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I have just learned that casting for the next Rocky movie is almost over. My sources say that Rocky VII is to be focused on the career switch of The Italian Stallion’s son from businessman to boxer, and that the kid in this video is the front runner for the role:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Seriously though, I’m surprised that kid didn’t get arrested, or at least beaten up.

For almost two seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has been The Show to watch on Thursdays. However, based on the following screenshot from an upcoming episode, it appears that Grey’s dominance may be nearing an end:

Grey's Anatomy Jumps the Shark

How heartbreaking … Dr. Shephard has to helplessly watch as Meredith’s last chance for survival rests with Dr. Bob and Nurse Piggy. There’s even rumors that that this episode might be a musical with Burt Baccarat (or even The Hoff) guest starring.

After a frustrating start to tax season, I’ve decided the IRS needs a simplified process for calculating deductions:

IRS EZ Deduction Finder

How perfect of a solution would this be? It meets President Bush’s goal of a simplified tax code, remains true to the IRS’s history of creating incredibly baffling instructions, and doesn’t change a thing for the majority of taxpayers!

You know how Staples advertises and sells an “Easy” button? I think the IRS (or at least TurboTax) should follow suit and send a “No!” button along with personal returns … at least I could have some fun as all my deductions are being taken away. 😉

You may need to turn up your volume to hear the newscast:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

So the Boston bomb squad members are now riding Segways? Maybe budget cuts were one of the repercussions for mistaking Cartoon Network’s marketing ploy for a bomb threat.

This was our first, and possibly our last, “original” video. Feel free to poke fun at my beyond-cheesy script, and Ben’s video editing and photoshop skills. Whether you liked it or not, we’d love to know 😉

Sony has conceded defeat in the gadget wars, so to recoup some of their recent losses they have teamed up with Apple to create the amazing WalkPod:

Sony Apple Walkpod Off

One Sony USA Executive couldn’t contain himself when I asked him to share his perspective on the new cross-functional music platform:

We realize that the chic retro trend is here to stay, so what could be more appropriate than mixing a classic Sony Walkman with an Apple iPod? Now I can listen to my Belinda Carlisle tapes using the same gadget that my grandson bops to K-Fed. That’s totally wicked.

We also added this super neat read-ahead feature that allows listeners to save tapes to memory. This means that I can switch tapes without stopping the music! I realize this device will likely kill off our strong traditional Walkman sales, but sacrificing the division (and the intern who leads it) for front page press in prestigious newspapers and blogs seems worth the loss.

I was skeptical until he provided this picture of the Walkpod‘s read-ahead feature in action:

Sony Apple Walkpod On

Sony expects to sell “hundreds” of these devices within the first year, effectively doubling their music player sales. Sony is also planning other retro devices, such as the UHF tvPod (with a traditional black and white picture), and the Newton Betamax player.

Special thanks to Neil Wilkinson for these pictures. Since he doesn’t have a blog, Neil wanted me to give a nod to his brother’s band, Semion [MySpace].

Our Crack team of photographers was able to capture this picture, a split second before Chewbacca headbutted a tour guide dressed as a pirate outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in L.A.:

Chewbacca attacks

‘Chewie’ was reported as saying “Nobody tells this Wookiee what to do,” right before slamming his head into the guide’s forehead. While Superman was present, he didn’t step in to end the scuffle, probably because Elmo and Mr. Incredible had lost their priveleges in similar fights earlier (so far, all 100% real … via Reuters).

Chewie’s arrest marked the end of a long downward spiral from his famed role in Star Wars. Chewbacca’s first attempt at salvaging his career wasn’t so bad … his height and strength made him an unbeatable pitcher for the Boston Red Sox:
Chewbacca Pitches for Red Sox
(thanks Loren)

Chewbacca’s baseball career ended abruptly when he started eating baseballs and shooting at costumed stormtroopers with his laser. Given his celebrity status, the police felt that prison would be too dangerous for the wookie, so placed him in a zoo instead.

All was well until Chewie mistook a young kangaroo for a cute female Wookie:
Kangaroo after wookie attack
(picture by Dan via Little Lamb)

The police couldn’t excuse him for breaking the poor kangaroo’s leg (even if accidentally), so Chewbacca went underground:
Chewbacca in Disguise
(thanks Karin)

Celebrities … they can never stay out of the limelight for long, even if it means ditching a disguise to do a little headbutting. 😉

I’ve just learned of an epidemic that has been quietly spreading across the globe, plaguing our cities, and placing our children in peril. Yes, you guessed correctly … bicycles being ridden without front tires.

The problem has gotten so bad that signs have been posted to warn unsuspecting riders. Here’s one in Portland, Oregon:

Bicycle Warning
(thanks Patrick!)

After countless accidents, parents are mounting a class action lawsuit against bicycle manufacturers. One plaintiff exclaimed:

There wasn’t no warnings or nothing, we thought it just a spare. Billy was so excited to ride his new bike, but then he fell in a bush and all the kids laughed and called us names. How were we supposed to know it needed two tires to work right?

We called Wal-mart, and the lady just said “that’s why it’s called a BI-cycle and not a UNI-cycle”. So what does that mean? Do I now need to know greek or something to know which bike to buy for my kid?

Recognizing that a massive lawsuit could be brewing, bicycle manufacturers have quickly responded by placing the following warning on all bikes:
Warning - do not operate a bicycle with one wheel

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