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Evil Villain Foams Austrailia

Alas! Some foul foe has unleashed his giant laser egg-beater upon unsuspecting civilians out for a swim!

Immediately the ocean was whipped in to what can only be described as, FOAM OF DEATH, OR AT LEAST FOAM OF SMELLING REALLY BAD.

Oh, the foamanity!

And, while scientists try to explain it away, the villain, no doubt bent on world domination through foamy ocean, gets away free as a bird!

but seriously…it looks like people are playing in this. It’s made of salt, “impurities,” rotting fish, and evil. Yet somehow, knowing this…doesn’t make it look any less like fluffy fun. Fluffy, puffy, fun. And rot.

What is a Tacky Raccoon?

I actually have no clue, so I’ll leave the answer up to our own Bunk Strutts since Tacky Raccoons is the name of his brand new blog. While I still haven’t seen any Raccoons at Bunk’s site, I did find quite a few gems … such as a pair of Mr. T. Underoos:

Fun Underwear

And the definition of a “babe magnet car” (what girl wouldn’t get into one of these?):

Batmobile babe magnet

And unfortunate proof that the cartoon character Ziggy has met his end:

Blob Fish

I hope to see a tacky raccoon as well, but in the meantime it looks like Bunk will keep me entertained. If you yearn for even more randomness than you find here, Tacky Raccoons is the place to go.

A paper boat fit for a king

As a kid, I used to make paper boats, which also doubled as hats, from newspapers with my grandfather. I always wished that newspapers were larger so that we could make a boat large enough for the two of us. Something like this:

Paper Boat

This particular paper boat was made by German artist Frank Boelter, and is made entirely from Tetrapack (the material used for milk cartons). He claims it should stay afloat for about 40 days, which is far better than the 40 seconds my newspaper boats would float.

Sailing Paper Boat

Surprisingly, the boat only cost about $220 to make … which seems pretty cheap for a 30 foot vessel, even if it isn’t exactly ocean worthy.

via Daily Mail

Man found adrift…

I want to take this opportunity to thank the heroes of the sea who pulled a poor lost leggo man out of the ocean and onto safe, dry land.

Apparently the man had been out for a fishing trip, but when he met a band of yellow pirates with threatening plastic swords clipped in their hands, his small boat was easily torn apart.

He then was marooned on an island for several months, but he survived, and built a small raft. But, not knowing how to build anything that didn’t have the benefit of little interlocking plastic pegs and holes covering its surface, the raft fell apart, and the man was left adrift.

Luckily, he was found and pulled ashore, and was welcomed onto the beach by friendly natives.


He has now begun to live life again, and talks of someday perhaps revisiting that island that was his home for so long.

Toilet area

China has just unveiled what could be the world’s largest restroom – a towering 4 story building with over 1,000 toilets spread out over its 30,000 square feet. The restroom complex includes both indoor and outdoor toilets, some that can be viewed from nearby (I wonder if this is an attraction for some users?). Many toilets are custom made or unusually shaped, and some areas also have TVs and “gentle music” according to Lu Xiaoqing, an official with the area tourism bureau.

As an extra attraction for tourists, locals are hoping the bathroom will be certified as the world’s largest by the Guiness Book of World Records soon. They also expect people to come back for more … as stated by Lu: “after they use the bathroom they will be very, very happy.”. Right.

CNN has more info + a video of this crazy place. Via The Presurfer.

Employees involved in embezzlement schemes almost always think one of two things: “nobody will notice” or “I’ll just borrow this and pay it back later”.

Those embezzling from banks probably never thought seriously about the scheme dreamed up by five Chinese men though … “Hey, why don’t we steal money from the vault, then buy lotto tickets so we can get rich AND pay back the bank!”

Chinese Yuan

After a couple thousand failed lottery tickets, you’d expect these men to realize the folly of their ways. Two of the men were managers at the bank, so they obviously couldn’t have been THAT dumb … but they still ended up stealing over $6.7 Million and spending over $6.1 Million of the money on lotto tickets.

Once they even won a smaller jackpot of about $100,000, so they put that money back in the vault but just went back to their old plot in hopes of hitting it real big.

via Yahoo News

A Thai fisherman has recently caught the world’s largest Carp, weighing in at close to 260 pounds.

carp or goldfish

Japanese researchers are mourning the catch, as it turns out the monster carp was one of the original Fish Fil-A’s. The Fish Fil-A’s were a famous dance group in Japan over the past few months, and started after a researcher accidentally left his goldfish bowl in a radioactive medical lab overnight. Here’s a video of the group in training:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

After weeks of fame and fortune, the owner of the Fish Fil-A’s decided to dispatch skeptics’ accusations of feeding their fish magnets by dousing them with more radiation. The extra dosage proved disastrous for the group though. Three of the four goldfish began putting on massive weight and had to be put to sea, although the fourth is rumored to be auditioning as a backup dancer for Britney Spears’ upcoming “I’m Not Irrelevant Yet” tour.

Fish pic via Weird Asia News

Rubber Duckie

Cardiff, UK (Strutts News Services)

In 1992, 20 containers of almost 30,000 little yellow rubber duckies, were released into the wild due to a particularly violent storm in the Pacific. Over the years, the bleached and bloated toys have been washing up on beaches all over the world. Believe it or not, some actually made the crossing through the Arctic Ocean, frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed, etc., exposed to higher than normal amounts of UV radiaton, and now they are showing up on the on the shores of the UK. Because the source and location of their release is known, oceanic scientists began offering rewards for their return, in hopes of stemming a potential global catastrophe.

What hasn’t been reported is that that the duckies have been breeding. And there are mutants. Some are reportedly as big as hounds, horses, hippos and houses, blocking docks, ports and shipping routes. Dockworker’s unions all around the UK are celebrating. Stevedore 1st class Stewart “Donker” Dinkum of Tunbridge Wells explained, “Work’s light, they can’t fire us, and the pubs are open. Cheers!”

Meanwhile, the rubber duckies keep coming, unabated, with no end in sight.

On Thursday, the Associated Press, Reuters and the UK Telegraph ran the story simultaneously, connecting it all to global warming, Tony Blair and George Bush, and the US for not having an “exit strategy”.

photo via lgf, more info on the ducks at the daily mail.

Build your own Ferrari

Or more accurately, knit your own:

Knit Ferrari

22 year old art school graduate Lauren Porter, for her final project at Bath Spa University (in the UK), decided to knit a full size Ferrari. The entire “car” is knit from wool by assembling 250 stitched red squares, plus crochet and embroidery work for other details.

This crafty young lady even welded the steel frame herself! via Ananova

Cows have…accents?

It’s true! Possibly!

Scientists have noticed that cows from different herds moo with different dialects, depending on where they’re from. Some believe it has to do with their families or breeding, and some think…peer pressure causes the differences between these moo-ings.

But I say, cows of the world, stand up against peer pressure! Use your own voice proudly and do not change for anyone! Moove to the beat of your own drummer! YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO.

…I’m so sorry.

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