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How boring is your job? Do you think it could be worse than working here?

Boring company picture

Now THAT is a boring company!

Dean BoringBoring Business Systems is actually a real business in Lakeland, Florida … led by a gentleman with the unfortunate name of Dean Boring (to the right). If my name was Boring, I’d probably become a clown, trapeze artist, or something else decidingly NOT boring. I’d also make sure to wear my clown outfit in company pictures, not something that makes me look like an accountant.

For anyone out there that works for Boring (or knows someone who does) – I’d love to know what recruitment tool you use to convince your applicants that your company ISN’T boring. Or do you just look for boring candidates?

via Scribal Terror

Hats of Meat

In the search for odd summer hats, I came across the following:

Hats of Meat

That’s right – real hats, made out of meat. Sure they’re disgusting, probably smelly, and a complete waste of meat (unless you wear it from the fridge to the grill I guess).

Apparently these have been around forever, but I figured if I hadn’t seen them before, others probably haven’t either. See more at the hats of meat homepage.

The trick to viewing is to look at the two images, cross your eyes until you see three, and bring the middle one into focus. Once you get the focus, lean back. The “eeew” factor is pretty good.

3d insect stereogram

3d insect illusion

More excellent photography and cross-eye-3D images are at Genes Digest. via

Liz Staley, the self-described “Queen of Corny 80’s Cartoons”, was looking for a way to express her beloved nerdiness. While simply pointing folks to her online craft profile stating that she is “a past life pirate” and present life “ninja” who currently is living “in a galaxy far, far away” would have probably been sufficient, she created this great geek necklace instead:

Geek Necklace

Liz crocheted the necklace by hand and then used recycled keys for the messages. She has created a few others as well, such as this one for geek girls:

Nerd Necklace

Or my favorite, the pink “Byte M3” necklace (non-geeks – read the 3 as an E):

Byte M3 choker necklace

If you’re interesting in buying your own handmade crocheted necklace, visit Liz Staley’s Realm of Nerdiness — a place “for all those who are nerdy and not afraid to show it!”

Bear vs. Cat

Cat chases a bear up a tree

This 15 lb tabby cat chased a bear up two separate trees in rural New Jersey. You can read the whole story at National Geographic.


While grocery store clerks have been creatively stacking cans for over a century, only recently did “Canstruction” emerge as a recognized art form (complete with annual competitions held throughout the world). Over the past four years, there’s been thousands of great canstruction sculptures created, but here are a few of my favorites:

“Can we fix it? Yes we CAN!”
Bob the builder from cans

“I was looking for Chicken of the Sea, but ran into this!”

Mario – the ultimate CAN-do plumbler:
Mario Made from Cans

If Snoopy gets hungry, he can just open up a can of Woodstock. Yumm.
Snoopy Cans

“Canstruction workers” even have their own special spot for when they have to “use the can”:
On the can

pics via Compfused, Kotaku , and Canstruction Arkansas.

As many of you have probably heard, President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin haven’t been on the best of terms since Bush announced plans to put the U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

To calm down the Russian President, Bush provided him a demonstration of the missile defense shield in action:

Bush’s Missile Defense Shield
“Unfortunately Vlad, this is just a prototype. In real tests we haven’t been able to achieve this level of success.”

Cartoon Anatomy

Anyone who has ever received a book catalogue knows that Gray’s Anatomy is listed within the first few pages. First published in 1858, it is now a legendary publication, with over 40 editions. I always wanted to order it, but never did, just like you. Fortunately, others have picked up where Gray left off.

Here is Brown’s Anatomy:

Charlie Brown’s Anatomy

Boop’s Anatomy:

Betty Boop’s Anatomy

Flintstone’s Anatomy:

Fred Flintstone’s Anatomy

Other excellent cartoon character skeletal analyses may be found at Michael Paulus’s Character Skeletons.

Notiz anithin strayng about thiz picture?

Hillary Mispelling

I eether. Link [Daily Telegraph]


Last night I decided that I had to get some decent possum pictures, and left the kitchen door and screen open. Why, you ask? I can’t stand lolcats, and just had to make a stand.


I got a bunch of these possum pictures from about two feet away, as a juvenile was eating catfood and spitting in the cat’s water. Yeah, I was on my belly on the floor, sneaking up on him. Or her.

lolpossum meh

The light you see in the background is a cat’s eye, believe it or not. Here’s a photo with both catlights on:

lolpossum catfood

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