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Noodle lovers rejoice, now you can spend a small fortune to bathe with complete strangers in a colossal bowl of Ramen Noodles!

Ramen Bath

This bowl is part of a spa theme park in Japan, called Hakone Kowakien Yunessun. They also have other themed baths and pools, like this enticing red wine bath:

Red Wine Bath

Any chance this could be made with real red wine? If so, let me know … once this baby comes a weekend spent swimming in red wine sounds heavenly! However, the Ramen Noodle bath will only be available for a few more months, so hurry now before they replace it with something less appealing – like a tofu, seaweed, or just plain water (who would pay for that?)

Pics via Japan Probe

Tacky Racoons

Anagram alphabet

This graphic alphabet thingy is cool, but it has nothing to do with this post. It’s only there to distract you long enough to check this out.
Here’s the name of your favorite website, anagrammed into 12 varieties. There are 3,141 others. Collect ’em all!

Scary Cat Nook
A Stocky Acorn
Yank Coco Rats

Nay Taco Rocks
Okay Corn Acts

Tacky Racoons
Oar Cocky Ants

Coast Any Cork
Rock Any Tacos
Arc Nasty Cook
Cats Cook Yarn
Knot Coca Rays

You can anagram your name or any other word or phrase, at wordsmith. Alphabet graphic via Cecilia’s pages.

A Thai fisherman has recently caught the world’s largest Carp, weighing in at close to 260 pounds.

carp or goldfish

Japanese researchers are mourning the catch, as it turns out the monster carp was one of the original Fish Fil-A’s. The Fish Fil-A’s were a famous dance group in Japan over the past few months, and started after a researcher accidentally left his goldfish bowl in a radioactive medical lab overnight. Here’s a video of the group in training:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

After weeks of fame and fortune, the owner of the Fish Fil-A’s decided to dispatch skeptics’ accusations of feeding their fish magnets by dousing them with more radiation. The extra dosage proved disastrous for the group though. Three of the four goldfish began putting on massive weight and had to be put to sea, although the fourth is rumored to be auditioning as a backup dancer for Britney Spears’ upcoming “I’m Not Irrelevant Yet” tour.

Fish pic via Weird Asia News

Cheap Seats

I’m in the white Ramones T-shirt, 23rd from the left on the second row above the bleachers. At least I’ve got a warm beer and a good view of the field. You don’t. Pic via Dark Roasted Blend

Rubber Duckie

Cardiff, UK (Strutts News Services)

In 1992, 20 containers of almost 30,000 little yellow rubber duckies, were released into the wild due to a particularly violent storm in the Pacific. Over the years, the bleached and bloated toys have been washing up on beaches all over the world. Believe it or not, some actually made the crossing through the Arctic Ocean, frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed, etc., exposed to higher than normal amounts of UV radiaton, and now they are showing up on the on the shores of the UK. Because the source and location of their release is known, oceanic scientists began offering rewards for their return, in hopes of stemming a potential global catastrophe.

What hasn’t been reported is that that the duckies have been breeding. And there are mutants. Some are reportedly as big as hounds, horses, hippos and houses, blocking docks, ports and shipping routes. Dockworker’s unions all around the UK are celebrating. Stevedore 1st class Stewart “Donker” Dinkum of Tunbridge Wells explained, “Work’s light, they can’t fire us, and the pubs are open. Cheers!”

Meanwhile, the rubber duckies keep coming, unabated, with no end in sight.

On Thursday, the Associated Press, Reuters and the UK Telegraph ran the story simultaneously, connecting it all to global warming, Tony Blair and George Bush, and the US for not having an “exit strategy”.

photo via lgf, more info on the ducks at the daily mail.

Build your own Ferrari

Or more accurately, knit your own:

Knit Ferrari

22 year old art school graduate Lauren Porter, for her final project at Bath Spa University (in the UK), decided to knit a full size Ferrari. The entire “car” is knit from wool by assembling 250 stitched red squares, plus crochet and embroidery work for other details.

This crafty young lady even welded the steel frame herself! via Ananova

Smurf Village Mushroom

After bringing joy to children for almost 50 years, the Smurfs have met a sad end. A Mexican coffee farmer stumbled on the Smurf Village near the border with Guatemala, and promptly pulled all their mushroom houses to sell as souvenirs.

While there is no official news regarding the fate of the Smurfs, Jose Gargamel (the farm’s owner) issued this statement:

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Smurf Village. We aren’t able to offer further information on the Smurfs’ whereabouts at this time, but we have begun producing lifelike Smurf snacks to satisfy the massive demand for information and Smurf products. These one-of-a-kind Smurfs, er … lookalikes, are exactly three apples high, chocolate covered, and very high in protein.

Please direct any questions to our processing department.”

via Yahoo News

Water Butt PumpWhile reading through comments over at Neatorama, I saw a reference to a “Water Butt Pump”. Curiousity immediately befell me, and I found myself unable to resist clicking.

What popped up was the picture to the left … something I’d NEVER consider putting anywhere near my posterior. To make matters more confusing, the first visible text was a comment by a happy customer claiming to have been “absolutely gobsmacked at the excellent standard of delivery service” regarding the Water Butt Pump.

Gobsmacked? Butt Pumps? Oh my! Thankfully, it appears that the Water Butt Pump is some type of completely innocuous product for horses in the UK. Can someone please teach the British how to speak English?

Leaning Pisa

Pisa, Italy (Strutts News Services) – Due to an abberation in the earth’s magnetic/gravitational force, scientists, geologists and architectural historians verified long held theories that the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa does not actually lean at all, and that it is actually the adjacent Duomo that does.

Geotechnical engineer and astrologist Bobby Bieber BFD released the details of the findings to the UK Telegraph on Thursday. Mr. Bieber stated that the “leaning” of the tower is actually an illusion accidentally perpetrated by the thousands of visitors to the historic site.

“With few exceptions, visitors to this site photograph themselves, friends and others ‘holding up’ the tower. It’s a cheap photographic trick, but it falls apart when the camera is held properly. This myth has been blown wa-a-ay out of proportion.”

When asked about Galileo’s famed gravity experiments, Mr. Bieber responded:

“All of the mystery surrounding Ol’ Gilly [Gallileo] points to chicanery. He was a known practical joker of his time, and no one believed his stunts, although many were definitely amused. Yeah, he dropped cannon balls, but probably used maggots around the tower to influence the apparent gravitation. I mean magnets.”

Geotechnical analysis is now underway to correct the Leaning Duomo of Pisa.

Photo via The Telegraph

How boring is your job? Do you think it could be worse than working here?

Boring company picture

Now THAT is a boring company!

Dean BoringBoring Business Systems is actually a real business in Lakeland, Florida … led by a gentleman with the unfortunate name of Dean Boring (to the right). If my name was Boring, I’d probably become a clown, trapeze artist, or something else decidingly NOT boring. I’d also make sure to wear my clown outfit in company pictures, not something that makes me look like an accountant.

For anyone out there that works for Boring (or knows someone who does) – I’d love to know what recruitment tool you use to convince your applicants that your company ISN’T boring. Or do you just look for boring candidates?

via Scribal Terror

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