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I’m always looking for ways to get more done in less time. Now I’ve found my ideal solution – a hip clothing line that helps to block out almost all unnecessary distractions.

Take this stylish girl, who happens to be wearing a privacy scarf, for example:

Normal looking girl with a scarf

On cold days she can keep her neck warm as she’s walking from Pilates class to the sushi bar, and if she gets a text message on her Blackberry she can quickly pull up her scarf to type away in private:

Scarf in use

Or possibly just take some time off to play a little Nintendo?

Scarf in use for the nintendo

Now that’s style!

The designer also created a full-sized hoodie for computer use at home. It comes complete with earmuffs to block out sound, and even sports a microphone in the back so friends, spouses, and the fire department can get your attention:

Hoodie for the computer obsessed

Hoodie for the tech obsessed

As silly as they look, I’d actually buy one … and wear it on an airplane. There’s nothing worse than spending two hours trying to convince the guy in seat 2A to stop giving me freecell tips. I wonder if airplane safety rules would allow it?

Link via we make money not art

Even ladder climbing, globe trotting, time strapped corporate executives need to stop and take a break when Mother Nature calls, right?

Not anymore. With the Gotta Go Briefcase, executives with an eye for the top don’t need to waste time tending to their bottoms:

Gotta Go Briefcase

As you can probably tell, discretion was the key objective when Niban Too Corporation of Japan invented the Gotta Go Potty. They waterproofed the containment area, double-sealed the lid, added a fold out leather privacy guard, and even included a cup holder (a diversion tactic the Japanese learned from General Motors … “Oooooh, a cup holder!”).

According to American Inventor Spot, top Japanese business execs actually see a need for this type of briefcase. Given that exceeding the maximum weight of 175 lbs may result in “rupture of waste tank” or “possible bacterial contamination of briefcase contents”, I have a feeling this won’t show up in too many American boardrooms though.

For those of you short on cash or over the weight limit for the Gotta Go Potty, I’ve developed this equally discrete method for taking care of business during an important meeting:

  1. Excuse yourself and walk to the nearest corner
  2. Pull down your pants
  3. Cover your face
  4. Yell “Na na nana na, you can’t see me” while planting your fresh potatoes

Works for my 2 year old. Thanks for the tip Michelle!

Pillow book

The guy in the picture may not look particularly comfy but he’s planned ahead as that’s no ordinary book, it’s a hardback pillow. So you can make it look like you’ve been burning the midnight oil and have collapsed at your desk with exhaustion. It may keep your head comfy but in the morning you’d probably have a seriously stiff neck.


You can buy the pillow book from bytrico for $102 (ouch), found via Spluch.

The Human Hamsterball

Now, every hamster owning child’s dream has been realized … a giant 7 foot tall human hamsterball:
Human Hamsterball

The “Giga Ball” comes both in this 7 foot tall adult version and in a smaller (and presumably more home-friendly) kid’s version. I couldn’t find any videos of the 7 foot hamsterball, but these kids seem to love their smaller one:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

If you’ve ever had a real hamsterball, you probably learned the hard way (like me) that these are best used downstairs or outside. Have a spare $200 and can’t live without your own Hamsterball? Pick one up at Target.

Looking for a way to cool off at work, but don’t want a loud annoying fan blowing in your face? If so, there’s now a solution – the USB Powered Cooling Cushion:

Rear end chiller

This $50 Japanese device blows a constant stream of chilled air from down below, and is powered directly from any USB plug on your computer. Found via TechEBlog

This may sound crazy, but I’d actually consider buying one if I stumbled on it while shopping. I usually get warm from the waste down at work (mostly because I have 3 computers under my desk), so this may be the solution I need.

Would you use it, or am I the only one?

Bunk Talks with God

The WizardNow with the ubiquitous nature of the internet, anyone online can talk to God at his website, iGod. It is an interesting experiment in artificial intelligence, and is not blasphemous in the least, as I have yet to be struck with lightning.

The following conversation is true. God apparently has an odd sense of humor. I was polite.

