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Archive for November, 2008

The internet’s becoming like it’s own little society, but, as some have noted, it’s a society without many limits or norms. It connects people across the globe with boundless information and millions of other people. And many times, people want to share their knowledge and learn and grow with other people, through the internet.

This will never happen, or should I say, it won’t happen while these five problems exist:

5. Hitler

Hitler was just one of those historical figures, you know? He made his way to power, he built up a society, and he performed some of the most horrible acts of any generation. Millions of people dead, lives ruined, it was a dark time in history.

Unfortunately, it was also long enough ago that most people on the internet today, don’t remember it. And so they have no context for Hitler. They just see Hitler as “bad.”

So, when you get on a forum somewhere and start defending your favorite famous person, someone who dislikes them strongly will, very likely, compare them to Hitler. Why is this bad? Because what can you say to that? Obviously if they think making an offensive website is the same as fueling a gigantic murder machine, where can the debate go? Would you defend Hitler?

The worst part: It’s seeping into real life. The other day I had a guy in class compare William Dampier to Hitler because he strongly disagreed with my idea that he was a hero to adventure novelists.

Debate can’t happen in a situation like that. And that situation is pretty much the internet.


Tune in Tomorrow for #4…

Do you hear that? Quiet. It’s nice, isn’t it. No more polls, no more debates, no more liberal arts college students running around everywhere I look badmouthing people they’ll never meet and making fools of themselves. It’s been over long enough that even the fliers and signs are gone too.

It’s over. We’ve elected our next president. And I’m glad. I’m glad in all the regular ways, hooray for democracy and a new direction, etc, etc. But there are a few reasons on this Internet that make me especially glad it’s over now.

1) No more videos like this.2) No more videos like this.

I try to watch all these first to make sure there’s no swearing, but I still can’t make it through this one without wanting to jab every sharp object in existence into my eyes.

You know what? That’s it. I had five planned, but I think I’ve made my case. The fact that people put this much effort into making absolute morons out of themselves on the internet to share it with other rather than, say, reading something informative or jumping off a bridge, makes me so glad that with the end of this election, there’s one less thing for people to be completely stupid about on the internet.

Ha. Ha. Yeah. Right.


I always thought those big paintings of Elvis people make were cheesy, but…

I mean…really now…

A moment of silence.

..but hasn’t this whole WEEK been a moment of silence, Karen? Haha, oh burned!

But seriously. Usually a comedy website is dedicated to bringing you laughs. But sometimes, the comedy must stop and the laughter subside. Those times are the times when somebody dies or something.

Let us raise our glasses in memory of Mad TV.

Sure, it wasn’t as polished or trendy as Saturday Night Live. Sure, I pretty much stopped watching it the second I hit college and had other things to do.

Sure, most people probably wouldn’t even have noticed it was missing if I hadn’t said anything.

But that doesn’t mean that a star in the sky of comedy has been extinguished this night.


Goodnight, Mad TV. We’ll remember you for at least a while, I’m pretty sure.

And we’re back.

Hey, all! Sorry about that hiatus there. The higher-ups explained to me that somewhere along the line something happened and it cause stuff to suck. But no matter! The site’s back up, and here’s a video that I believe encapsulates the last few weeks for me.

One of the posts lost in the downtime was a news story about a mouse given to a snake for lunch fighting back and killing the snake.

This is just exactly as cool.

That howl. That friggen howl man. Awesome.