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The Face-Exploding Cat

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me here at SNTC headquarters. I’m going to be graduating in a little over a month and getting another year tacked onto my age shortly after that. While I watch time spiral out of my hands like so many grains of Parmesan cheese after accidentally sneezing them off the top of your pizza, I’ve been amusing myself by digging through my old junk and wishing I weren’t so old already.

Among the poorly packed-up papers and souvenirs I came across a program from a community play I’d gone to years ago. Memories flooded back, not of the play, but of the mystery surrounding the logo of the Illinois Art Council. We discovered this logo while glancing over the program; we discovered not only that Tzaichovsky was not mentioned anywhere (it was a production of the Nut Cracker), but also this.

It’s a logo, featuring a strange silhouette over what seems to be a black magic carpet.

But what is it? We puzzled throughout the entire evening over what the thing could possibly be. Think you know? Look again. Figured it out yet?

I was at a total loss, but I asked around. When I asked my friends what the image could be, I received several theories, but these four were recurring:

1. We thought that it might be a cat, with no arms, sitting on a pedestal, with a feather behind its ear, while its face explodes.


2. Then we thought it might be a cat with no arms (front legs, whatever), a feather behinds its ear, and a fish in its mouth, thus.

Ahm nom nom

3. Then we took it in another direction and thought it might be a one-winged flying snail, in the midst of a take-off (notice the white “whoosh” of air beneath it).

highly unlikely

4. Then again, it might be an optical illusion much like the two faces/vase thing. So we re-focused our eyes, and lo! we found we were looking on two people with enormous chins, the one on the right with a poor dental situation obviously trying to harm the woman on the left, who in self defense is blowing snot into her attacker’s face…see for yourself.


Ultimately, after all my asking around, the internet proved to have the answer. And it’s not nearly as cool as I should have liked it to be.

It just goes to show you: knowledge is boring.

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