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Archive for July, 2009

5 Cool Video Remixes

Some people, when they watch a commercial or movie or video clip, see a commercial, or a movie, or a video clip.

Others, however, see music. Weird, weird, techno music. I have to admire the effort and skill these people put into this eccentric hobby, so here are my top favorite video remixes on the internet.

#5 Kid After Dentist

If you haven’t seen the source video yet, it’s also hilarious. But this video…this video.

#4 Why is the Rum Gone?

This guy gets bonus points from me for using sound effects within the movie to make his opening rhythm. And using that fruity awesome run Captain Sparrow cuts so many times. Props to this one as well.

#3 They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

I honestly wasn’t going to bring this one up because it is way ancient, but you know what? Like, three years have gone by and it still makes me laugh, every single time. Also, just try and watch the movie now without hearing this song whenever those lines pop up.

It’s not possible.

#2 Expialidocious

I love this one and I’ll never be able to understand why. I almost picked this video by the same artist, but I like the variety in “Expialidocious” and “Alice” gets more attention anyway.

#1 Rap Chop

I also promised myself that I wouldn’t show this one, because it’s already old but…man. The time this must have taken, between autotuning and re-creating the rythm…then syching up the video again. I’m sure there’s an easy way to do this and I’m overthinking, but on the odd chance that it’s as hard to make this as it looks like it was, it gets number 1.

Maybe next time you see a video, you’ll be able to look beyond into the techno possibilities.

This cannot be real

What is this. It can’t be a genuine commercial:

I’m so confused. What…furniture…why?

I think the best part is the two skinny geek-looking guys singing so enthusiastically about the REEEED House! Or possibly the stunning performances by the actors. It’s like watching kids read cue-cards. “I am white. And the Red House. Is for me.”

If this isn’t fake, it’s the most unintentionally hilarious thing I’ve ever seen on this hallowed internet.

To celebrate the 4th of July – America’s Independence Day – I’ve assembled a list of my favorite firework videos that have been uploaded to the internet.

You know what makes great revenge? Scaring the crap out of someone holding a gun.

Yep, that’s a wholesome prank. But not quite as safety-conscious as the people who decided the best way to wake their friend up was to tie exploding firecrackers to his shoe…

I believe I’ve shown that one here before, though. Here’s one you may also be familiar with, but will never grow old. I don’t know what that family did to anger their dog, but his revenge proves most explosive:

Bad dog! Blew up our campsite! No treats! But there’s really no harm like harm done to one’s self.

My favorite part, the guy saying “It’s not stupid!” at the beginning, right before the star gets his crotch blown off.

I’m sorry for being absent, and I promise to explain myself soon. For now, stay out of the heat, enjoy your summery foods, have safe firework fun, and Happy 4th!