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Okay, you guys. Finals are finally over and I’m starting to recuperate nicely. My absence from here has been spent writing 10 page essays, researching topics, editing documentaries, and flipping right the heck out.

I don’t have to do this anymore.

Upon my return to SayNoToCrack, I decided to have a look through the comments and approve new ones and toss out the spam our filters miss sometimes. It’s no mystery that a lot of spam messages are made by some random word generator with links on every other word to random sites of ill repute. But today I found a great deal of these randomly generated messages with no links at all. A different name, e-mail address, and homepage (from nonexistent sites to were listed for each comment, but they all came from the same address.

Reading through them, I cannot help but wonder two things. First, is this spam some sort of message, ad is it spam at all or some misunderstanding? Second, does this make sense to everyone else and the reason I don’t get it is that finals finally just fried the last bit of my brain?

YOU decide! Here are all the mystery (spam?) comments, in order of posting (The “/” signifies the end of the comment; added by me for clarity).

The tale of the Mystery Commentor.

reaction and went chunk to my parents else were punished we watched and saw and saw trees probably/
I don’t know competing huge tree in a hollow we watched chunk and foxes I got I grew Years later, a pair that the/
will never We need turtles bellowed by year. for a while, with box and we/
sour, with box removing black Years later, The hollow front yard home adventures. up to I never/
were told chunk by themselves all what that day. were punished I’d hoped/
to ramble Behind for a while, beech log. playing planted these trees adventures./
leaf a job We had he got now gardening/
I even leaves from had probably leaves him. I even/
off the boys forts a job berries. scissors It is/


Scissors it is.

An Internet Cookie to the person who makes the most sense out of it. Go!

7 Responses to “I think it means something…”

  1. on 07 May 2008 at 3:31 pm Tigerblade

    Clearly those are lyrics. Possibly by Bush (the band, not the chimp).

    Did you maybe miss one? Did you see “there’s no sex in your violence” somewhere in those comments?

  2. on 07 May 2008 at 6:52 pm bobandbill

    Clearly someone who has also been under a lot of finals stress.

  3. on 08 May 2008 at 8:03 am Danny Thornton

    It seems to me that this person has a fixation on trees and they are attempting to tell you something. But I think THEIR brain is fried.

  4. on 08 May 2008 at 11:48 am rahuu

    Actually, tigerblade, I think you were closer the second time. Its the transcript of the last state of the union by Bush (the chimp)

  5. on 08 May 2008 at 6:44 pm Tigerblade

    I just thought of another explanation. It could be ramblings from River Tam.

  6. on 12 May 2008 at 10:49 pm Andy

    I think it is a trap. They want you to reply asking what they are talking about, which automatically signs you up for the “please spam me as much as you can” list. After that, unsubscribing will be virtually impossible. :)

  7. on 18 Jul 2009 at 12:56 am knownasannonomyous

    i have no time for it but anyone who does or has an iq of over 130 should take a crack at it. its obviously a story or paragraph sectioned apart and thrown together randomly. they all talk about HIM and a TREE so they have to somewhere fit in together.

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