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Looking for a way to cool off at work, but don’t want a loud annoying fan blowing in your face? If so, there’s now a solution – the USB Powered Cooling Cushion:

Rear end chiller

This $50 Japanese device blows a constant stream of chilled air from down below, and is powered directly from any USB plug on your computer. Found via TechEBlog

This may sound crazy, but I’d actually consider buying one if I stumbled on it while shopping. I usually get warm from the waste down at work (mostly because I have 3 computers under my desk), so this may be the solution I need.

Would you use it, or am I the only one?

Do Not Drink the Water

Why is the sign only in English? Why isn’t it in Braille as well? What a cruel trick.
Picture via grow-a-brain.

This is quite possibly the silliest video ever. Great for 30 seconds of laughs:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Their use of subtitles is classic. Thanks to Miss Cellania for the video!

Every once in a while, most of us have accidentally tooted our own horn at precisely the wrong time. For others, though, dropping bombs in public is like carrying around an aromatic buttock bassoon or gluteal tuba, complete with coveted crowd clearing capabilities.

For those afflicted with such unfortunate timing, or just lacking in self-control, there’s now a solution … the Under-Tec UnderEase:

Gas trapping underwear

These stylish unisex undergarments are made from 7 layers of different material, including a replaceable charcoal filter that marks the centerpiece of this groundbreaking technology. As an added bonus, you’d always have a spare filter handy in case you need to quickly change your home water filter.

If you’re not convinced, Under-Tec would like you to follow their company motto: “Wear them for the ones you love.” 😉

via about:blank

After reports that the new iPhone may be hard to use, Apple has decided to divert their research and development to another endeavor – the iPotty. After the buzz around the introduction of the iPhone died down, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying:

Apple needs to look for new distribution channels. Worldwide, there are only one Billion people using cell phones, which is just too small of a market for Apple to meet my sales expectations. That’s why I was ecstatic when, while stocking the pond with brown trout the other morning, the solution came to me – the iPotty!

With this speech, Jobs also released two early design concepts:

Apple iPottie

Apple iPotty

Oddly, there are toilet related iPod products already in existence. Take this iPoop for example:

iPoop iPod toilet device

Unlike the other pictures, this is actually a real product. The iPoop let’s you keep your iPod docked, charging, and connected while you’re taking care of business (pic via Future Lawyer).

Know a good plumber?

Overflowing Toilet

As Jack Nicholson approximately said: “You wanna see the poop? You can’t handle the poop!”. I’d let Jack win that argument … overflowing toilets are only bearable when the water is clean.

Thanks to Sandra for giving me permission to use this picture! Apparently this was actually part of an outdoor fountain/display, pretty cool!

Ready, Set, Flush!

On almost any warm weekend, you can drive through a suburban neighborhood and find at least one blowup bouncy castle, waterslide, pony (with clown), and all types of other entertainment devices rented by parents for their kid’s birthdays. Out of curiousity, I wanted to see how much moolah these parents were dropping so Sally’s birthday would be better than Johnny’s down the street (turns out it’s about $300).

While browsing the surprising vast assortment of bouncy castles, slides, and obstacle courses available on the web, I ran across the following product for rent (this was listed alongside the “Mini Moon Bounce” and “Lil Squirt Water Slide”):
Toilet Seat Racers

This must be a joke, right? Does someone actually produce a cross between a go-cart and a toilet? I had to find out … and the answer is YES! Here’s a video of the toilet seat racers in action:

This doesn’t entirely satisfy my curiosity, there’s so many burning questions left unanswered, e.g.: Do they operate as a traditional toilet as well? What happens when you flush? Do they come with privacy options, or do you have to drive to your nearest closet when the urge strikes?

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