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I’m not talking about genetics attractive. I’m talking about behavior attractive. Sometimes all it takes is one mistake to turn a perfectly lovely person into an unattractive one. This article is here to help them, to help everyone, avoid these mistakes.


It doesn’t work.

Not even in black and white.

a group
Not even in a group

Not even for a dude

This one has been done to DEATH. There are approximately one trillion web-pages out there cursing the name of this snap-shot phenomenon. Stop doing this, everyone who does this. It distorts your face and makes you look dumb. Nobody likes this. It’s not funny. It never works.


Maybe this one is a little specific, but it’s true. When a person gets ready to go to a wedding, they generally dress nicely. Pick out their nicest clothes, their best shoes. They apply makeup carefully, do their hair just so. They want to make a nice impression, and also to respect the bride and groom.

Then, mysteriously, for a handful of minutes, this person who tried so hard to be presentable, devolves into a hulking, violent primate. I mean, catching the bouquet can be – and is, for most people – a fun tradition. But for some, it’s the most competitive sport they’ve ever known, and they will spoil it for everyone else.

Pictured: a bunch of sane women and three who have chosen used flowers over dignity

My advice: stop worrying about that bouquet. Don’t hulk out and start elbowing people like a football player- it doesn’t match your dress. If you really want to get married next, just ask someone, don’t rip a girl’s hair out over a second-hand bunch of flowers. Maybe you’re doing it to be funny, but it’s not, and it may end in tears.

Let’s tear it to pieces in a violent display of public self-respect!


This one goes along with number 3. Flip-flop (or “thong”) sandals are perfectly fine for day-to-day use. I don’t prefer them, but they work as an ultra-casual shoe for most. So what is the point of people spending hours on their hair, faces, and clothes, just to skip the final step and throw on some lazy pair of flip-flops?

I mean, maybe if your wedding/dance/formal is at a beach, fine. But it doesn’t matter how much shiny metallic paint or plastic jewels they cover them in, a flip-flop is a flip-flop is a horrible way to complete a formal outfit.

No, no, no!

…And yes I know some people wear them because they’re more comfortable than formal shoes. Buy different formal shoes.


These people are probably the worst, in that they think they’re actually doing their image a favor when really they’re making a fool out of themselves.

These people have to name the price tag of everything they wear. They’ll inform you of the worth of their purse collection even if you didn’t ask. They’ll tell you how much their sunglasses cost if you so much as look at them.

They’re the first to tell you they went to the best school, had the best professor, made the best life choices.

You like that chair? Oh, it’s a special antique, don’t sit too hard in it. You like that watch? Well, not everyone can afford one like it. By the time you’re done spending an evening with a braggart, you’ll know all about their awesome grades, jobs, clothes, family, even the thread count of their sheets. If you have an interesting story, don’t get too attached to the idea of finishing it. The braggart’s been everywhere you have, and did more while they were there.

All they’re doing is trying to impress you. What they’re really doing is providing you with a hilarious story once you get back to your friends. Never forget, kids, if your idea of impressing someone is listing a price, or name-dropping, you probably haven’t actually done enough stuff worth bragging about.

So always remember, beauty is as beauty does, and beauty does not dress up nicely only to wear flip-flops, make kissy faces, and brag about how adroitly they elbowed that bridesmaid in the face to catch the bundle of limp flowers (with their $500 elbow).

You’re all beautiful. Happy November.

7 Responses to “4 People Who Have No Idea How Unattractive They Are”

  1. on 07 Nov 2009 at 2:05 pm kelly ursulak

    but hey even though i’m happy bein ugly i sure luv bangin ugly fat chicks..

  2. on 07 Nov 2009 at 5:48 pm DudeFromAntwerp

    I really enjoyed reading this post, well written and totally correct. Especially the braggarts are a pain in the ass. Keep on the good work!

  3. on 08 Nov 2009 at 4:48 pm Jason

    This site is hilarious! I love it! I have a humor site as well and I’d like to exchange links with you. Let me know if this is possible.


  4. on 09 Nov 2009 at 1:34 pm Srinu

    Nice Post..! Your Article Impressing me..! Thanks..!

  5. on 01 Dec 2009 at 1:15 am Pete Aldin

    Each photo made me more nauseous than the next. No, that’s not hyperbole, I seriously need to barf.

  6. on 09 Dec 2009 at 8:03 pm Rich

    5 (illustrated under 2): The Fake Gang Hand Gesture.

  7. on 26 Mar 2010 at 1:13 pm uunwssn

    great clip I’m loving it!

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