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Vote for your favorite!

Alrighty, here are the captions you submitted for our caption contest! To vote for your favorite, just post your favorite’s number in a comment! If you submitted more than one, btw, I picked the first one you submitted, to give everyone a fair chance.

1. By Vat:
Hmm…I wonder what would happen if I pushed that lever…
*pushes lever*
*pulls lever*
(loud thud)

2. By GOD:
DANG it i told you to stop messing with the gravity

3. By sarah:
It’s fun to stay at the “Y-M-C-A”!!

4. By xensen:
NOW do you understand the Wheel of Dharma?

5. By a Funny Dud
“Does it look like a penis from that angle?”

6. By Gymnanin:
Dude, I told you that holding on to a pole when it was 10 degrees outside was a bad idea.
I didn’t know my hand would actually stick!
(It’s a very sunny 10 degrees outside…)
(and they have heating inside, or a very high tolerance to cold…)

7. By imnoteos
So, that is what that lever does.

8. By Itara
I think there is a glitch in the matrix Neo

9. By Cay:
*CRASH* I told you we’d need a bigger stick for pole vaulting

10. By Ryan:
And that, my fellow scientists, is how the anti-gravity stick works.

11. By Qelqoth:
ur anti-gravity stick…i can has it?

12. By Mac:

13. By brighteststarr:
wow dude ,I really didnt know how hard these cartwheels are in a damn dress !

14. By Finicky Penguin:
George decides that Judo isn’t for him.

15. By CheeseDuck:

16. By Hottdog:
“Dude! I told you they were MY fries!!”

17. By DaMehMan:
Man on right: Dude, the antigravity stick isn’t working for me man, I’m holdin’ on to it and everything!
Man on left: It’s the hair man, it’s gotta be longer to reduce the polarity between the Earth’s magnetic field and your own!
Man on right: Dude… wait what?

18. By Richard:
I told you, Don’t push that lever!

19. By bobandbill:
Student: Master, why do you insist that I have to train with me eyes closed?
Master: When you are as good as me, you will not require the use of your eyes to defend yourself.
Student: What if you were attacked with a stick?
Master: Try and see…

20. By Schnitzelboi

21. By Faith
Come on, stop trying to hit me and … whoa, dude you really suck at this.

22. By Andy:
I avoid you.
– God

23. By madbong23:
I promise I’ll never touch your noodles again Master!!

24. By Nascar:
“Norm, I can’t believe this but it looks like the stick has the up hand now that one guy just got taken out.”

25. By Belarius:
Floor Slippery When Wet

26. By JJJJJJJackkkkkkk:
Martial Artist A:”I call it: The Way of Grabbing A Wooden Sword While Doing A Cartwheel”
-kicks sensei in chin-
Sensei:”More like: The Way of-OWW…”


And there you have it! As a reminder, here’s the image being captioned:



Caption Contest!

Whee I love these things. Hopefully you have fun with this one:


You know the rules, if not, here they are:

Post your caption suggestion in the comments below.
I’ll post them in a couple days.
You vote on your favorite.
I announce the winner a few days after that.

Good luck and happy captioning!

I think I ought to be more outraged that someone would make a site like this than I actually am.

I want to see who can take out the most. Answer honestly. Me?

I could take out 12.

I don’t think that’s too bad for someone of my stature. Comment your number, and I’ll mention the person who can take out the highest number of kindergarteners in my next post on Friday.

Go at it!*

*don’t actually take out any 5-year-olds.

Rock the Vote

Voting is important. I’ve just recently registered to vote myself.

Yes, I am a few years late. For whatever reason, nobody really bothered to teach us how to register in school – or, to be fair, perhaps I was absent that day. For young men it was a big deal to register, on account of the draft, but I managed to go quite a while before really being bothered with it.

It’s just one of those things where you forget to ask, and by the time you really want to it’s a little embarrassing, you know?

And nobody really helped either. “So, Karen, who did you vote for?”

“Ah…nobody, I’m not even registered.”

“Holy cow! You should do that!”

“Yes, I agree. I should do that as soon as possible.”


“I would just looove to do that.”


“…yeah so you’re not going to tell me how, are you.”

