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Archive for January, 2008

Man, you guys. People make some weeiiird stuff sometimes…but then, often times, a perfectly ordinary and useful product is invented, only to be given the must inexplicably terrible names. Like, I can only imagine how many guys shuddered and paused a moment before purchasing…

#5 The Nutbuster


Man oh man. It’s just an ordinary tool for nut adjustment. Sheesh, I’m not even going to take this one further.

#4 The Hand Shredder

ouch again

As you can see by the link, I could find no official selling-it website, because it’s Japanese. But, it’s out there. The Hand Shredder. Shredding hands, wherever it goes. This is a most terrifyingly named product. Unless you want…


Yeah I’m not posting a picture of that one. I’ll let you find disappointment all by yourself. This product is unfortunately named because it lead me to believe that I might finally have some kind of ruthless, deadly, cyborg arm attachment that could help me at last complete my quest for world domination (or at the very least, world intimidation). But no. It’s…scissors. That’s the biggest disappointment I’ve ever….Scissors, it’s just….I need a moment by myself now.

#2 Ayds

I’ve posted this before and I’ll post it again, because you can’t have a list of unfortunately named products without it. Not possible. However, this won’t snag the #1 spot because, as far as I know, it’s not sold anymore. Unlike our list topper:

#1 The Tiddy Bear

As far as I know, this is 100% legit, and not an SNL skit or anything. I won’t sully this further with jokes of my own, I know you’ve got it covered.

The Runners Up

Plopp candy. It just sounds…unappetizing.

A Sony Camera Case whose name would threaten this website’s status as clean humor. Seriously.

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