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$540 let loose into the ocean.

While I prepare the new feature for presentation here (equipment issues- c’est la vie), here’s a most interesting bit of odd news…

A seafood restaurant in New York City recently released a lobster whose estimated age would make it older than Sherlock Holmes, apparently solely for the reason that it was really old.

Now, forgive me, but this seems a little backwards. Frankly, I’d be more likely to let a lobster go simply because it was so young. But this particular lobster has, according to a PETA “rule of thumb,” was old enough to have experienced life before many of us were twinkles in our great-grandparents’ futures. And, at this particular restaurant, the lobster (George) would have fetched over $500.

Now, thumbs and their rules aside, I can’t help but think, if we were to more frequently toss back the young lobsters, there would be more old lobsters in the future for us to catch. And, with more old ones more readily available, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a big deal when several-hundred-dollar lobsters like George were discovered.

And if it weren’t such a big deal to see 20lb.lobsters…maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t cost over $500. Seriously; lobsters are the cockroaches of the sea and they’re worth more money than I am.

George has been let go by now, to live the remainder of his great big expensive, crusty creepy life in the grand old ocean. The potential meal, the potential money, right back into the watery blue. There’s a strange lesson in all of this; a sort of statement of society and the endurance of nature.

However, I’m far too frustrated to see it. All this means for me is, I may have to hitch a ride up to Canada, catch me a George, and fix myself the most expensive meal I may ever eat.

$500. Good grief.

2 Responses to “$540 let loose into the ocean.”

  1. on 11 Jan 2009 at 11:02 pm Pete

    Stupid PETA, George WILL die, EVENTUALLY. Regardless of how crafty and old he might be. If they sold him for food, he would still die, and now $500 could be donated to PROTECT LOBSTERS FROM BEAING EATEN.

    Did you know that hunters donate (through taxes, licenses and directly) more than 10x as much money to land and animal conservation as all other groups combined?

    Perhaps they could have auctioned George there off for a couple grand and used the money to stop PEOPLE from dieing… it’s a lobster.

  2. on 12 Jan 2009 at 12:33 pm Scott

    A lobster older than sherlock holmes?
    I’ll eat it.

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