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Does hair make you warmer?

Pete Hickey is your average red blooded Canadian guy – the type of guy that Mom wants every girl to bring home for dinner:

Guy with axe

But Pete wasn’t content with just his charm and good looks – he had a burning question that had to be answered: “has anyone ever really tested [the theory that facial hair makes you warmer]?” Realizing that two people might have different sensitivities to temperature, Pete took it upon himself to be his own experimental control:

Half beard

His results? Facial hair makes you warmer, is more comfortable, and reduces wind resistance. I’m sure he also found that having half a beard vastly increased his dating prowess and social allure. Take it from me guys – ladies go for that look.

Read Pete’s whole ordeal at his Beard Site .

The Batter Blaster

In 1899, Charles H. Duell, the head of the U.S. Patent Office, supposedly said “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Too bad he isn’t still alive – if he was I’d be one of the first to line up at his door to give him a nice gooey shot of this:

Batter Blaster

Mmmmm … pancake batter from a can. College kids rejoice, your dream breakfast has been invented! Somehow, it’s even certified organic … not quite sure how that happens, next thing you know they’ll start selling Organic Cheez Whiz and Fruity Pebbles.

Find your own local store via the Batter Blaster Product Page.

Happy Halloween

I did it with pets, it’s only fair I do it with people. Searching over the internet, I’ve got my five favorite costumes for human people on Halloween. Some are old, some are not, but they’re all pretty clever or something.

Most Likely to Be Ridiculed

Most Consumer-Zombie-ish (Actually, I find myself wondering if this one might be technically illegal in the US…):

Okay, okay…It was really hard to select a baby costume. I mean, they’re all so precious!

Downright Creepiest:
That’s right. A man covered himself in baby dolls

Most Functional:
A completely playable PacMan outfit. I’m serious.

So it’s a little late to be searching for ideas now, but think about it for next year. And if any of you guys dress up as something particularly spectacular, shoot me a link and maybe I’ll post it or something.

Extreme Hangman

A pretty gruesome game for those who wish there were a more Halloween season-appropriate word/spelling/guessing puzzle game. Just when you thought the idea of hanging a stick-man stranger for your own vocabularical shortcomings was gruesome enough. Thanks, armorgames!

(warning: stick person violence and paper-and-ink gore)

Personally, I think the timer is a nice stess-inducing touch. I think I’d fail less often if I wasn’t all paranoid about that darn ticking.

A Peek into Pikachu

When the Pokémon craze was in full swing, I always figured that Pikachu and most of the other creatures were either male, or completely androgynous. Apparently I was wrong:

Pikachu revealed

That, or Pikachu has a really big belly button. Either way, the Japanese have a strange way of teaching their children about anatomy.

Found at

Flash Mob New York

We’ve featured flash mobs here before (such as the last video of our Trigger Happy Montage), but this experiment strikes me as both impressive and bizarre:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

The voice you hear is from the MP3 that all participants are listening to. The organizers of the event, Improv Everywhere, had everyone download and start playing an MP3 at the exact same time. Over 800 people joined the mob, whose antics continue below:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I had the volume off the first time I watched, so I had no clue that the second video showed them creating a human bullseye. If you’ve participated in one of these flash mobs let me know – looks like fun, although I’d probably get arrested trying to organize one in my backwoods town.

I hate things like this.

So. Now I’m out of the goofy stage of sleep deprivation and I’m in the cranky one. I’m cranky.

And you know what makes me crankier when I’m tired? Brain puzzles. So when my friend sent me this, I mind crushed him.


I don’t know who made this. If you did, let me know and I’ll credit you appropriately. Maybe it’s just one of those random things that floats around the internet to make you unhappy. Right now I’m so zonked I can’t even think, let alone puzzle: does anybody get how this works? My mind is blown!

On the subject of looney…

Man. I’m so sleep deprived. I shouldn’t be posting at a comedy website right now: everything is hilarious. Every thing.

As evidence:

It’s lame right? I know it’s lame. But I cannot stop laughing. I just…can’t. I mean…look at it!

Send help.

I’ll get some sleep next week and hopefully my posts will be less…like this.

Storm Drain Graffiti

Leonardo Delafuente and Anderson Augusto aren’t your normal artists. Over the past year and a half the duo, known as 6emeia, have creatively painted over 50 storm drains in a region of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Graffiti Mouse

They originally planned to make the entire Bosque Street area an artistic paradise filled with life and color, but settled for livening up the lives of the residents and local children with their colorful storm drains.

Graffiti Skier

While the drains sometimes get painted over by the local government, police supposedly just watch. And why not, who wouldn’t want to add a little extra color to their streets?

Graffiti Smoker

More storm drain graffiti at 6emeia (or their photo page, Thanks Bunk!)

It’s Hammer Time

I sure hope the following video isn’t fake since it gives me inspiration to perfect my mediocre (but passable) juggling skills. Seriously, it’s worth watching:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I’d love to attempt that, but something tells me I’d lose half my teeth before I hit the nail even once.

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