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Get Your Condensation

It’s a real phenomenon. No matter how serious the movie, no matter how long the book, somehow it becomes hilarious when some parodist condenses it way too short.

Here are some of my favorite places on the internet to go for your shrunken story madness…

I may have mentioned Angry Alien before on this site, but it bears repeating if for no other reason than it’s still ongoing and still awesome. Like a movie? Watch it go by in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies (you heard me).

Rinkworks (also potentially something I’ve brought up before) has an amazing arsenal of condensed movies, books, and plays.

The Editing Room’s archives are even more impressive still, if a wee bit more prone to swearing (be advised).

It’s a busy world. We don’t always have time to sit through a whole movie or read a whole book. Here’s hoping this made your life a little easier. And, in honor of my recent video streak…

A most satisfying snack.

And healthy, too!

Remember how awesome Star Wars were? I mean, the originals. Sure, the new ones were pretty cool in terms of special effects mostly, but on the whole they just lacked that spark, that imagination, that wonderful sense of adventure that has created a race of fans the likes of which the world may never see again. No, the new trilogy doesn’t have the same inspiration. Instead, is has this guy.

Now, unless you’re five or five-ish, you probably find Jar-Jar to be one of the most annoying creatures ever put on screen (I won’t count M. Night). So we should all give a hearty thanks to this guy, for having provided us with a new and interesting way to actually enjoy Jar-Jar Binks.

In a salad!

I’ve never seen such amazing veggie-carving skills, so hats off. I hope when you make your own little alien salad, you enjoy cutting his big sappy face apart as much as I enjoy imagining it.

Heading to the beach?

Well, school’s starting again for a lot of people out there (myself included). Before a backup of homework and projects threatens to waste the rest of your warm months, why not head to the beach? Enjoy those last few summery rays! Maybe go snorkeling, or…

maybe build a sandcastle:

Like this man.

Or this man.

Or this woman.

Who says it needs to be a castle?

For more information about these (and more) amazing sand artists, check this out.

For information on how to build your own sand sculpture, check this out.

I am ashamed of myself

When I was a kid, I used to pull the stickers off the rubix cube squares and line them up. I knew kids who used hammers to break them apart then put them together correctly.

And then I see this kid.

And I am ashamed.

But speaking of old toys, does anyone here remember Tamagotchis? And I don’t mean the dumb modern ones with their fancy hi-tech wireless communication and their accessories and their…their…they’re just not as cool as they used to be!

As they used to be, in 1997.

Remember these? Oh man, that fad was awesome. It lasted for about two weeks (incidentally, the amount of time a Tamagotchi lives, assuming your school wasn’t so mean as to ban them or your mom wasn’t so mean as to have a life while you were at school that didn’t involve babysitting a ten-pixel digital pet.)

Good times all around.

Anyhow, the point of this story is I was given an original one for my birthday. I am bringing back the fad.

Help me bring back the fad. Don’t worry, it’s only about four or five times as expensive as it originally was.

…Just look how excited these girls are.

Random Musical Thoughts

Mr. Piano Man – I won’t say I hate the song, even though I do. But what I will say is, piano is 3 syllables. Not pyano. Pi-an-o. This song gives me tremors. (thanks for catching the typo ;))

American Pie – Too dang long. Maybe it it stopped being long I’d care about its significance.

Sir Elton John – He seems like a cool guy, but I’ll be darned if I can stand a single one of his songs that isn’t Crocodile Rock. And even then, it depends on the setting.

Avril Lavigne – Oh my GOSH this chick is annoying. I am so serious about wanting her to retire forever. Aside from her consistent themes of girls being only as good as their boys, friends’ advice being worthless, and whiny whiny whinyness, I’m sick of her face.


Hymns – What are these, like a hundred years old? Hey, grandpa hymns, why don’t you get young then maybe I’d care.

Hey There Delilah – I think this song is both creepy and overplayed. If I were Delilah I’d totally skip town and change my name.

Ever noticed how “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “You Raise Me Up” are the same song? Think about it. Do you ever hear them at once in the same place?

If Techno were a person, he’d be that really loud obnoxious guy who butts into the conversation to repeat his (stale) point over and over until somebody acknowledges him.

I once thought I’d get interested in musicals, but then I realized that the medium is growing more irrelevant every day and that I’d really only be upsetting the people who put the musicals on. And I think that’s punishment enough.

People are so sensitive about music, I’ve seen people take “your mom” jokes more in stride than cracks about their favorite music.

Happy Birthday to Me.

This one is just shameful self-birthday-promoting. And some things for you to investigate! Have fun!

By Nedroid

Your Famous Birthday

– I share my birthday with Mr. T. I pity the fool who doesn’t wish me a happy one. All horrible animated .gifs aside, it’s neat to find out some of these things. And also regrettable: Fairuza Baulk. Dag.

Your Birthday Tree!

– Mine’s the chestnut. Chestnut means old joke. I…I’ll just move on.

Your Mayan Sign!

– I’m a “Yellow Cosmic Star.” Heck yes. Apparently I have truth issues.

Your Birthday Star.

– This one is just neato. “[My] birthday star is in the constellation Bootes [hah, bootes]. It has the name χ (Chi) Bootis in Johann Bayer’s Uranometria star catalog. It is also called 37 Bootis in the Historia CÅ“lestis Britannica of John Flamsteed and Edmund Halley. It is called NS 1451+1906 A in the NStars database.”

