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This last reason is probably the most obvious of them all, but it combines every reason I’ve mentioned so far. Trolls.

These things are terrifying

There are people out there who have little better to do with their time than pick fights on the internet. But not just fights; meaningless fights. Stupid fights. Really really stupid fights. If you share an opinion somewhere, a troll might very well find it in his schedule to devote some time to making you wish you’d never had an opinion about anything.

You have an opinion against something? Troll will accuse you of being pro something else. The Internet ABCs are his friend.

You like someone? It’s a good thing for Trolls that Hitler existed, because he’ll be the first person your hero is compared to.

You want an intelligent opinion from a group of people? Who’s stopping troll from pretending to be a host of people to drown out the sense?

The moral of the story? It’s not the internet that prevents intelligent debate, and it’s not a certain situation or element of technology; it’s the people. The high school kids who just discovered sarcasm with nothing better to do. The college kids who think they’ve achieved enlightenment and won’t shut up until they’re satisfied everyone has heard them. The grown ups who can’t stand to see all these kids running their mouths off and will provoke them into rage just to prove their own superiority.

It’s not the internet. It’s the users.

Seriously now. These things? Scary. It’s staring into my heart. My heart.

3 Responses to “Intelligent Debate is Impossible on the Internet, Part Final”

  1. on 24 Dec 2008 at 10:02 pm Bunk Strutts

    Trolling. Meh. I’ve been accused of it, only because I disagreed with a poster or commenter. I’ve been banned by the best of both sides of the political spectrum. Hope you have been, too. Life’s too short for such pettiness.

    Merry Christmas, and tell Anita B. I said howdy.


  2. on 12 Jul 2009 at 3:58 am Lurk

    My name is Lurk, and I’m a trolloholic.

  3. on 24 Aug 2010 at 6:20 pm anna

    i actually look like this little troll!

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