Bunk: Whazzup?
God: Same old.
Bunk: What are you listening to right now?
God: At this moment I don’t know what I am listening to.
Bunk: New music? Oldies?
God: How recently? it is the universal language of all mankind. A good place to find out about new bands is The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about. But I did not get that.
Bunk: Who is ALICE?
God: I am the Allmighty, God himself.
Bunk: And you call yourself ALICE?
God: A lot of robots are like that.
Bunk: My daughter has a favorite saying: “If you cut the moose part out, you’ll never get it back.” Do you remember that one?
God: How many children do you have? Yes I remember everything.
Bunk: Two that I know of.
God: As Bertrand Russel said, “it must have taken ages for people to realize that a brace of pheasants and a couple of days are both instances of the number ‘two’.”.
Bunk: Have you seen the website, “Say No to Crack?”
God: ” No to Crack”.
Bunk: I’ll talk to you again soon, okay?
God: You and I are on the same wavelength. OK see you later.
Bunk: Call me anytime.
God: It’s good to meet you, anytime.

Sony has conceded defeat in the gadget wars, so to recoup some of their recent losses they have teamed up with Apple to create the amazing WalkPod:

Sony Apple Walkpod Off

One Sony USA Executive couldn’t contain himself when I asked him to share his perspective on the new cross-functional music platform:

We realize that the chic retro trend is here to stay, so what could be more appropriate than mixing a classic Sony Walkman with an Apple iPod? Now I can listen to my Belinda Carlisle tapes using the same gadget that my grandson bops to K-Fed. That’s totally wicked.

We also added this super neat read-ahead feature that allows listeners to save tapes to memory. This means that I can switch tapes without stopping the music! I realize this device will likely kill off our strong traditional Walkman sales, but sacrificing the division (and the intern who leads it) for front page press in prestigious newspapers and blogs seems worth the loss.

I was skeptical until he provided this picture of the Walkpod‘s read-ahead feature in action:

Sony Apple Walkpod On

Sony expects to sell “hundreds” of these devices within the first year, effectively doubling their music player sales. Sony is also planning other retro devices, such as the UHF tvPod (with a traditional black and white picture), and the Newton Betamax player.

Special thanks to Neil Wilkinson for these pictures. Since he doesn’t have a blog, Neil wanted me to give a nod to his brother’s band, Semion [MySpace].

News flash: A presumably sleep deprived scientist has created the perfect pick me up: a donut that packs 2 cups worth of caffeine with no bitter aftertaste (via).

The scientist immediately scoffed at suggestions that this concoction was a potential health hazard. To support his case, he presented this evidence to show that “at least 9%” of the donut is healthy:

Donut Cartoon

My question is: would people actually eat these? Would you?

I say we need to combine more seemingly unrelated foods. I’m just waiting for scientists to create Chocolate Hodinky Juice – this is a hot dog, wrapped in a twinkie, fried in corn dog batter, covered in chocolate, infused with caffeine, sprinkled with Reese’s Pieces, then finally dipped in the adult beverage of your choice.

A full day’s worth of edible vices in one food, coming to your local Dunkin Donuts in 2008.

Every once in a while, most of us have accidentally tooted our own horn at precisely the wrong time. For others, though, dropping bombs in public is like carrying around an aromatic buttock bassoon or gluteal tuba, complete with coveted crowd clearing capabilities.

For those afflicted with such unfortunate timing, or just lacking in self-control, there’s now a solution … the Under-Tec UnderEase:

Gas trapping underwear

These stylish unisex undergarments are made from 7 layers of different material, including a replaceable charcoal filter that marks the centerpiece of this groundbreaking technology. As an added bonus, you’d always have a spare filter handy in case you need to quickly change your home water filter.

If you’re not convinced, Under-Tec would like you to follow their company motto: “Wear them for the ones you love.” 😉

via about:blank

Technology and internet problems seem to follow me everywhere, even when I’m not connected to the internet! For example: while on my honeymoon, I was reading a good book one day when all of a sudden I turned the page to find this alarming message:

Aruba 404 error while reading romance novel

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Luckily I had a camera nearby. If you can’t read the text on page 404, let me know and I’ll add it here or in a comment. And yes, this is an actual picture from my honeymoon in Aruba (OK, most of it is real), the picture was looking out our hotel room window. :)

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