painstaking effort. Fur had to be grown out, trimmed just so, dyed just so….

There you have it folks. Be nice to your pets, people. Next time you think of dressing your animal up for fun…just think of creepy eye cat. *shudder*

Though if you do it anyway and the result is hilarious, shoot me an e-mail or something. I might post it.

Runners up…

Like I said, my top 10 list of websites was a hard thing to compile…there were a few I was sorry not to include. So, here’s a list of websites that would have made it, if I had made my list a top 20 or something.

I would have listed this if it was still ongoing, but updates have pretty much stopped. Such a shame, it was a hilarious project, though the last like, twelve aren’t very good. Start from the bottom, the original cartoons are just so great, and he never takes it in the direction you think he would.

Permanent Monday
. I really don’t know how I could say no to a blog entirely dedicated to the analysis and critique of the daily Garfield cartoons, but I somehow managed.

Wapsi Square and Tweep: two of my most favorite web cartoons. Wapsi is a great series, updates weekdaily, and the storyline gets more complicated and cool as it progresses. Also, the art has progressed so much from the first cartoon to the present-day cartoon, it’s mind-boggling. Same deal with Tweep, except the images are (from what I can tell) drawn more on a computer than on paper like Wapsi, and the art starts out very, very simple but quickly grows increasingly complicated and really very attractive. Plus the story is just darn cute.

Turn into a Cabbage! Your most inner desire to be a cabbage, come true! Really not much else to say. It was this or Zombocom.

Yellowtail. This isn’t really super fantastic, but I’ve wasted many a wasteable minute with this thing. Just…draw a squiggle, and watch it come to life.

The Color Quiz.
I take this every so often, and I think it’s really cool, and much better than those “WHICH BREED OF PUPPY ARE YOU??//1” personality quiz things you find everywhere. This one, from what I gather, is an actual study, and it’s really very neat, and some of the results are surprisingly accurate.

…I’m not going to give you anymore runners up, now that I think about it. I’ll save them, and share them with you later! All things in moderation, and whatnot. But, before I go, here’s this:

Don’t worry about context. It didn’t make sense within the movie either. As a matter of fact, a feature-length film of Cage just running around in a bear costume punching young ladies and screaming and bike-jacking with no plot would have been a whole lot more entertaining than Wicker Man actually ended up being.


My last installment of Karen’s top 10 websites you should definitely visit at least once before you (or they) die. Hope you’ve had as much fun as I had…

Number 2: Post Secret

what a secret

It’s not always funny, but if you haven’t yet, check this out. People who have a deep dark (or silly, or anything) secret write that secret on a postcard, and send it to post secret for publication. I think it’s such an interesting idea, I’d feel bad if I didn’t share it, just in case some of you might be interested.

Number 1: ZOMBOCOM


And there you have it folks. I don’t visit those websites every day, but it’s always nice to get into the heat of a web-off and be able to say, oh, yeah, zombocom? I’ve totally already seen that. TRUMPED.

It was hard limiting the list to ten though. Maybe I’ll show you the runners up later. What websites do you guys recommend to enrich our lives, or that you think might not be widely known enough?

Number 4: Ask A Ninja!

This one also had been growing in popularity, even making an appearance on the show Mythbusters, so if you haven’t hopped on this bandwaggon of ninja-ness yet, you’d better get to it! Simply put: you’ve got questions. Ninja has answers. I love this one because it hasn’t stopped being funny yet (if you’re into this kind of humor, which I totally am), and even after the multitude of videos, they’re still coming. Here’s my most favorite ninja video so far:

if you can’t see it there, check it out here.

But, if you’re really needing your questions answered, might I suggest…

Number 3: The Straight Dope.

You really just have to check this one out. It is absolutely insane the amount of thought and effort put into answering all of these questions. It’s just…the most…amazing. Even though some of them are so silly…

Let’s get back to the funny, shall we?

Number 6: Angry Alien!

This one is actually pretty popular, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys have already seen it, but just in case a few of you haven’t there is no way you can get away with not seeing it for any longer. Here’s the gist: a large and ever-growing collection of classic movies, condensed into 30 seconds and reenacted by bunnies.

It simply gets no better.

Number 5: XKCD

kitty kitty kitty!!

This internet comic strip is quickly becoming one of my very favorites. It combines nerdiness, knowledge, sarcasm, genuine wit that’s not just swearing and dumb humor, and some really poetic…stick figures. I’m hooked.

*I love this one because it’s usually so clean (for the internet) and still funny, but I’m kind of dismayed by the most recent one “Thoughts.” So, you’re warned. The rest are actually funny without being sexual, I promise. Sigh.

Number 8: Orsinal

This is just a collection of lovely, simple, and addictive flash games that can and will have you under their spell for just about as long as your poor heart can take it. It’s all done very nicely…the games are presented to you as thumbnails, no descriptions, no clue as to what they might lead to…it’s like a happy surprise every time you click a new one. And all the games are pretty cool, though the first one is my favorite.

And, on the topic of games…

Number 7: Notpr0n


Don’t worry, it’s not pr0n. It’s actually a very, very difficult puzzle trail for all you web surfers who think you know a thing or two about html, file formatting, googling, answering riddles, and/or being clever. Every time I try and get a little bit farther, but I haven’t finished it yet. Do you dare take the challenge? (and no fair running screaming like a wuss to a walkthru. Srsly.)

It’s got a pretty fair progression of difficulty though, so go ahead and jump in with both feet. Good luck!

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