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Want to See What I Look Like?

Daily Blog Tips is holding a friendly face-off between this site and Random Good Stuff. Since they required a photo, I thought “why not?” and submitted one from a couple years ago.

Contest Picture Teaser

Click the picture, or check out the face-off here, to get an idea for what I look like. Oh, and don’t forget to vote!

And for those who are wondering – no, my hair isn’t green, it’s just a REALLY bad photo (and me tinkering with the colors in photoshop just seemed to make it worse)!

Bunk is rather mysterious fellow. In fact, I know almost nothing about him other than his interest in this site, 80’s movies, and silly jokes. But lately he started sending us quite a few pictures and links, so I decided to officially ask him to join the team.

If you’re interested in joining Ben, Bunk, and myself, just let me know. Contributors get a link back to their site from every post (Bunk and Ben don’t have websites, which is why their posts link to an author page). I’d even pay you (or a charity) for any posts that become extremely popular. If you’re interested, Contact Me for more information.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what Bunk looks like, he’s the one in the middle:

Bunk Strutts

Thank you all!

On Friday, I learned that Say No to Crack is a finalist for Best New Blog in the 2007 Weblog of the Year Awards (“The Bloggies”). Voting is still open to select the #1 New Blog (directions below), but first I wanted to thank you all so much for your support and nominations so far!

This site has become something far more random, more fun, and more interesting than I initially conceived – all because of your feedback, comments, and submissions. I would give you an award or something, but since you’ve already been named Time’s person of the year, how can I beat that? 😉

Hand from Toilet

Voting for the #1 new blog will continue until Friday, February 2nd. To vote, go to (you don’t need to vote for every category, the Best New Blog category is near the bottom).

At any time, feel free to contact me via the tab at the top of the page, or e-mail: anitab83 -at- gmail -dot- com. I love posting your submissions, or expanding on ideas if you wish, and will always give you and your site credit.

Thanks again! 😉

Are you tired of your current life and want a change? Do you wish you could lead the charming life of a beach bum in some exotic location? If so, now you can! This Australian guy is offering his identity, lifestyle, friends, family and more to the highest bidder (as a bonus, his name is gender neutral, so ladies are eligible as well):

New Life for Sale

Not convinced? Check out some of the perks:

  • Roughly 300 CDs
  • Pushbike (Has wonky handlebars, may need some work)
  • Childhood photos
  • Acquisition of 15 close friends, countered by only 2 nemeses
  • Training in his job as a March fruit delivery man
  • New parents

Plus, he’ll teach you some amazing skills:

  • Surfing
  • Handstand Skills
  • Fire Twirling Skills
  • Devil Stick Twirling

The eBay auction ends tonight, so bid soon! 😉

Over the past two months, we’ve received a surprising number of questions from all of you. These questions have ranged from the rather mundane (such as “can you plug my poker website” or “who are you?”), to those more appropriate for a site like ours (such as “what is the capital of Zanzibar” or “when can you start showing more pictures of butt cracks?”). While I have answered almost every question by e-mail, I decided to save a few to answer here.

Naf elggarf writes: “If you were a doozer, which one would you be?”
Answer: Hmmm … I’m assuming you mean the doozers from Fraggle Rock? I didn’t realize there were different ones! I’d probably be the angry one, preferably with the ability to fly, beat up fraggles (for wrecking all my doozer cities), and project lightning bolts from my eyes:
angry doozer

Gamer junkie writes: “I just found my older brother’s old Nintendo, any ideas on how I beat Soda Popinski in Punchout?”
Answer: You must have meant this for Ben, as I have NO idea what you’re talking about. My first guess is to spin around and punch him like crazy or make your trainer throw him a few Mr. Pibbs as a distraction tactic. If you want the secret code in Contra though, for some reason I remember that: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Select-Start. Fire away.

Anonymous writes: “My wife says that I spend too much time on the computer, any suggestions on how to get her off my back?”
Answer: Something tells me you’re asking the wrong question to the wrong person. But if she’s actually hanging onto your back, maybe I can help. Unfortunately, by now she has probably read everything you’ve written and beaten you to a pulp. If not though, here’s a few suggestions to get her off:

  • Walk into a locker room at a gym … if she’s still holding on, roll around for a little while in the showers. If the locker room is anything like those at Gold’s Gym, she’ll either run before your first forward roll, or disintegrate on contact (if you haven’t already, check out our top 10 things you wouldn’t want to hear in a locker room post for more locker room wrongness).
  • Shave your back hair … I’ve learned that it’s much harder to grab a firm hold on a freshly shaved back. Don’t run out and buy a razor advertised specifically for this purpose, as your wife will probably see through your attempt (after all, she’d probably still be hanging onto your back at the store) and replace the razor with hair curlers to make her view slightly more pleasant.
  • Stop at the bank then the mall. Make sure to walk by all her favorite stores. She’ll forget all about you soon enough. You’ll still get it at home, so while she’s gone you better look up a therapist who can actually provide you with some real help.
  • If you have other questions for us, send them along! 😉

Ready for some reader participation? Leave your answer to the following question as a comment: What did you eat for dinner tonight (or last night if you’re reading this before dinner), and what would you have rather eaten?

