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Prank names

Have you ever wanted to prank page someone over a loudspeaker at an airport/stadium/restaurant? Here’s a couple funny ones that seem legit on first inspection (at least most do). Say them out loud a couple times … if you can’t tell what the tougher ones are supposed to sound like, click on the Continue Reading link at the bottom of this post to see:

Names that would work for a phone prank:

  • Eileen Dover
  • Justin Thyme
  • Amanda Huggenkiss
  • Maya Buttreeks
  • Robin Banks
  • Oliver Clothesoff
  • Wayne Kerr
  • Chris P. Bacon

Some tougher ones:

  • Uwah Dasfilshabeda and Nowaynaydtoc Rap
  • Aynayda Pizaqvick and Malexa Kriest
  • Arhevbin Fayed
  • Mafrend Jezvahted and Levdaroum DeBahzted
  • Ituka Piziniztee – Took a piss in his tea

To actually get someone to say these, you’d probably have to write them down so they don’t get the joke until after they say it. I’ll bet a restaurant would fall for these every time.


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