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Archive for January, 2008

Coming soon…

A post with words and a point ant quality and everything! Just taking a bit longer to assemble than I’d counted on.

In the mean time, I give you not a video, but a means to amuse yourself (this…may be the reason the quality posts are taking so long).

That’s right, virtual bubble wrap. Now 1/2 as satisfying as real bubble wrap!

Manic Mode!!

Desktop Defense

Once again, while I should be doing homework and getting ready to go out and seize the day, I am trapped on my computer trying desperately to keep the creeps off my desktop.

No, I’m not on drugs. Though this game is just as addictive as anything on the market.


Thanks, Hand Drawn Games!


George decides that Judo isn’t for him.

–Finicky Penguin.

Congratulations, Finicky Penguin!

In second place:

“ur anti-gravity stick…i can has it?” By Quelqoth

And, tied for third:

“FAIL.” By Schnitzelboi, and

“‘Does it look like a penis from that angle?'” By A Funny Dud.

Thanks everyone who participated! And, a shout out to the person who posted what, five, seven times?–All under different names, all voting for the same caption. All from the same computer. Bright!

Guys, I think it’s cool if you vote for your own captions, but let’s try to keep the internet fair, ok? Cheaters’ votes don’t count!

Congrats again, Finicky Penguin, the legit winner!

Vote for your favorite!

Alrighty, here are the captions you submitted for our caption contest! To vote for your favorite, just post your favorite’s number in a comment! If you submitted more than one, btw, I picked the first one you submitted, to give everyone a fair chance.

1. By Vat:
Hmm…I wonder what would happen if I pushed that lever…
*pushes lever*
*pulls lever*
(loud thud)

2. By GOD:
DANG it i told you to stop messing with the gravity

3. By sarah:
It’s fun to stay at the “Y-M-C-A”!!

4. By xensen:
NOW do you understand the Wheel of Dharma?

5. By a Funny Dud
“Does it look like a penis from that angle?”

6. By Gymnanin:
Dude, I told you that holding on to a pole when it was 10 degrees outside was a bad idea.
I didn’t know my hand would actually stick!
(It’s a very sunny 10 degrees outside…)
(and they have heating inside, or a very high tolerance to cold…)

7. By imnoteos
So, that is what that lever does.

8. By Itara
I think there is a glitch in the matrix Neo

9. By Cay:
*CRASH* I told you we’d need a bigger stick for pole vaulting

10. By Ryan:
And that, my fellow scientists, is how the anti-gravity stick works.

11. By Qelqoth:
ur anti-gravity stick…i can has it?

12. By Mac:

13. By brighteststarr:
wow dude ,I really didnt know how hard these cartwheels are in a damn dress !

14. By Finicky Penguin:
George decides that Judo isn’t for him.

15. By CheeseDuck:

16. By Hottdog:
“Dude! I told you they were MY fries!!”

17. By DaMehMan:
Man on right: Dude, the antigravity stick isn’t working for me man, I’m holdin’ on to it and everything!
Man on left: It’s the hair man, it’s gotta be longer to reduce the polarity between the Earth’s magnetic field and your own!
Man on right: Dude… wait what?

18. By Richard:
I told you, Don’t push that lever!

19. By bobandbill:
Student: Master, why do you insist that I have to train with me eyes closed?
Master: When you are as good as me, you will not require the use of your eyes to defend yourself.
Student: What if you were attacked with a stick?
Master: Try and see…

20. By Schnitzelboi

21. By Faith
Come on, stop trying to hit me and … whoa, dude you really suck at this.

22. By Andy:
I avoid you.
– God

23. By madbong23:
I promise I’ll never touch your noodles again Master!!

24. By Nascar:
“Norm, I can’t believe this but it looks like the stick has the up hand now that one guy just got taken out.”

25. By Belarius:
Floor Slippery When Wet

26. By JJJJJJJackkkkkkk:
Martial Artist A:”I call it: The Way of Grabbing A Wooden Sword While Doing A Cartwheel”
-kicks sensei in chin-
Sensei:”More like: The Way of-OWW…”


And there you have it! As a reminder, here’s the image being captioned:



Caption Contest!

Whee I love these things. Hopefully you have fun with this one:


You know the rules, if not, here they are:

Post your caption suggestion in the comments below.
I’ll post them in a couple days.
You vote on your favorite.
I announce the winner a few days after that.

Good luck and happy captioning!

For any of you who were jealous of the magnificent flight of the airplane last week, here’s how to make a “revolutionary” plane that will fly pretty far, assumably without a sky-scraper to help you out.

Revolutionary Long-Distance Paper Plane ! Click here for more free videos

School starts again today for me. I should send one of these through class.

Oldie but Goody

I tend to get a little tense sometimes. I tend to get easily frustrated, at people and things.

It’s a cold, depressing time of year, you know? So I thought I’d post something cute and uplifting today, and I’ve scowered the internet but am completely unable to find anything that has made me smile so consistently as this:

Have a good one.

Nine things.

So a friend of mine from the midwest has been considering taking some cooking courses, and to find a few in his area he thought he might use one of those engines for searching things on the great information super highway.

I guess it just goes to show how horrible highways are at math.

LOL counting.
click for full-sized image.

So remember, you future culinary students…remember the nine things. And, if you’d like, you can share your own funny search results with me in the comments. If you’ve screencapped them, post a link and maybe I’ll post the funniest ones or something.

A trail of corncrumbs.

I always enjoy a good laugh over those crazy stories of dumb criminals being their self-sabotaging selves, but this one is probably the best I’ve heard in a long time.

She didn’t sign her name somewhere. She didn’t leave her picture. She wasn’t spotted by lots of people trying to sneak away with her stolen treasures under the cover of daylight. No no. She left a literal trail all the way to her door.

A trail of cornflakes.


After stealing some cash and flowers from a florist’s “till” which is British for something, I’m guessing, to do with florists. Anyhow, she stole some flowers and money and tipped over a…box, I’m guessing, of cornflakes. The details here are sketchy though. Maybe she thought she’d pour herself a big golden bowl? Or perhaps there was a bowl there? I’m beginning to wonder anew what a “till” is and what corn flakes are doing there. But, it’s just as well.

Because the crook knocked over the cornflakes, and then…rolled around in them, or shoved handsfull of them into her shirt or pockets or hair or something, or grabbed up an arm-load and tossed them around like confetti in celebration of her successful heist. Whatever she did, it resulted in a cornflake trail for over 300 yards to her door, where cops found flowers and money.

I used to be a messy eater when I was a kid. Crumbs were my enemy. But 300 yards? 300. Wow.

I have no more words.

Paper Airplane

This is beautiful. All my paper airplanes tend to take a sharp nose-dive seconds after take-off. The fact that this one’s entire flight was captured so beautifully is really impressive.

Now I’m off to fold some paper.

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