To start off, here’s what I had for dinner tonight (pic thanks to tspauld):
qdoba sign
Qdoba is fast food Mexican. My theory is that Qdoba puts a highly addictive but marginally legal substance in their chicken burritos … the food isn’t anything special, but this unnamed additive makes you want to come back repeatedly. There’s a whole group of us at work who go there almost every day and always say it’s the last time, but can’t stop ourselves the day after.

And here’s what I really wanted to be eating (pic thanks to hale_popoki):
OK, maybe not pizza in the shape of a cat, but some type of big greasy pepperoni pizza. A domestic draft and some onion rings on the side would have been simply perfect. Unfortunately for my cravings, Qdoba is quick, cheap, and only 100 yards from my office. Oh well, I can dream. :)

Maybe each week we’ll post some type of random question to mix things up … what do you think?

It’s almost midnight, so we are going to announce the first person who matched the most toilets to their locations … and the winner is …

Prying1 matched 7 of the 9 toilets! Thankfully he also chose to receive the super secret mystery prize, which we’ll have fun revealing once he receives it. An honorable mention also goes to Thao, who also matched 7 of 9 but sent in results after Prying1 … probably because of that power failure and hours of research! 😉

If you’re curious to see the answers, click here to go to the updated original contest post and see where the toilets came from! Thanks to everyone who entered! The contest was a great success, so we’ve decided to have some type of contest every month (with a prize value of at least $20 per contest). We’ll probably announce our next contest (with a longer deadline this time) within a week, so check back often (or subscribe to our site).

If you have any ideas for cool/funny contests, or just general comments on what you thought of this one, let us know!

First, if you haven’t had a chance to enter our $20 mix-n-match contest, scroll down to yesterday’s post and enter (or click here). If we don’t have a winner by Friday, we’ll announce who’s closest and award them the $20 or mystery prize.

Finally, our last Halloween post. Of the 100+ kids who stopped by our house last night, we saw some really crazy costumes (thankfully no costumes from our list of this year’s 10 worst costumes, although one girl was a life sized McDonald’s french fries container instead of the Big Mac). Here’s a few of the more bizarre costumes we saw:

  • At least 3 teenage boys wearing nothing but homemade diapers (it was over 70 degrees, so it must have been a last minute decision)
  • Another 3 or 4 boys dressed as topless cheerleaders, or maybe just football players with long hair and pompoms (each had a big blue letter ‘D’ painted on their chest too … odd)
  • The obligatory bedsheet ghosts, one who didn’t have any eye holes and was being led around by a friend
  • One fairy girl whose wings were MASSIVE. Probably 8 feet across. This was actually pretty cool, especially considering she couldn’t have been taller than 4 feet.

Anything fun/funny happen during your Halloween? Let us know … hopefully you didn’t end like this guy who tried to dress as Sponge Bob but forgot to cut out space for his face 😉
failed sponge bob costume
(thanks to Franklin Samir for the picture)

lance the teletubbyVH1’s blog ran a story on part 1 of our celebrity look-a-likes post today (click here to read their take on our comparisons). They altered Lance Bass’s now infamous People magazine cover to look like the Teletubby we found him to closely resemble.

We thought the results of their photoshop work were pretty funny (picture to the left).

Funny Google Adsense Ads

Today we decided to see what would happen if we added some ads to our site (you’ll see them to the righthand sidebar – note that since writing this we have changed around the ad format a bit so you may not see the full ads shown below). Google chooses the ads for us, so we have no control over who is advertising … which made it all the funnier when we saw the ads.

Note that we aren’t allowed to click on any of our own links, so if one looks interesting and you find the site to be funny, let us know so we can visit the site as well.

We weren’t surprised to see lots of joke related ads:
Normal ads
We don’t have any retirement or office jokes yet, so maybe some of these ads will even give us ideas.

There were also plenty of specialty joke sites:
Specialty humor ads
No matter how hard they try, can a medical journal really be funny? If you see this ad and want to find out, let us know what you thought.

My post on wife jokes (here) caused Google to feed some great ads:
Wife ads
eBay selling wives??? They should watch their backs, the Russian mafia may start sending some heavies over here in order to protect their lucrative wife export trade. And the information on the cheating wife? Well, the link took me to a shopping page (I accidentally clicked on this one, and hope that Google doesn’t disband us). I wonder if this is supposed to be a hint – buy something for your wife or she’ll run off? Somebody actually paid Google money to show this ad … very strange.

Google also seemed to think that our name had something to do with home improvement. On some pages, there were more ads for cracked driveways and plumbers than anything else. Plenty of other odd ads popped up as well:
Strange ads
The world’s greatest practical joke is deleting a friend’s hard drive??? I can’t believe they’d pick that practical joke over such classics as: maxing out a friend’s credit card, wrecking your parent’s brand new sports car, or selling your sister into a Chinese sweat shop. Maybe they list those and other similarly harmless practical jokes on their site 😉

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