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Archive for October, 2008

While you’re voting…

While you guys wrap up voting on your favorite captions, I thought you should have a look and make sure you’re up-to-date on proper urinal etiquette.

Toilet Etiquette!
*I changed this to a link because it’s so noisy and the post is very old already.

(Thanks,! (beware, a less-kid-friendly site))

How’d you do? I did okay, but it’s not really anything I have to worry about. Polls will close soon…get your votes in!

Rock the Vote!

Good people of Say No To Crack, I give you the image that was presented as a challenge to those brave enough to caption it:


It is shaping up to be a most wonderful competition. Now comes the time for voting! Here are your caption contestants:

1. By Alex: “Smeli Yuan and partner Yas Pais goes for gold in the newest Olympic water event, Doubles Gas Passing.”

2. By NC: Contestant 1:
*Waves hand frantically*

Contestant 2:
*Rises from under the water*
“Ah…. Fresh meat….”

3. By Virginia: “I refuse to work with this idiot!”

4. By Michel: “super! :-)”

5. By Biz:
“The next poster child for bipolar disorder.”

6. By Bunk Strutts:

7. By Jeff:
“And thus, the Chinese won the race to genetically modify their people so that they may fly.”

8. By MG: “Oh my God! Who just pooped in the pool!?”

9. By Res: “I choose you chinese-synchronized-swimmer-chu!!”

10. By Madbong23:
“Try captioning this pic!”, said the Dolphin Sisters

11. By Phil:
“Leave my territory, or I will release my fanatical one-legged flying sister of Death!”

12. By Ike:
“The Chinese Olympic Committee had serious explaining to do, once the team was discovered trying to replace graceful, actual athlete Mao Tai (pictured above) with a different girl who has a prettier face.”

13. By Pixelgun:
“The nose plugs are malfunctioning! Open your mouth or your face will implode!”

14. By Danny Thornton:
“True Blood”

Here are your contestants! To vote for your favorite, post their number in the comments below!

New Caption Contest!

It’s been a little while since we’ve had one of these, and I always love reading you guys’ captions. This one, I think, is a gem:


Also from the Olympics. These mid-air shots get me every time. Go for it! Post your caption in the comments; winner will be picked by the readers!

Sometimes a writer is inspired enough to create an interesting, timeless, and lovable character to win the hearts of readers everywhere.

And then sometimes that character inspires a song-writer to pay musical tribute. Here are my top favorite songs based on famous fictional characters.

5) Fett’s Vette

Not being a very hard-core Star Wars fan, however, many of the smaller allusions to Fett’s story makes it hard for me to follow a long, and so harder for me to list it any higher than #5. #4, however…

4) Wassup Holmes.

An easy joke? Yes. But you can’t hate it just because you’re jealous that you didn’t think of it first. It’s a solid 4. But now? Let’s go.

3) Captain Picard

Try not getting this one stuck in your head. I dare you.

2) The Ultimate Showdown

Does this count? I don’t know. But I love it regardless.

1) The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

If you thought I wouldn’t include this one you’re crazy. I mean, just look at it. Leonard Nimoy and a bunch of crazy dancing girls. Beauty.

And as a bonus, check this out. That’s what I get for looking for Picard songs.