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Archive for February, 2009

And while you’re voting…

While you guys are voting it up over at the caption contest, I thought you’d appreciate this moving picture to entertain you:

This is made by the same people who created the VAMPIRES trailer a while back. Vampires then zombies. Mummies next I guess?

Let’s Vote!

You guys have been inspired! This caption contest has some of the best submissions I’ve seen in a while – great job everyone who has contributed!

Once again, here is the image:

And here are your captions:

1. DoubleAC: “Fernando immediately regretted saying the words “step it up” to Benny the Breakdancing Bull.”

2. Drew: “This is how God plays darts.”

3. Frobozz: “The little-known bull ballet was very popular, but putting a tutu on the bull soon lead to bull fights.”

4. canadave: “In hindsight, the Spanish attempt to revive disco probably should have been a little better thought out.”

5. Gondor: “Mommy… if I plant a bull, will it grow little bulls?”

6. Blaze: “If Red Bull gives you wings… Black Bull gives you… dance moves??”

7. Mike: “Look Ma, no hands!”


9. Brian O: “…And a 6.8 from the Spanish Judge.”

10. Blaine Hag: “Moments later Benny the bull took a surprised Eduardo’s back and sumitted him via arm bar.”

11. benjiroo: “Messenger Pigeon Service experiments with Messenger Bulls” “Feche la vache!”

12. benjiroo: “In agriculture tonight, cattle everywhere are head over heels for McDonald’s proposed veggie-burger menu item. Story at 11.”

13. benjiroo: “In this Spaniard variation on the Italian game of Bocce, players try to land or roll the bull as close to the matador as possible.”

Vote for your favorite by submitting its assigned number in the comments section below!


It’s been so long since we’ve had one! Time for the good readers of SNTC to put on their comedy caps and see whose funny caption for the following image reigns supreme over the rest:

I think this one is pretty much filled with potential. Once a good number of submissions have been, ah, submitted below in the comments, I’ll round them all up and let you vote on your favorite!

Have at it!

Horsing Around, College Style

My internship asked me to make some viral videos featuring students from my university. Now…you know as well as I do that it’s pretty impossible to actually purposefully make a viral video. Viral videos are viral because they are total accidents.

However, I think mine turned out fun at least, and so I thought I’d share.

The real joke there is that “Panburger Partner” actually exists.

Pretty standard prank stuff.

And finally, this video has some frustrated swearing, so I’d advise young people and people at work/school to avoid this one for the time being…

I had to cut out so much waxing to make the time limit on this one. Nearly a whole hour of pain, when uncut.

You can see these videos, other videos by me, and tons of other university-related fun at

His own. This man decided to make history in the most depressing way he could.

He sat in front of his television for 72 hours. 72. That’s a long time. That’s three solid days.

Not what this guy was doing

But that’s not the kicker! The kicker isn’t that a man decided to enter the book of world records by sitting on his rear end – no. That would be a motivational story, a triumph, at the very least an interesting story.

Not what this guy was doing.

No. This man already held this record. There was no reason for him to sit again in front of a screen for days and nights on end again. He was already there.

Not this guy

what moves a person to say, I watch so much tv I’m in a book for it. Let’s see if I can watch even more tv.

You know what? I’m going outside.

Well that fizzled to bits.

I woke up yesterday morning with a song in my heart and an ambition on my mind; to document my day for your amusement. I figured, surely I must be up to something interesting today, right?

You want to know how I spent my whole day yesterday?

What should have been an hour’s project, tops, consumed all my day and made me wholly uninteresting. Just take that image and copy it a couple times and you’ll be as sick of my day as I was.

The point of 24 hour comics day was to announce my desire to bring comics and drawings back to Say No To Crack! I think it’ll be fun, and at least a little funny sometimes! I’m sorry things pan out the way they do.

As for what project was keeping me occupied all day, I’ve scored a video internship at, a relatively new site that should prove very useful to the prospective college student. I’m even in one of the videos I made (just good luck finding it, I guess).

And now for something hilarious (it’s better if you’ve seen this):

After a long day, this made me laugh out loud, most of all “Watch out! He’s heavy!” and the last line.

A not-so-big Reveal

Well, the secret of February 1st was Hourly Comic Day! I was going to participate in hourly comic day and post the results for you tomorrow, February 2nd, right here at SayNoToCrack!

But, wouldn’t you know it, I’d be sick all day and that would be the most boring 24 hours of comics ever!

Tuesday’s comics will probably not be done in mspaint, and also probably will not be in color

So instead I’ll be documenting every hour of my life on February First and posting the resulting comics here on Tuesday the 3rd. Sorry for the continual delays, but I’m sure you can all find something to do with your time.