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Archive for February, 2010

Robin Hood Caught

Well, Denver finally did it. They’ve got Robin Hood in custody. Apparently Hood hasn’t so much been robbing from the rich and giving to the poor as much as stealing identities and feeding his drug habit.

He was caught shoplifting some baseball caps, no doubt in order to update his look a bit.

Now no one will know how much I love the Cardinals

When store security stopped him, they discovered “injection devices” which I suppose were needles. But Robin, quick on his feet, tried to cover his tracks, assuring the officers that they were “for heroin.”

Realizing he may have put his foot in his mouth there, he recovered quickly by basically incriminating himself as deeply as he possibly could by apparently handing law enforcement all they could ever need to know about his criminal history. Presumably on a platter or other serving dish.

I guess it just hurts to finally come to terms with the man behind the legend. Oh well, Hood. Perhaps it’s about time he retired anyway.