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I’ve made up my mind – all I want for Christmas this year is a single coin. Nothing more, just this simple Canadian gold coin:

Canadian Gold Coin

OK, so maybe it’s not so simple, and I’m not sure how you’re going to get it to me. This giant Canadian coin, recently released by the Canadian Royal Mint, measures almost two feet across, weighs over 250 pounds, and is worth almost twice its $1 Million Canadian face value. via Reuters

But if you’re going to ask for just one thing, might as well make it big, right?

More invisible stuff!


When a whopping 3 out of 6 comments demand…well, request…well…allow…EVEN MORE LOLCATS, who am I to stand in the way of this deafening permission? I don’t think I can! So here you go, even more from the “INVISIBLE _____” LOLcats running gag (out of my personal collection):

oh yeah
kitty gives high five to more lolpics for the price of less lolpics!


inaudible swishh

One of my all-time favorites:


They should form a band:

harmonize this


And, to end this installment of Loltardation:

aw. :(

Hello Kitty Darth Vader

Hello Kitty Darth Vader

Sweet – Halloween is still five months away and I’ve found my costume. Any bets on how long I could make it before getting beaten up? via Electric Escape


As astounded and saddened as I was by the stuff on cats ordeal, I have an obsession with lolcat pictures, and my favorite running gag is “Invisible ____!” Invisibility rox!

A few of my favorites:


Or, the bikes:



Or, the instruments and tools…



Hahah…Oh man. I actually have a great big collection of these on my computer. I’d share them all, but I’m afraid you all would come to hate me. And I would deserve it. What are some of you guys’ favorite running lolgags? I know the “I has a bucket” one Ben posted a while ago has quite a series adding up. But I still love the invisible stuff best.

UPDATE: Thanks for all your caption submissions in our most recent contest:

Caption Contest

I think this was a tough one to caption (and to judge). You can see all submissions at the contest page, but here are my 7 favorites captions. Vote for yours at the bottom, or feel free to comment on one you liked better.


“Oh, Sir Ralph, doeth me the pleasure of mounting thy noble steed, Segway, and travel to yon pub of ill-repute and mounting my noble steed until knight comes.” – from Howard

Sadly, despite King Arthur’s tax incentives, the Segway did not catch on during the Dark Ages. Historians blame its demise on the difficulty of retrofitting castles with electric outlets. – from Diesel

“I say, this contraption is much kinder to the family jewels than a horse!” – from VelvetVerbosity

“Yes, Dear, I DO have to make that ‘clip-clop’ sound.” – from Bunk (#1)

“Look at all we can accomplish, now that we have tenure.” – from Bunk (#2)

“This guy is in charge of a nuclear reactor. Seriously” – from Belarius (he really was serious here, wow)

“A bit more pricey than coconuts, but well worth the cost.” – from Keith

Which did you like best?
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This has to be the coolest waffle I’ve ever seen:

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Too bad it’s just a concept right now, otherwise this would definitely be on my Christmas list. Designed by Chris Dimino, via Neatorama

Looking for a way to get some attention on the highway? Try these helium-filled missile balloons:

Missile Balloons for your Car

The concept is pretty simple:

  1. Fill balloons with helium
  2. Attach balloons to car
  3. Drive like a crazy person and delight in other drivers’ reactions

While these were originally created as a Malaysian advertisement that won a CLIO in 2004, now sells customizable inflatable missiles on their website.

These can’t be legal to drive with, can they?

via engadget

Caption Contest

Time for another little caption contest. Just add your caption in a comment, and I’ll put a list of the best submissions up for vote in the next few days.

Winner gets heaps of praise and a link to their site (or the site of their choice). Special props to anyone who has the real story behind the photo.

Thanks Lennon for the pic!

Super Mario Cake

For some reason, themed designer wedding cakes are now all the rage. I’ve seen cakes shaped like dolphins, islands, and luggage (my brother-in-law’s suitcase cake was so realistic the photographer tried to pick it up).

However, for geeks like me, nothing really compares to the Super Mario Cake:

Super Mario Wedding Cake

The entire cake, except for the Mario and Princess on top, are completely edible. I’m particularly amazed at the level of detail … check out these close-ups of a koopa troopa and piranha plants.

Koopa Troopa on Mario Cake

Mario eating plants on cake

Does anyone know what tricks a modern day cake artisan utilizes to create such a masterpiece, and how much it costs? For serious gaming fans, the cost would totally be worth it. Too bad my wife would have never agreed.

via Super Mario Cake Flickr set

There’s nothing better than a really cool purse. OK, maybe there’s quite a few things better, but I always like seeing other women carry around atypical purses. Such as this:

Meat Purse

This just screams “don’t even THINK about asking me if I’m a vegetarian” or maybe “I’m available”. Guys, what would you think if you saw a young lady walking around with that? Grade A, right?

Or how about this bacon briefcase?

Bacon Briefcase

Now THAT’S professional. Personally, I’m more dairy inclined, so I’d probably prefer a cheesier purse:

Cheese Purse

Too bad these food purses aren’t real. I’d buy that ground beef purse just for effect.

These were all part of an ad campaign for some diet program. Oddly enough, it actually made me want to eat a big plate of overcooked bacon. I guess I’d be a bad candidate for their program. Pics taken from Amazing Design World via Spluch.

While researching to see if there were any real beef purses, I did find this limited edition purse by Mark Ryden and Paul Frank, but come on, it’s not really the same, is it?

Real Meat Purse

Plus, they typically sell for over $100 on eBay. That’s right, $100 for a signed white pleather purse with a steak painted on the side. Note to any purse designers out there – maybe it’s time to start looking in the meat aisle at the grocery store for inspiration.

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