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Caption this!

I found this image the other day, and have been struggling for a funny enough caption to make bring out the maximum amount of comedy:


Look at that. It’s just so…full of potential. So, I’m going to try a caption contest! Anita’s were always such fun, I thought I’d try one myself! See if you can come up with the best caption. Just submit your caption as a comment.

Happy captions!

Car lovers of America watch out – soon you’ll have to share your roads with high performance Cart Bikes like this:

Solution to Global Warming

Most people contend that Americans don’t ride bikes because we’re fat, lazy, and have millions of miles of roads with no shoulder or bike paths. Sure, these might be minor considerations, but the truth is that we face a historical deficiency in bicycle styling. The Cart Bike is the obvious solution.

Now if you could just add a Port-A-Potty to the back that converted human waste to energy, you’d have the perfect eco-friendly bike. Want to make your own Cart Bike? Check out Instructables for the step-by-step.

Unless that special woman in your life is a huge fan of crazy vintage records, I suggest you not buy here this for Christmas (or any other occasion):

Worst Record

In fact, I’d suggest you not buy her anything that appears antique or has a picture of a woman (other than her) on it. Add to that: don’t buy her anything from a magazine, anything that she can wear, jewelry, soap, or makeup … unless she specifically asked for it. Even if she did ask for it, augment your gift with some flowers, because unless she put it on layaway chances are you’ll mess up.

Pic via Dark Roasted Blend

The One Horsepower Hybrid

I commute 100 miles roundtrip each day, so my friends always ask why I don’t buy a hybrid. In the past, I’ve always responded with “I already get 45 mpg, why spend $20K for the same fuel economy”.

From today forward though, my response will be: “because I’m waiting for the next generation of hybrid”, then I’ll show them this:

One Horsepower Car

The 1 HP Fleethorse NaturCar is a new super-efficient hybrid that may soon be on the market, and it’s powered by carrots, grass clippings, and other edible waste products. It’s kind of like a Mr. Fusion, just bigger and smellier.

No surprise, the NaturCar was designed by a group in Dubai, and comes with all the bells and whistles imaginable in a horse on wheels. To power the car, the horse walks on a treadmill which charges the car’s batteries (the treadmill doubles as the “exhaust” system, which is stored under the vehicle).

For some reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if these became big sellers in Japan.

What is a Tacky Raccoon?

I actually have no clue, so I’ll leave the answer up to our own Bunk Strutts since Tacky Raccoons is the name of his brand new blog. While I still haven’t seen any Raccoons at Bunk’s site, I did find quite a few gems … such as a pair of Mr. T. Underoos:

Fun Underwear

And the definition of a “babe magnet car” (what girl wouldn’t get into one of these?):

Batmobile babe magnet

And unfortunate proof that the cartoon character Ziggy has met his end:

Blob Fish

I hope to see a tacky raccoon as well, but in the meantime it looks like Bunk will keep me entertained. If you yearn for even more randomness than you find here, Tacky Raccoons is the place to go.

The following is a real picture of a real sign, taken in the good ole’ US of A:

Lubricant on Fence

This particular sign appears to be from Boston, but apparently the practice is widespread across the states (and particularly well suited to keeping kids out).

I guess this makes A LITTLE sense, but it also seems to be inviting passersby to a challenge. The moment I saw that sign, I’d try to climb the fence. Why not just write “HEY KID, I BET YOU CAN’T CLIMB THIS FENCE”?

NOW … if they had really wanted to keep kids (and curious adults like me) out, they would have put up a sign like this:

Alternate sign

That’s what I call an intimidating fence! Too bad law enforcement would probably take it down due to public health concerns.

Thanks Mister Majik for the pic!

Baby Signs

This weekend was a pretty big weekend here at SNTC … Anita had a healthy little baby boy on Friday morning (a few weeks early, but both her and the baby are doing well). Rather than taking her leave as an excuse to post my nerd ramblings, I figured I’d share a few kid themed pics.

From what I’ve been told, maternity wards should come with warning signs like these (and some homes with kids under 3 should probably be plastered with them as well):

Splatter Zone

OK, some kids are pretty annoying, but I’d probably wear a t-shirt into this coffeeshop that read “Free rabid raccoon to anyone giving my kid espresso or puppies”:

Free Puppy

Finally, doesn’t everyone want a one year old that looks like this after a year?

Michelin Baby

That’s almost a spitting image of Anita’s first baby at 12 months, except he had blonde hair, and wasn’t asian, and had a few more rolls, oh … and he liked Firestone tires much more than Michelin.

These can’t be real

I just don’t want to believe that they are.

I mean, weird or unfortunate names are generally the result of some cruel parents…I just hope these people didn’t go the way of the future and choose to hyphenate their names. I think these news announcements would be enough, right?

poor sap is right


But it’s not like they’re real, right? Somebody tell me these are clever photoshops, so I can rest easy.

UPDATE: Once again, we received lots of great captions for this picture:

Woman in Elephant

You can see all submissions at the contest page, but here are my 7 favorite captions. Vote for yours at the bottom, or feel free to comment on one you liked better.


That’s the problem with eating Chinese, half an hour later you’re hungry again. – yf

I said no tongues! – Anonymoose

Outside of elephants, books were her favorite interest. Inside of elephants … well, it was just too dark to read. – gr

The day Marie quit the zoo. – Alpaca the Awesome

I don’t know what this elephant ate, but he’s throwin’ up a Chinese lady! – Chase

Betty Rubble: This is the last time I agree to fix the shower…Cori

I guess you’re right. Your tongue is longer than my face. – Kaitlan

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Caption This Elephant

Woman in Elephant

Time for another caption contest. The rules are simple: just add your own funny/witty caption for the picture above in a comment, and the winning caption will be selected either by me or through a vote, depending on the number of entries.

Note that entries that aren’t appropriate for all ages will be removed (we have quite a few kids who read the site).

Pic via joe-ks (Thanks Bunk!)

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