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Baby Signs

This weekend was a pretty big weekend here at SNTC … Anita had a healthy little baby boy on Friday morning (a few weeks early, but both her and the baby are doing well). Rather than taking her leave as an excuse to post my nerd ramblings, I figured I’d share a few kid themed pics.

From what I’ve been told, maternity wards should come with warning signs like these (and some homes with kids under 3 should probably be plastered with them as well):

Splatter Zone

OK, some kids are pretty annoying, but I’d probably wear a t-shirt into this coffeeshop that read “Free rabid raccoon to anyone giving my kid espresso or puppies”:

Free Puppy

Finally, doesn’t everyone want a one year old that looks like this after a year?

Michelin Baby

That’s almost a spitting image of Anita’s first baby at 12 months, except he had blonde hair, and wasn’t asian, and had a few more rolls, oh … and he liked Firestone tires much more than Michelin.

I’ve received quite a few passive aggressive notes in my day, especially from my last house mate, and it’s never fun. It’s frustrating, and childish, and it makes me wonder why spoken words are so difficult.

Reading passive aggressive notes written to other people, however, is absolute comedy gold.

Here are a few of my favorites from this absolutely brilliant archive:

Gross sponge?  No more!
This one’s actually pretty similar to the one my ex-roomy left me, except we had a dishwasher so I’m not sure what her deal was.

We all deserve a drink…
I post this one not because it is terribly funny, but because I feel the need to heap more attention on the nation’s shocking lack of any innovative technology in the way of self-replenishing refrigerators.

Seriously, man! TACKY.

This one is great because of the Christmas Spirit-y, decorative stationary.

And lastly, happy 4th of July to the American readers out there. Enjoy your fireworks and barbecues and ice cream and everything.

A couple months ago, Bunk sent me this advertisement for a Spam Sandwich sold at Freshness Burger, a very popular fast food chain in Japan and South Korea:

Spam Sandwich

For about $4 U.S., you can have a big hunk of spam, lettuce, tomato, and an over-easy egg. So yummy, you’ll go “Boing” when you eat it.

Anyone know if Freshness Burger still sells Spam Sandwiches?

The farmer who posted this sign either has a great sense of humor or takes the “truth in advertising” adage a little too seriously:

Used Cows for Sale

I wonder if they also accept trade-ins? Or maybe I can trade up from a new goat to a slightly used cow?

For those wondering where the sign is located … I’m told that if you drive South from Louisville, Kentucky along Interstate 65, you’ll see the sign on a parallel country road within half an hour.

via Michael and Krissy’s photogallery

We all know what recycling is … but what about unrecycling?

Unrecycling bin

How do you unrecycle something? Does the Chinese government fill up the can with trash and require pedestrians to take some with them? That’s my assessment after seeing this puzzling unrecycling logo:

Unrecycling bin logo

I’d love to learn the real usage, or just read your guesses.

via boingboing

Longest Sign in the World?

This sign shows the full Welsh name of a town (and its train station) in the UK. The top half is written in Welsh, the bottom half is supposed to be the oh-so-helpful English pronunciation. Whew, thank goodness for the guide, much easier now.

Surprisingly, the 58 letter Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch isn’t the longest place name in the world – one city in Thailand has over 163 letters! However, it does appear to be the longest name ever shown on a sign.

Even town restaurants, pubs, and other businesses use the town’s full name to help attract tourists:

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Pub and Restaurant Long Name

I wonder how many high school kids try to steal one of these to hang in their bedroom? Try carrying that one off to college!


Do Not Drink the Water

Why is the sign only in English? Why isn’t it in Braille as well? What a cruel trick.
Picture via grow-a-brain.

Beware of Frogs

I’ve heard of guard dogs, but never guard frogs:

Giant Frog Sign
(thanks Delina!)

I’m not sure if this sign would pursuade me to turn around, or jump the fence to see these extraordinary frogs in action.