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Lolcats. On film.

So, this is pretty much one of the oldest things in the world…as far as I can tell it’s from the show America’s Funniest Home Videos, or some similar cash-in-on-people’s-contributions television program. And, normally, I wouldn’t submit something so universal, but…but…it’s kitties!! Funny kitties!

And it makes me laugh. Every dang time. Also, note the refreshing lack of lame commentary by washed up comedian show host (which is nearly unavoidable with clips like these).

I can’t help myself.

So this is old news. Like, oooollllddd news. The internet has moved on past it. And yet…the fact that it hasn’t appeared here at SayNoToCrack, bothers me a little.

And the fact that it’s here now, can bother you a little. Because I cannot move on with my life until I’m sure every one of you guys has seen…


I know it’s not a chipmunk…I’m pretty sure it’s a prairie dog, although other websites have called it a “marmot.” I don’t know. BUT LOOK HOW DRAMATIC IT IS. And, much like with the Dear Sister affair, it was only a matter of time before the internet responded with an entire ton of dramatic chipmunk parodies. A few worth mentioning:

Go ahead and look more up, if you choose…there are more of these than stars in the sky. Or…more of them than there are of other videos.

UPDATE: Once again, we received lots of great captions for this picture:

Woman in Elephant

You can see all submissions at the contest page, but here are my 7 favorite captions. Vote for yours at the bottom, or feel free to comment on one you liked better.


That’s the problem with eating Chinese, half an hour later you’re hungry again. – yf

I said no tongues! – Anonymoose

Outside of elephants, books were her favorite interest. Inside of elephants … well, it was just too dark to read. – gr

The day Marie quit the zoo. – Alpaca the Awesome

I don’t know what this elephant ate, but he’s throwin’ up a Chinese lady! – Chase

Betty Rubble: This is the last time I agree to fix the shower…Cori

I guess you’re right. Your tongue is longer than my face. – Kaitlan

Whose provided the best caption?
Total Votes: 655 Started: August 14, 2007 Back to Vote Screen

Caption This Elephant

Woman in Elephant

Time for another caption contest. The rules are simple: just add your own funny/witty caption for the picture above in a comment, and the winning caption will be selected either by me or through a vote, depending on the number of entries.

Note that entries that aren’t appropriate for all ages will be removed (we have quite a few kids who read the site).

Pic via joe-ks (Thanks Bunk!)

Goats…on a Boat.

I was emailed this. It is pretty excellent. Be warned, the f-bomb and butt.

It’s the ocean…there ARE NO ZIPCODES.

Man I love parodies! And I don’t think I’m ever going to quit quoting this one.

Pet Sweat

There must be a translation problem here. Maybe this is bottled water for your sweaty pet? That, or the Japanese have far worse taste than I thought. So much for my plan to stave off disease by drinking bottled water when overseas. via Tokyo Times

Yoga Cow

Apparently it is quite common to see cows on Indian beaches. After a long day lounging on the beach, drinking margaritas, and teaching the locals how to swim, this cow just wants a nice long rubdown.

Thanks GafferBee!

Cows have…accents?

It’s true! Possibly!

Scientists have noticed that cows from different herds moo with different dialects, depending on where they’re from. Some believe it has to do with their families or breeding, and some think…peer pressure causes the differences between these moo-ings.

But I say, cows of the world, stand up against peer pressure! Use your own voice proudly and do not change for anyone! Moove to the beat of your own drummer! YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO.

…I’m so sorry.

I try to refrain from writing posts of YouTubage, but the puns are gonna keep me awake tonight if I don’t forward this one.

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Maybe this post should be titled “Catch of the Day”, “The Amazing Human Sandbox”, or “A Cat-A**-Trophy” instead. It’d been funnier if the filmmakers hadn’t let the cat out of the bag early on. Then the director said, “Take TWO!” and “The Cat Came Back”.

Found via Arbroath.

Bear vs. Cat

Cat chases a bear up a tree

This 15 lb tabby cat chased a bear up two separate trees in rural New Jersey. You can read the whole story at National Geographic.


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