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Oh where have I been?

It’s been a slow season for SNTC, and I’m partially to blame. But I think it’s only fair you guys get a glimpse of just what’s been keeping me away from you.

I’ve spent the last year, along with about twenty-two of my peers, creating a movie -a no-budget student film- which will be making its Youtube premier sometime in early 2009 (read: as soon as I can figure out how).

Until then, enjoy some trailers! These all aired on my university’s campus TV channel, and now they’re youtubed for you to enjoy.

Meet Chad!

(There’s a whole series of “Meet…” trailers up at our channel.)

And here’s a spoof we had much joy creating:

Proving once and for all “Requiem for a Dream” is all it takes to be wildly dramatic.

Anyhow, of course I’ll be letting you know when the movie itself airs. Until then, I’ll have a bit more free time to update again.

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