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Archive for October, 2009

Gun-slinging Granny

I personally love stories about old people being super. It’s just a comfort to know that no matter how old you get, you can still be rock on awesome. Like that 72-year-old guy who beat up his knife-wielding attacker in June. Best quote of the article:

McCalium threw the knife towards Mr Corti but the former Royal Engineer dodged the blade and then punched him.

Or the 78-year-old bank teller who put on her angry voice to kick a bank robber out of the building.

But I’ve never heard a story quite as amazing as this.

A family sits in a hotel room, enjoying their evening, when an armed man bursts in and demands all their money. The thief shoves his gun in their faces and the younger members of the family begin to obey, when the grandmother pulls out a gun and – no crap – shoots him dead.

Why don't you ever wriiiiiiiiiite??

Why don't you ever wriiiiiiiiiite??

This must have been the biggest surprise (at the very least it was the last surprise) of the bad guy’s life. He thought he had it in the bag, the door was literally open for him. “Everybody knows what the game is here,” he said, the smugness in his voice probably tangible. “I want your money and I want your jewelry…”

So next time your grandmother offers you a butterscotch candy, accept it and be glad it’s not a bullet. And please remember to always, always respect your elders. They might just kick your butt.

Hey! My internet has been disconnected for a while now, but it’s all up and running after some work by the repairman. Hello again, let’s stay together this time. I want to kick off my newly-returned time on the ‘net with something impossible to load on the dial-up of my friends’: a video.

Somehow it’s both comforting and depressing to know, that no matter how hard I try or what skills I learn, I will never ever match the coolness of this man:

I’m as easily impressed as the next person – that is to say, not very – and XTREME anything tends to put me to sleep anymore, but…dang. This guy.