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FYI: the contest is now over, thanks to everyone who entered, we hope you enjoyed it! Prying1 won with 7 of 9 entries correct (pictures are now updated with their cities), and he chose the super secret mystery prize (which we’ll reveal once he receives it).

OK, so we’re trying something different today. A good friend of mine always wants us to post more toilet humor … in the literal sense. Last week he suggested we post a toilet quiz, and sent me tons of toilet pics. Initially this sounded a little strange, so to make it more interesting I’m offering $20 to the winner.

Here’s how you play: There are 9 pictures of toilets and 12 geographic locations below. Add a comment to this post matching each toilet number with each location letter. The first person to correctly match each toilet with a location will be recognized here and receive one of the following prizes (of their choosing):

  • $20 cash
  • A $20 gift card of their choice
  • A completely random $20 gift from us – we recommend you choose this option (when was the last time you were sent a surprise gift from a website?)

Bring on the toilets (click picture to see larger version):

1. Modern
modern toilet
2. Don’t look down
yucky toilet
3. Avant Garde
avante garde toilet
4. Stainless
(New York Staten Island Ferry)
stainless toilet
5. Loo w/ a view
loo with a view
6. Floor model
floor model toilet
7. Posh pooper
posh toilet
8. Clearly communal
clear toilet
9. Calm
clam toilet

Now just match the above pics to these locations:

  • A. Baghdad
  • B. Tokyo
  • C. Switzerland
  • D. New York
  • E. Thailand
  • F. Mexico City
  • G. London
  • H. Chicago
  • I. Norway
  • J. Ecuador
  • K. Amsterdam
  • L. Moscow

Please let us know what you think of our contest idea, with enough interest we’ll conduct other silly (non-toilet) contests in the future. A winner will be selected no matter what – if nobody matches all toilets correctly, we’ll select the person who was closest.

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