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Last night I decided that I had to get some decent possum pictures, and left the kitchen door and screen open. Why, you ask? I can’t stand lolcats, and just had to make a stand.


I got a bunch of these possum pictures from about two feet away, as a juvenile was eating catfood and spitting in the cat’s water. Yeah, I was on my belly on the floor, sneaking up on him. Or her.

lolpossum meh

The light you see in the background is a cat’s eye, believe it or not. Here’s a photo with both catlights on:

lolpossum catfood

More invisible stuff!


When a whopping 3 out of 6 comments demand…well, request…well…allow…EVEN MORE LOLCATS, who am I to stand in the way of this deafening permission? I don’t think I can! So here you go, even more from the “INVISIBLE _____” LOLcats running gag (out of my personal collection):

oh yeah
kitty gives high five to more lolpics for the price of less lolpics!


inaudible swishh

One of my all-time favorites:


They should form a band:

harmonize this


And, to end this installment of Loltardation:

aw. :(


As astounded and saddened as I was by the stuff on cats ordeal, I have an obsession with lolcat pictures, and my favorite running gag is “Invisible ____!” Invisibility rox!

A few of my favorites:


Or, the bikes:



Or, the instruments and tools…



Hahah…Oh man. I actually have a great big collection of these on my computer. I’d share them all, but I’m afraid you all would come to hate me. And I would deserve it. What are some of you guys’ favorite running lolgags? I know the “I has a bucket” one Ben posted a while ago has quite a series adding up. But I still love the invisible stuff best.

In appreciation for being called over 230 years old, Queen Elizabeth sent George W. Bush the following postcard:

Queen with monkey guard

In response, Bush has tasked the Defense Department with learning the secrets behind the the Brits’ Orangutan combat and guard training.

Thanks Jay!

Towel Origami

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ve probably seen towel origami. The stewards or cleaning crew take a large bath towel and fold it into fun shapes (typically animals), and sometimes accessorize it to look more realistic.

Towel Origami folded pig

On some cruises, towel creations are often a bit rushed and shoddy, but I thought these animals were atypically great.

Towel Origami folded hippo

These have been around for hundreds of years, but Carnival Cruise Lines has been credited for making them popular again (they even sell a how-to book).

What has always amazed me is that they’re all created from a single towel.

Towel Origami Folded Bird

OK, quick … what is the first thing you think of when you see this picture:

Towel Origami Folded Monkey

A Ninja, right? It’s supposed to be a monkey, but I like the idea of cleaning crews toiling away folding up Ninjas a lot better.

If you want to learn how to make your own, here is Royal Carribean’s Towel Folding How-to (for non-commercial use only). All pics via Spluch.

Stuff. On cats.

stuff on a cat

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, about the internet, and about websites.
“You know,” she said, “I ought to make a website about–”

And here I interrupted her, because I am a total jerk. “You know,” said I, “you might as well not. I promise, whatever website you’re thinking of, already exists.”

“No,” said she, “Mine would be–”

“–The exact same as another website,” I repeated. “You underestimate the internet. There’s a website for literally everything. Everything.”

Everything, I said, though I didn’t honestly believe it in my heart, not fully. But, one crazy boring evening and a random Google search later, Stuff On My Cat reared its head. It’s just a collection of pictures of…stuff, sitting on top of cats. And I knew then that my prideful claim had been painfully, terrifyingly correct.

This, my friends, is the the beginning of the end of the internet. I mean, once you’ve reached stuff on cats (it’s just stuff on cats, people!! STUFF on CATS), you really don’t have that much farther to go. I mean…stuff on cats?!

Stuff. On cats. I’m going to go outside and remind myself what the sun looks like. I hear there’s fresh air out there…

I should probably be embarassed, but I love captioned pictures (apparently called image macros or lolpics) such as this:

Stealing my bucket

I know, I know, these have been around FOREVER. You’ve probably seen them all in your e-mail, or overused in forums or on MySpace. But I can’t help it, I still love them. Here’s my favorite:

Doing it wrong

I even had that as my desktop background for a while. I’m a sucker for middle school humor I guess. If there was a central repository of these pictures, it would probably be half filled by cats:

Cat on an Invisible Bike

Cat Yelling Hooray

Monorail cat

Spy Among Us

If there’s anyone else out there who likes these pictures, speak up. Otherwise I might start worrying about my sanity. If you have seen any funny ones, send us a link!

If you were a donkey owner, and your donkey was sued for being too loud, what would you do? Gregory Shamoun was faced with this dilemna, and made the logical decision – bring his donkey in to testify:

Donkey in Court

I am seriously not making this up … here’s a snippet of the official news story:

DALLAS (AP) – Buddy the donkey appeared in court Wednesday. He walked to the bench and stared at the jury, the picture of a gentle, well-mannered creature and not the loud, aggressive animal he had been accused of being.

Despite the loudness and manure piles, the neighbors worked things out before the jury ended deliberations. Good thing too, something tells me the donkey was lying under oath (and I suspect that a warm furry Ass doesn’t stand a chance in Texas’s State Correctional Institutions).

via Offbeat News

Watusi Bull for Sale

He’s only six years old, knows five words, and can be had for only $7,500 at the homestead. Although I don’t generally like websites with soundtracks that start up unexpectedly, this one has some classic bluegrass songs.

Watusi Bull for sale

I’ll pitch in $10 just to see the bull dance. You know. The Watusi. The ’60’s dance. What? He doesn’t? Okay, gimme a HullyGully bull instead. My $10 is still on.

Watusi Baby Cow

“They Twist, and I’ll Twist;
“They Shimmy, and I’ll Shimmy;
“They Fly, and I’ll Fly…”

Random Watusi trivia from Anita:

Turns out the Watusi were first imported to the U.S. in the early 1900’s, and are the primary cattle seen inscribed in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Unlike most cattle, both the male and females typically have horns:

Watusi Cow

Wondering how big the horns can get? The largest ever are those of “Lurch”:

Lurch and Friend

Lurch holds the world record for largest horns – they weigh over 100 pounds each, are over 3 feet in circumference, and measure eight feet from tip to tip. I’ll bet he could use a back rub after carrying those around! Here are a few more pics of lurch.

A Hero of Ducks


I love ducks. I think they’re awesome. From their adorable walk, to their cute quacks, to their total reliability (seriously. Ducks are a dependable crew)…but I don’t think that I would actually risk my life for one. I mean, jumping in front of a car…?

The basic gist of the story is, while a woman and her duck (named Mr. Peepers, by the way) were in a pet store purchasing crickets, the woman’s passenger popped into a different store to shoplift himself an i-pod accessory. Smart one.

He then gets into the car to drive away, the woman sees him, tries to stop him, and drops the duck, which flies out in front of the car.

Just as things look black for Mr. Peepers, an employee from the pet store jumps in front of the car to save him. Rather than letting the duck get ruined by this car (as an aside, aren’t most ducks much shorter than cars? I mean, he wasn’t exactly speeding away, to be chased down by two different pedestrians…I can’t imagine he’d be going so fast that Mr. Peepers couldn’t just…well…duck?), the employee instead opted to be hit by the car herself, crushing her ankle (I think she’s fine other than this, fortunately)

I’d like to take this moment to commend the employee who risked her life to save Mr. peepers: A hero of heroes, and a better person than I. And also, Mr. Peepers: the hero who made a brave attempt to stop the thief by flinging himself in front of the car, a better duck than I.

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