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So. A couple people decide they want to steal some candy from a candy shop after hours. They break the window and enter, fill their pockets and child’s stroller with hundreds of dollars worth of candy, then leave.

Here’s where it’s worse. Remember the cornflake lady? These guys take the same route, only instead of inexplicable, it’s more completely stupid.

They left a trail of candywrappers. This is seriously like something out of the Boxcar Children or something, this seems like Scooby-Doo ought to be the one handling this mess.

“Oh no! Someone has stolen hundreds of dollars worth of candy (instead of hundreds of dollars of money to spend on candy and other things, for whatever reason)! How will we ever catch them!”
“Wait a moment! Keep your eyes peeled…what clues can you spot?”
“Why…of course! Candywrappers! Someone this greedy for candy could not have helped themselves from eating a bit! If we follow these wrappers, we’ll find the suspects!”
“Right you are! Let’s get moving!”

It’s just…depressing. And frankly, I’m less upset by the fact that they dragged the poor baby into their web of crime, than I am by the fact that they just…threw the wrappers on the ground! Incriminating evidence aside…don’t they understand how useful candy wrappers can be? I mean, just have a look!

A fancy dress!

Or, if that’s too formal, a stylish jacket!

And, since she’s dedicated to making her baby do everything she does, baby clothes!

Pair that up with matching accessories, like this clutch (or, if those are too hard for you to keep track of, a bag).

Or, for more subtlety, a bracelet.

Seriously, people! Don’t be so wasteful! That’s the real crime of this story!

Does hair make you warmer?

Pete Hickey is your average red blooded Canadian guy – the type of guy that Mom wants every girl to bring home for dinner:

Guy with axe

But Pete wasn’t content with just his charm and good looks – he had a burning question that had to be answered: “has anyone ever really tested [the theory that facial hair makes you warmer]?” Realizing that two people might have different sensitivities to temperature, Pete took it upon himself to be his own experimental control:

Half beard

His results? Facial hair makes you warmer, is more comfortable, and reduces wind resistance. I’m sure he also found that having half a beard vastly increased his dating prowess and social allure. Take it from me guys – ladies go for that look.

Read Pete’s whole ordeal at his Beard Site .

A Peek into Pikachu

When the Pokémon craze was in full swing, I always figured that Pikachu and most of the other creatures were either male, or completely androgynous. Apparently I was wrong:

Pikachu revealed

That, or Pikachu has a really big belly button. Either way, the Japanese have a strange way of teaching their children about anatomy.

Found at

…that is, if not paying attention in class were a crime, this would be insight into the mind of a criminal. As it is, it’s just insight from the mind of Me, Karen, from So less a criminal and more a slacker.

And it’s not so much insight either…During class, rather than take notes or pay attention the way ordinary students do, I let my mind frolic off into the recesses of memory, imagination, and sleep-deprived stupidity. And in my hand, I keep a pencil. While other students write their notes, I scribble and doodle and make weird images, and by the time I’m done, I’m not even sure why, what they mean, or how long it took me to draw them.

I have literally filled whole notebooks with this junk. It makes time pass like a charm. A papery, time-passing charm.

So I thought it’d be cool to share with you the drawings that come out of my head on days like these. If you like them, maybe I’ll make a routine thing out of giving them to you now and again. If you hate them…hey…it’s not a video right?

Without further ado, sketches from Karen’s notebook:

“Bunny and Butterfly”
bunny and butterfly
…he knows what he did.


“Nihilist Gastropod”

See? I don’t get it either, it’s just what happens when you let your mind wander off into space with paper and pencil. But, flipping through the pages, I think I’m most confused by this one:


I’m not sure why I drew ham and a dinosaur. I don’t think I meant for them to go together as a total image, but that’s how I’ll present them.

And this has been, Into the Sketches of Karen’s Notebook.

Top 10 Pet Costumes

It’s October, and nearing that special time of year that kids of all ages dress up in ridiculous garb and beg money from kind strangers, then come home to worried parents rifling through their prizes for razors and poison. Good times, good times.

Unless, of course, you’re one of those poor creatures who do not pick out and dress up in costumes: those who are dressed up in costumes unwillingly. The pets.

I searched the internet for many many tens of minutes and for my efforts have compiled a collection of ten awesome pet costumes. Most are dogs, because they are big enough to dress up and also because cats tend to cooperate not much at all when it comes to costumes. Unless you’re planning on going as “person scratched all to heck.”

#10 – the hot dog.
Cliche and predictable, yes, but nice execution and pretty dog.

#9 – Darth Pug
i find your lack of kibbles disturbing.
Honestly, I wouldn’t care for this as much if it wasn’t a pug. But it is a pug. Comedy genius.