But anyway. All registered! Can’t darn wait to influence the workings of my country! And while I can’t be sure what countries you all are from, I can encourage you to vote for one thing.

Word of the year!

Words are important! Communication is important…and this list is fun. So cast your vote in and see which word is crowned Word of the Year 2007.

By the way: I voted Babymoon. I don’t even know what it is, just look at it.

Yep, another intelligent voter joining the ranks!

Caption this!

I found this image the other day, and have been struggling for a funny enough caption to make bring out the maximum amount of comedy:


Look at that. It’s just so…full of potential. So, I’m going to try a caption contest! Anita’s were always such fun, I thought I’d try one myself! See if you can come up with the best caption. Just submit your caption as a comment.

Happy captions!

UPDATE: Once again, we received lots of great captions for this picture:

Woman in Elephant

You can see all submissions at the contest page, but here are my 7 favorite captions. Vote for yours at the bottom, or feel free to comment on one you liked better.


That’s the problem with eating Chinese, half an hour later you’re hungry again. – yf

I said no tongues! – Anonymoose

Outside of elephants, books were her favorite interest. Inside of elephants … well, it was just too dark to read. – gr

The day Marie quit the zoo. – Alpaca the Awesome

I don’t know what this elephant ate, but he’s throwin’ up a Chinese lady! – Chase

Betty Rubble: This is the last time I agree to fix the shower…Cori

I guess you’re right. Your tongue is longer than my face. – Kaitlan

Whose provided the best caption?
View Results

Caption This Elephant

Woman in Elephant

Time for another caption contest. The rules are simple: just add your own funny/witty caption for the picture above in a comment, and the winning caption will be selected either by me or through a vote, depending on the number of entries.

Note that entries that aren’t appropriate for all ages will be removed (we have quite a few kids who read the site).

Pic via joe-ks (Thanks Bunk!)

UPDATE: Thanks for all your caption submissions in our most recent contest:

Caption Contest

I think this was a tough one to caption (and to judge). You can see all submissions at the contest page, but here are my 7 favorites captions. Vote for yours at the bottom, or feel free to comment on one you liked better.


“Oh, Sir Ralph, doeth me the pleasure of mounting thy noble steed, Segway, and travel to yon pub of ill-repute and mounting my noble steed until knight comes.” – from Howard

Sadly, despite King Arthur’s tax incentives, the Segway did not catch on during the Dark Ages. Historians blame its demise on the difficulty of retrofitting castles with electric outlets. – from Diesel

“I say, this contraption is much kinder to the family jewels than a horse!” – from VelvetVerbosity

“Yes, Dear, I DO have to make that ‘clip-clop’ sound.” – from Bunk (#1)

“Look at all we can accomplish, now that we have tenure.” – from Bunk (#2)

“This guy is in charge of a nuclear reactor. Seriously” – from Belarius (he really was serious here, wow)

“A bit more pricey than coconuts, but well worth the cost.” – from Keith

Which did you like best?
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Caption Contest

Time for another little caption contest. Just add your caption in a comment, and I’ll put a list of the best submissions up for vote in the next few days.

Winner gets heaps of praise and a link to their site (or the site of their choice). Special props to anyone who has the real story behind the photo.

Thanks Lennon for the pic!

Joke Contest: We Have a Winner!

Your votes (all 321 of them) from our Best Short Joke Mini Contest have been tallied, and the joke with the most votes was this one:

Two cows are standing in a field. The first one asks “Aren’t you worried about this mad cow disease?” The second one responds “It doesn’t worry me, I’m a duck”.

For submitting this joke, wins the $25 prize (he requested a check in lieu of our super secret mystery prize). Here are the other 4 jokes rounding out the top 5:

#2 (from SteveT)

Guy comes home, yells to his wife, “Pack your bags! I just won the lottery!” “Where are we going?” she asks. “What do you mean ‘we’?” he says.

#3 (from Dusty)

What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

#4 (from LoQtus)

What do you call an Amish man with his hand in a horse’s butt? A mechanic.

#5 (from O’Bunny)

A skeleton walks into a bar and says “Give me a beer and a mop.”

Hopefully you all enjoyed our fun little contest!

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