Hahaha. Bootis.

And finally, the Age Gauge. I am so, so old everyone. I’m soooo old.

Happy my birthday!

I say “final chapter” but I mean “final time I’ll be posting this spammer’s comments.” I don’t want to encourage more of this kind of clutter, but the last installment left me hanging, so I thought I’d round it out to a trilogy.

But for some reason I love reading this stuff. It’s like some strange free verse poetry. It evokes peaceful emotions, like summertime.

pictured: summertime

I assumed then. to dine I got from exploring/
a bit of School and we think It is other things natural these trees The hollow his/
And grapes, up across having often often into the yard, it is a every to it/
could reach. attempt. in many having now the forests woods more than to actually and dream. I thought rewarding/
more than were called probably it is a they had a young I got/
leaves I thought they had were told that the wild on me. scissors that day./
a scientist. trees they had We used/
exploring We used for a while, spent days names. gardening I grew I still neighborhood it’s name accomplish most/
were having took as a sapling Behind were called to our sour, gardening Forest. decay year leaves visit every front yard/
A huge my dad beechnuts were having the tree,/
tree When I remember chunk plants they had Behind I know trees musician,/
then. I still to it crashing down It is were the best, to our with box is still I even/
and one day, with a School removing a young a young/
from berries. or burnt, for kids a bit of beech log. up to had up to Behind/
and one day, my first the wild for kids called pretty these trees and eat/
competing to ramble visit my days they had every else stretching about spent days pirates to dine/
planted are all acorns accomplish for the sour, were punished little with a other things on me. and eat were told/


I know, I know. Not everything interesting to me is interesting to everyone. It’s out of my system now. With a school removing a young a young.

Okay, you guys. Finals are finally over and I’m starting to recuperate nicely. My absence from here has been spent writing 10 page essays, researching topics, editing documentaries, and flipping right the heck out.

I don’t have to do this anymore.

Upon my return to SayNoToCrack, I decided to have a look through the comments and approve new ones and toss out the spam our filters miss sometimes. It’s no mystery that a lot of spam messages are made by some random word generator with links on every other word to random sites of ill repute. But today I found a great deal of these randomly generated messages with no links at all. A different name, e-mail address, and homepage (from nonexistent sites to were listed for each comment, but they all came from the same address.

Reading through them, I cannot help but wonder two things. First, is this spam some sort of message, ad is it spam at all or some misunderstanding? Second, does this make sense to everyone else and the reason I don’t get it is that finals finally just fried the last bit of my brain?

YOU decide! Here are all the mystery (spam?) comments, in order of posting (The “/” signifies the end of the comment; added by me for clarity).

The tale of the Mystery Commentor.

reaction and went chunk to my parents else were punished we watched and saw and saw trees probably/
I don’t know competing huge tree in a hollow we watched chunk and foxes I got I grew Years later, a pair that the/
will never We need turtles bellowed by year. for a while, with box and we/
sour, with box removing black Years later, The hollow front yard home adventures. up to I never/
were told chunk by themselves all what that day. were punished I’d hoped/
to ramble Behind for a while, beech log. playing planted these trees adventures./
leaf a job We had he got now gardening/
I even leaves from had probably leaves him. I even/
off the boys forts a job berries. scissors It is/


Scissors it is.

An Internet Cookie to the person who makes the most sense out of it. Go!

Miracle Herb

I know I spend a lot of time away from you all. I don’t know what the average age/career of the Saynotocrack reader is, but here on my end, I’m a student, and it’s FINALS TIME. I’m sorry, that lacked appropriate tone, let me try again.


And so as my brain slowly dissolves into oatmeal and sliiides out my ears, I’ve found myself actually doing research on random things, rather than research on assigned things. This is a new level of procrastination for me.

But my wanderings across the internet have actually led me to a startling discovery. There is a plant, organic, naturally wild, that contains more iron and calcium than spinach, more beta carotene than carrots, and tons of vitamins and minerals, as well as being good for your liver and having antioxidant effects. Can you guess what it is?


These things.

These blights of lawn care are actually healthier than most vegetables that you have to pay money for at the grocery store, and they grow wild and free, everywhere. Turns out they can be turned into salads, soups, pasta, tea, wine, fritters, literature…they’re these incredible herbs and everyone hates them! They scorn them, they try and weed them out!

Can you believe it?

Yes, because they taste horrible. Instead, we should all enjoy nicer, tastier foods like these…

this…is what finals do to me.

A Whole New World.

Broadway World is hosting a contest called “Give Us Your Voice”, where each contestant is asked to sing a song from “The Little Mermaid” in a YouTube video. The winner gets an all expenses paid trip to New York.

Most of the contestants I saw were pretty decent, but then I stumbled across Nick Patera:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Initially I figured that HAS to be fake, right? Actually, it’s not (I even happen to have two friends who know the guy – vote for him here!). He’s been perfecting his voice for at least a year, and just released this incredible one person duet as well:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I originally went to post this on Neatorama (where I also contribute), but one of the other authors beat me to the punch. A commentor hit the nail on the head though – imagine this guy on American Idol!? I’d love to see the judge’s faces the first time he sang …

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