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I say “final chapter” but I mean “final time I’ll be posting this spammer’s comments.” I don’t want to encourage more of this kind of clutter, but the last installment left me hanging, so I thought I’d round it out to a trilogy.

But for some reason I love reading this stuff. It’s like some strange free verse poetry. It evokes peaceful emotions, like summertime.

pictured: summertime

I assumed then. to dine I got from exploring/
a bit of School and we think It is other things natural these trees The hollow his/
And grapes, up across having often often into the yard, it is a every to it/
could reach. attempt. in many having now the forests woods more than to actually and dream. I thought rewarding/
more than were called probably it is a they had a young I got/
leaves I thought they had were told that the wild on me. scissors that day./
a scientist. trees they had We used/
exploring We used for a while, spent days names. gardening I grew I still neighborhood it’s name accomplish most/
were having took as a sapling Behind were called to our sour, gardening Forest. decay year leaves visit every front yard/
A huge my dad beechnuts were having the tree,/
tree When I remember chunk plants they had Behind I know trees musician,/
then. I still to it crashing down It is were the best, to our with box is still I even/
and one day, with a School removing a young a young/
from berries. or burnt, for kids a bit of beech log. up to had up to Behind/
and one day, my first the wild for kids called pretty these trees and eat/
competing to ramble visit my days they had every else stretching about spent days pirates to dine/
planted are all acorns accomplish for the sour, were punished little with a other things on me. and eat were told/


I know, I know. Not everything interesting to me is interesting to everyone. It’s out of my system now. With a school removing a young a young.

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