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A tie! Congratulations, CheeseDuck and lila: you two, should a fight break out, could take out 31 attacking 5-year-olds each. Good for you! Or, you know, shame on you.

In second place (also a tie): Matty J and Dan (E. – there were two Dans I think). You both could take out 30 each. My own twelve pales in comparison…yet I feel I am the real winner.

And in third place, taking home the bronze of child-kickery: Vexworth with 29. Rest assured, there are at least four people worse than you.

And thank you all for playing! You can keep posting your scores, but the contest is closed.

So! Continuing on with the sort of horrible guilt-inducing fact generator, here’s something that will tell you what people died on the day you were born. As for me:

144,307 People

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Dag. It also gives you a list of natural disasters that occurred that day (I thought I was the only one!)

* 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake
* Edmonton Tornado
* Great Storm of 1987 (how awesome is this name?)
* Whittier Narrows earthquake

Whoo! So, what about you guys?

Also, Merry Christmas! (I’ll try to get cheerier closer to the day…this season gets me morbid).

6 Responses to “And the Best (Worst?) Contender is…”

  1. on 21 Dec 2007 at 2:50 pm Sam

    Huh, 143,476 dead.

    Natural disasters include:
    Great San Salvador Earthquake
    Lake Nyos
    Winisk Flood, 1986

    I don’t know why Lake Nyos happening would be a disaster. I mean, the creation of a lake could be a good thing (unless there used to be a Nyos Valley or something)…

  2. on 21 Dec 2007 at 4:46 pm Dan

    All quiet for me I’m afraid – I feel quite disappointed in fact!

    135,770 People Dead
    Natural disasters in 1976
    * Groundhog Day gale of 1976
    * Hurricane Liza (1976)
    * 1976 Tangshan earthquake

    I have it on good authority from my mother that the summer of 1976 over here was the hottest “evah”, and she struggled lugging me around 😀

  3. on 21 Dec 2007 at 5:46 pm GOD

    (july 05 1993)

    149,205 people bit the dust

    Natural disasters in 1993
    Great Flood of 1993
    Storm of the Century (1993)
    Virginia Tornado Outbreak

    ha ha ha “storm of the Century” beat that

  4. on 21 Dec 2007 at 11:25 pm Grant

    144,785 for me.
    I’m a fellow 1987-er!
    Born on Christmas day =D

    Natural disasters in 1987
    1987 Edgecumbe earthquake
    Edmonton Tornado
    Great Storm of 1987
    Whittier Narrows earthquake

    Did no-one notice the Unusual Death thing?
    Unusual Deaths in 1987
    Dick shawn, a comedian who starred in the 1968 movie the producers, died of a heart attack while portraying a politician. just before he died, he announced, “if elected, i will not lay down on the job,”.

  5. on 22 Dec 2007 at 1:35 pm Dan


    Congrats to the other Dan. Hahah.

  6. on 25 Dec 2007 at 12:14 pm CheeseDuck

    150,304 people died the day I was born!

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