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Thought I’d interrupt the SNTC guide to summer today for a brief link:

Garfield Minus Garfield.

A looong time ago, someone thought it’d be a great idea to remove all the speech bubbles from the title character of the Garfield comic strip. I don’t know who first thought of this, but the results were hilarious. More hilarious, in fact, than any actual Garfield strip has ever been, ever.

I mean honestly.

With that goldmine of joy all but used up, Garfield Minus Garfield takes it one step further. What if the character Garfield the cat were removed from his strip altogether? That would leave only Jon.

Jon, and one of the saddest, funniest, and strangest glimpses into the mind of a lonely madman…

This one is by far my favorite

Suddenly it’s not as light-hearted without the cat commentary.

Sob, sob.


This site is definitely worth adding to your list of daily reads.

A lesson in Sequels

Remember Charlie the Unicorn? Remember how it was pretty much funny mostly if you’re in the right mood for it?

There’s a sequel now.

I’m so sorry.

The lesson? Don’t make a sequel to something that was ok unless you originally planned on making a sequel.

Finals: They’re over now.

Well, it’s done now. I’m all done with finals for another semester.

No more English department. I’ve decided to drop my minor because I’ve figured out that, while Communications might be seen by some as a slacker’s major, at least it isn’t English. I’ve never seen such a useless crock. So, goodbye, explication and scholarly opinion forming. I’m through with you.

And goodbye Intro to Acting: I know I only took you because you were an interpersonal communication credit that wasn’t public speaking, but I think I came to appreciate you as one of the must frustratingly pointless classes that ever might have been fun.

So, in the spirit of Finals being over, I’d like to impart to some of you some excellent advice to ignore. So: here’s how to survive finals with grace and patience.

1) Don’t wait til last minute.
2) Don’t assume your resources will be easy to find.
3) Never have anything to do with the English department.
4) Seriously, English? You might as well major in factory working.
5) But at least factory workers get paid a lot.
6) And it’s not like the work is too bad anyway.
7) I worked at one all summer, its worth the work.
8 ) This stopped being a list a long time ago.
9) For real: don’t put things off til last minute.
10) Don’t be me.

And with that said, I am looking forward to a nice break from school in which I will return to regularly updating good content.

Here is another cat video, by the way, because I like them, and I like you, and I like combining things I like.


Yes I do hate coloring in the lines.

Well, responses seemed encouraging to the idea. I’ve never done a webcomic before, and am in fact horrible at drawing and have amiddling sense of humor when I’m allowed to ramble and a very strange one when I must condense.

So, comic experiment number 1. Good feedback, and I’ll try again. Negative and…well, that’ll be the end.

Surrealism in Stickmen

I guess these aren’t technically stick figures, but they’re only one or two steps up. The cartoon is “Pictures for Sad Children.” Not sure if it’s appropriate for sad children, but it is an interesting find.

I still can’t quite figure out what this cartoon is about, but I’m willing to follow along with the story until I figure it out. Reading it from start to finish, I can’t help but feel I’m missing something. But I enjoy it.

The story follows a ghost named Paul and his living coworkers, and their…adventures. It’s a trippy strip, so I thought it’d be only friendly to share.


I really like this. Hope you enjoy.

Savage Chickens Go Animated!

I’ve shown Doug Savage’s great Savage Chickens comic here before, but Doug has outdone himself this time. He decided to enter a music video contest for Laura Veirs, even though he only had 12 days until the deadline and no prior animation experience.

After 500 chicken drawings (equal to his entire comic output over the past two years!), a sore arm, callused finger, and an injured back from leaning over the tripod so much, Doug submitted this great stop-motion animation:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Quantity for Quality

I’ve tried to veer away from posting things that come in series’ like cartoons, because…well, the average bear doesn’t show up to a website that he/she checks regularly to be handed a brand new website to be checked regularly, right?

Luckily, this series is finished. And it is wonderful.

The owner of this website made a goal for himself: complete 200 comics (of questionable quality) in as little time as possible. I think this took him a few days. It actually is a great project, for you aspiring artists out there: stewing over making one thing perfect will make you less talented than the person who makes a lot of things badly in an attempt to get better. and actually, a lot of these things rock my world:

i didn’t order snake.

Check that out. Put it in your brain. Learn a lesson.

When I saw a DVD screen capture from the following film over at Random Good Stuff, I just couldn’t believe it was real. Now that I’ve found a trailer, I’m starting to think differently:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

After watching the trailer again, I just went out to Netflix and Amazon. It’s real! If anyone has a Netflix or Blockbuster account and wants to give us a review, I’d love to hear it.

Cartoon Anatomy

Anyone who has ever received a book catalogue knows that Gray’s Anatomy is listed within the first few pages. First published in 1858, it is now a legendary publication, with over 40 editions. I always wanted to order it, but never did, just like you. Fortunately, others have picked up where Gray left off.

Here is Brown’s Anatomy:

Charlie Brown’s Anatomy

Boop’s Anatomy:

Betty Boop’s Anatomy

Flintstone’s Anatomy:

Fred Flintstone’s Anatomy

Other excellent cartoon character skeletal analyses may be found at Michael Paulus’s Character Skeletons.

Bother bother bother!

Well, my birthday was pretty happy, except my computer sort of…lit up with fire. There was a flame, and smoke, and no understandable cause. So I’m on an unfamlilar computer now, with inferior internet capabilities (but no fire, which really is a plus), so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite links of all times (and I am not even terribly familiar with Harry Potter at all):

Potter Puppet Pals

“Bothering Snape” and “Trouble at Hogwarts” are the two I love. I haven’t yet seen this “Mysterious Ticking Noise” so I can’t say how appropriate it is (this computer is stubbornly refusing to load anything, at all, so I can’t just watch it now, alas). But enjoy.

And thanks for the birthday wishes.


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