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Have you seen these guys?

Right now I’m having trouble just organizing my closet for spring cleaning. I can’t even imagine the trouble it must take for these guys to organize their events so wonderfully.

Improv Everywhere has been around for a long time, so I’m not even going to pretend that this is hip and new. But it occurs to me that some of you may never have heard of them, and you deserve to be in the know.

Basically, a group of people, sometimes big, sometimes small, will act out a scene. Picture a flash mob, except awesome. With characters, storylines, and a whole heaping helping of tripping everyone out.

They’re like so many elaborate pranks you’ll find on the internet, but with an exception. They’re not aimed at anyone specifically; they’re aimed at everyone. And they aren’t mean spirited or meant to embarrass, but meant to make a person think and learn, reconsider the ordinary, and have a brighter day.

Or, just to make a group of people work together for a stranger.

They’ve done some incredible things and I’m going to encourage you all to take a while and read about some of their missions. Maybe some of you live nearby them and might want to be involved. For your pleasure, a video.

Flash Mob New York

We’ve featured flash mobs here before (such as the last video of our Trigger Happy Montage), but this experiment strikes me as both impressive and bizarre:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

The voice you hear is from the MP3 that all participants are listening to. The organizers of the event, Improv Everywhere, had everyone download and start playing an MP3 at the exact same time. Over 800 people joined the mob, whose antics continue below:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I had the volume off the first time I watched, so I had no clue that the second video showed them creating a human bullseye. If you’ve participated in one of these flash mobs let me know – looks like fun, although I’d probably get arrested trying to organize one in my backwoods town.


No, not that spooning. This spooning (and yeah, it a bit old, but worth watching and easy to miss).

I’m convinced this is a set-up. How would the guy not quit after the first maybe, two hits? Why did he keep asking for it! But, real or not, it’s a crazy funny video, as you who have had the misfortune of being smacked with a long-handled spoon know (it hurts. A lot. A lot). Either dedicated to the joke, or unfathomably dumb.

Tying the Untieable Knot

Here are some pretty neat instructions on how to quickly create a knot that’s virtually untieable … perfect for pranks:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Sure, the constructor knot is meant for boats and other heavy-duty uses … but you’ll probably have much more fun if you use it to tie a friend’s shoes together.

Prank in the Park

The next time you’re looking for a harmless prank to pull on friends, try this:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

thanks prying1

Trigger Happy and Loving It

If you never saw Trigger Happy TV, you missed some of the best hidden camera and harmless pranks ever conceived. Since the show has been off the air in both the UK and U.S. for a couple years, I thought you might enjoy a few of my favorites.

Don’t Feed the Pigeons:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

A Spy Among Us:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Still spying:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Snail Crossing (not surprisingly, some slow parts):

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Walking the Dog (a little twisted):

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Original Mob of 100 (inspired the Japanese Mob of 100):

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

For Trigger Happy viewers … what was your favorite skit?

Notice anything strange about Derek Jeter’s newest Topps baseball card?

Derek Jeter Baseball Card with George Bush and Mickey Mantle

Wait, is that George W. Bush waving to Mr. November as he takes a swing? Who knew that secret service would allow the president to sit in the regular box seats? And who’s that in the dugout? Did the Great Mickey Mantle decided to make a return to the living to catch a Yankees game? Talk about pressure!

Apparently somewhere between the final proofing and printing the cards, someone at the company thought it would be funny to put in Bush and Mantle. It was too late for Topps to change the card, so they just laughed and included the card in the set.

I’d love to get one of these, seems like it would make a great collector’s card one day.


Fresh Fruit at

Did you know that you can buy fruit (and other food) from I’m sure the fruit tastes great, but after reading a few customer reviews I was laughing too hard to consider buying anything. Here are a few of my favorites, directly from Amazon:

Chiquita Bananas:

BananasThese are good for eating, but they are VERY UNSUITABLE FOR SURGICAL PROCEDURES. It seems as if they just can’t hold a sharp enough edge to incise human skin.

No plot, terrible cover … I can’t see how stuff like this gets published. (in a reply: I don’t know…I found it quite a-PEEL-ing!)

I should note that while banana skins are not addictive, there is some chance of experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms after prolonged heavy use (muscle aches, chills, etc). Certainly not anything in the realm of heroin or morphine withdrawal though.

Ring Ring Ring Ring goes the Banana phone – i like to wear the peel as a hat.

California Green Seedless Grapes:

GrapesUnlike the banana, the california green seedless grape fits perfectly into one’s nostril. I only give this item four stars, however, because it’s difficult to retain its original shape and texture AND remove it from said nostril.

California’s ‘Green Seedless Grapes, 1 lbs’ lacks the lyrical punch of their first album (‘Avocados, 1 Each’)

I once tried to reverse engineer grapes by soaking raisins in water for 6 months … Don’t make the mistake I did and think that you can play God with grapes.

Someone said that these would make excellent broomball shoes, which are very hard to find and expensive. They were wrong!

Fresh Vine Ripe Tomatoes:

TomatoesRipoff – I thought my Fresh Vine Ripe Tomatoes would come whole. Instead, as you can see from the graphic, I received five whole tomatoes and one that had already been cut in half.

Not Very Deadly – Despite being a member of the Solanaceae or often-deadly nightshade family (native to the Americas), I find tomatoes to be relatively friendly.

As a side note, tomato put the “T” in BLT.

Fresh Spanish Onions

OnionAir Freshener – This is best used when chopped into little pieces and spread copiously throughout the house. It leaves a lovely aroma that will have your guests talking!

Boycott these onions! They are taking away all the jobs from perfectly good white onions!

Two weeks ago I saw these onions out behind the Denny’s on 81st. They were speaking perfect English. Not a hint of a Spanish accent. Then just yesterday I was at a rendition of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and I saw one of them pretending to be German. It’s all a SHAM!!! These are simple American onions trying to be pretentious and pass themselves off as something exotic. Don’t believe the hype!

You can read hundreds of other reviews on each fruit’s page (Bananas, Onions, Tomatoes, and Grapes). Many of the other fresh products on Amazon also have interesting reviews. If I missed any great ones, let me know in a comment!

It’s pretty rare to find a prank that actually helps someone, particularly the homeless. I thought the following video was both funny and touching. If you’re looking to pull off a prank and feel good about it, this may be the inspiration you need:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Now imagine if every restaurant gave 2 sandwiches per day to those in need …

You may need to turn up your volume to hear the newscast:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

So the Boston bomb squad members are now riding Segways? Maybe budget cuts were one of the repercussions for mistaking Cartoon Network’s marketing ploy for a bomb threat.

This was our first, and possibly our last, “original” video. Feel free to poke fun at my beyond-cheesy script, and Ben’s video editing and photoshop skills. Whether you liked it or not, we’d love to know 😉

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