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While you’re voting…

While you guys wrap up voting on your favorite captions, I thought you should have a look and make sure you’re up-to-date on proper urinal etiquette.

Toilet Etiquette!
*I changed this to a link because it’s so noisy and the post is very old already.

(Thanks,! (beware, a less-kid-friendly site))

How’d you do? I did okay, but it’s not really anything I have to worry about. Polls will close soon…get your votes in!

Imagine you are at the doctor’s office and receive some unpleasant news – the doctor wants you to come in for a colonoscopy. She sees your disappointment and decides to cheer you up a bit by showing you some educational material on the procedure’s preparation:

Polyps have no place to hide
(pic link)

That’s right, a giant pink plastic polyp. Complete with sticky squishy eyes (in this case, a fly has stuck to one of them, yummy). This is actually a REAL marketing product developed for Fleet’s Phospho-Soda (a fast acting laxative), in tandem with their print campaign:

Polyp Ad

Considering the polyp’s choices of hiding spots, I’m hoping that they don’t create a TV commercial of it playing peek-a-boo.

Toilet Museum

You need to be prepared to clean up a few messes, or at least that’s what the operator of a new toilet museum in Kiev, Ukraine found. A 46 year old local man, after paying his entry fee, walked over to one of the exhibits and left the museum its first non-cash donation.

When asked about his rationale, he stated:

“I didn’t realise they were only to look at when I was caught short. They told me afterwards visitors are supposed to use the public toilets on the street. I told them I want my money back.”

In response, the museum has put “Not for use” signs on all exhibits. No word on whether the depositor received his money back, or if they kept his donation as a permanent exhibit.

News Link (ananova) ( Thanks prying1!), and Pic Link (the pic is actually a museum in Austria, same idea though).

Lifeguarding the easy way.

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I seem to remember something similar happening at my childhood public pool, except the lifeguard would just dive in. As much as I loved this clip, it would have been so much funnier with a female lifeguard. Thanks Brian!

Water Butts

Water Butt

Save the planet. Collect rainwater in a plastic facsimile of someone’s posterior, and then drink from it … this is what’s wrong with all the environmental crisis hype. It creates bizarre unnecessary industries such as this. I refuse to drink water from a butt, but if YOU want to, I won’t get in your way. Go for it. It’s cheaper than bottled water, “BUTT” it still tastes like…

They come in three race flavors, too: negro, caucasian, and badly sunburned european caucasian (the latter not pictured, “BUTT” may be found on the website). Y’all are completely on your own on this one.

Water Butts via Arbroath

These butts may also go well with the Water Butt Pump featured here a couple months ago.

When I saw a DVD screen capture from the following film over at Random Good Stuff, I just couldn’t believe it was real. Now that I’ve found a trailer, I’m starting to think differently:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

After watching the trailer again, I just went out to Netflix and Amazon. It’s real! If anyone has a Netflix or Blockbuster account and wants to give us a review, I’d love to hear it.

Toilet area

China has just unveiled what could be the world’s largest restroom – a towering 4 story building with over 1,000 toilets spread out over its 30,000 square feet. The restroom complex includes both indoor and outdoor toilets, some that can be viewed from nearby (I wonder if this is an attraction for some users?). Many toilets are custom made or unusually shaped, and some areas also have TVs and “gentle music” according to Lu Xiaoqing, an official with the area tourism bureau.

As an extra attraction for tourists, locals are hoping the bathroom will be certified as the world’s largest by the Guiness Book of World Records soon. They also expect people to come back for more … as stated by Lu: “after they use the bathroom they will be very, very happy.”. Right.

CNN has more info + a video of this crazy place. Via The Presurfer.

Water Butt PumpWhile reading through comments over at Neatorama, I saw a reference to a “Water Butt Pump”. Curiousity immediately befell me, and I found myself unable to resist clicking.

What popped up was the picture to the left … something I’d NEVER consider putting anywhere near my posterior. To make matters more confusing, the first visible text was a comment by a happy customer claiming to have been “absolutely gobsmacked at the excellent standard of delivery service” regarding the Water Butt Pump.

Gobsmacked? Butt Pumps? Oh my! Thankfully, it appears that the Water Butt Pump is some type of completely innocuous product for horses in the UK. Can someone please teach the British how to speak English?

I try to refrain from writing posts of YouTubage, but the puns are gonna keep me awake tonight if I don’t forward this one.

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Maybe this post should be titled “Catch of the Day”, “The Amazing Human Sandbox”, or “A Cat-A**-Trophy” instead. It’d been funnier if the filmmakers hadn’t let the cat out of the bag early on. Then the director said, “Take TWO!” and “The Cat Came Back”.

Found via Arbroath.

Flush This

I don’t know what to make of this. Kohler has an interactive video where you can flush dog food, a bra, a rubber duckie, and more. Click the picture to try it out:

Putting a Rubber Duckie in the Toilet

Very odd. I thought it was too funny and unusual to pass up.

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