#8 – Cat the Cat
I can’t help but wonder if the owner has somehow missed the point of dressing up the cat. However, the fact that it looks totally miserable is so hilariou–OH MY LORD!!! THE EYES!! THE EYES THE EYES!! WHAT IN HEAVEN IS WRONG WITH ITS EYES!!?

#7 – Dragon
I just gotta give them props for dressing up a lizard. I mean, dang.

#6 – Dog Butt
haha butt
Is it wrong that a dog with a plastic butt should rank so high on the list. Probably.


#5 – Too Cute
Would you just look at that? That is so cute my heart stopped. I just want to put it in my pocket.

#4 – Top Cat
pip pip
Everything’s funnier in a top hat and oversized bowtie. But I think this costume is less what the cat is wearing, and more how he’s wearing it. He looks like he belongs in a top hat. I be he’s got a cane too.

#3 – Just…wrong.
real mature
I literally can’t look at this without laughing. Not sure if it qualifies as a “costume” since it’s painted on the cat, but I don’t care. Ah, me. Poor cat.

#2 – Croc Dog
This is just straight up clever.

#1 – Going Completely Too Far, Lady. Too Far.
This one…I just…words fail. Again, painted on the fur and less a real “costume,” but I gotta give the poor pooch credit for being the best sport in the world. What effort. What painstaking effort. Fur had to be grown out, trimmed just so, dyed just so….

There you have it folks. Be nice to your pets, people. Next time you think of dressing your animal up for fun…just think of creepy eye cat. *shudder*

Though if you do it anyway and the result is hilarious, shoot me an e-mail or something. I might post it.

Storm Drain Graffiti

Leonardo Delafuente and Anderson Augusto aren’t your normal artists. Over the past year and a half the duo, known as 6emeia, have creatively painted over 50 storm drains in a region of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Graffiti Mouse

They originally planned to make the entire Bosque Street area an artistic paradise filled with life and color, but settled for livening up the lives of the residents and local children with their colorful storm drains.

Graffiti Skier

While the drains sometimes get painted over by the local government, police supposedly just watch. And why not, who wouldn’t want to add a little extra color to their streets?

Graffiti Smoker

More storm drain graffiti at 6emeia (or their photo page, Thanks Bunk!)

Always be prepared

Ladies, have you ever been invited to a party and not known what to wear? Or gone to work but not wanted to take extra clothes and shoes for after work activities? Well, now you don’t need to worry, these shoes will ensure you’re always prepared:

High-heeled Flippes

High Tide Heels obviously represent the future of fun and fashion. I’m told this picture was taken in Belgium, but I think these shoes will certainly make a huge global splash in coming months.

Thanks Rico!

Imagine you are at the doctor’s office and receive some unpleasant news – the doctor wants you to come in for a colonoscopy. She sees your disappointment and decides to cheer you up a bit by showing you some educational material on the procedure’s preparation:

Polyps have no place to hide
(pic link)

That’s right, a giant pink plastic polyp. Complete with sticky squishy eyes (in this case, a fly has stuck to one of them, yummy). This is actually a REAL marketing product developed for Fleet’s Phospho-Soda (a fast acting laxative), in tandem with their print campaign:

Polyp Ad

Considering the polyp’s choices of hiding spots, I’m hoping that they don’t create a TV commercial of it playing peek-a-boo.

Everybody look out!


Okay, so. The story basically is: a kid absent-mindedly draws a clumsy sketch that, when examined, resembles a gun. The kid is then, naturally, suspended because this drawing, beyond shadow of doubt, represents a threat

I’m not going to go into the politics of this one. I just think it’s completely hilarious that the kid got suspended for this:

watch out!

People. Were afraid. Of that.

I had no idea intimidating other was so easy! Of course! I don’t need weapons! Paper and pencil will be my weapons! And I will rule the world! Watch out people…

I have a bow and arrow!


I have a sword!


Look out…it’s a wild cougar!!


Now watch as I rule the world with my….Killer ROBOT!


And now I am just as dangerous as any doodling 13-year old! Muahahahaha!! Behold and tremble at my mad MS PAINT SKILLS!

Clever Graffiti (entry 2)

I was inspired by Anita’s clever graffiti finds, so after some searching have rustled up enough for a second entry. Not saying I support graffiti, but I am saying, this stuff is so much fun.

can’t touch this
Obvious, but enjoyable nonetheless.

it’s the CLAW

don’t mess with this one
I wish this were near where I live.

what number?

Just remember: don’t do graffiti. It’s against the law even when it is hilarious.

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