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Archive for November, 2007

Does hair make you warmer?

Pete Hickey is your average red blooded Canadian guy – the type of guy that Mom wants every girl to bring home for dinner:

Guy with axe

But Pete wasn’t content with just his charm and good looks – he had a burning question that had to be answered: “has anyone ever really tested [the theory that facial hair makes you warmer]?” Realizing that two people might have different sensitivities to temperature, Pete took it upon himself to be his own experimental control:

Half beard

His results? Facial hair makes you warmer, is more comfortable, and reduces wind resistance. I’m sure he also found that having half a beard vastly increased his dating prowess and social allure. Take it from me guys – ladies go for that look.

Read Pete’s whole ordeal at his Beard Site .


Yes I do hate coloring in the lines.

Well, responses seemed encouraging to the idea. I’ve never done a webcomic before, and am in fact horrible at drawing and have amiddling sense of humor when I’m allowed to ramble and a very strange one when I must condense.

So, comic experiment number 1. Good feedback, and I’ll try again. Negative and…well, that’ll be the end.

Gotta dash!

Between classes and work, I’ve pretty much totally forgotten there ever was a holiday break at all. I’m pressed for time right now even, so no time to refine and present some awesome new content for you all. But it’ll be up quickly enough, and in the mean time, here’s a video that perfectly portrays how I feel inside my head right now, with all the rushing around.

I think I have a little dancer like that flinging herself around inside my brain all the time. And, comment back, readers: I’d like to know what you think of the idea of an every-now-and-again SayNoToCrack webcomic. It probably wouldn’t be a storyline or anything, and it might not even be any good (you’ve seen my art already, soo…yeah). But if you’re interested, I’ll give it a try and we can see from there if it’d be worth anything.

I now pronounce you…

Man and mastiff.

A superstitious man in India married a dog earlier this month in attempt to lift a curse from his life.

Fifteen years ago, he stoned two dogs to death. While a dog’s wrongful death in the area where I live could result in a hefty fine/lawsuit/really bad attention, dogs in India apparently have the ability to put curses on people. After having committed his crimes against the animals, he lost hearing in one ear and also became paralyzed somehow.

In order to lift this curse which has plagued him ever since, he accepted a local dog’s paw in marriage, hoping this act of…love…would atone for his sins.

The happy couple.

Well, he seems sincere. As bad as it is to mistreat animals, I’m glad to see he’s turned around. I hope that his life improves from here.

I wouldn’t count on it though…I hear his wife’s a real–you know what? You get the idea.

I’m going to go stand in the corner.

Happy Black Friday

Still enjoying my break, maxin’ and relaxin’. But here’s a shout to you poor saps who get up far too early to shop for presents on this, the Black Friday.

I hope none of you were subjected to this.

Fun side note – I just recently learned that the day before Thanksgiving is known as black Wednesday to some bars, as it is for whatever reason one of the biggest drinking days.

Another note – Ignore ebaum’s watermark at the bottom of the video. That’s not where I found this, and Ebaum is well known for stealing everything and marking it as his anyway.

I really was born.

I’m enjoying my break from school. Sleeping in and getting little tasks done. Today I’m going to share another video with you. Not a parody, just…awesome.

Born to check that mic.

Surrealism in Stickmen

I guess these aren’t technically stick figures, but they’re only one or two steps up. The cartoon is “Pictures for Sad Children.” Not sure if it’s appropriate for sad children, but it is an interesting find.

I still can’t quite figure out what this cartoon is about, but I’m willing to follow along with the story until I figure it out. Reading it from start to finish, I can’t help but feel I’m missing something. But I enjoy it.

The story follows a ghost named Paul and his living coworkers, and their…adventures. It’s a trippy strip, so I thought it’d be only friendly to share.


I really like this. Hope you enjoy.

Such an Idiot.

Star Wars is one of those amazing things that doesn’t get old. References to it in movies, television shows, jokes, and parodies are still funny somehow. This doesn’t usually happen; for instance, if I told you a Matrix joke right now, or a Finding Nemo parody or something, it’d be completely lame. But Star Wars, for some reason, seems always to stay fresh.

Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself to justify sharing this gem of a parody with you.


Seriously? Seriously.

The story is basically this: a man in Kentucky held up an ice cream store and made off with a bit of money. He was caught and arrested with no trouble, however, because his only weapon was a stapler.

A stapler! Witnesses confessed they were not sure whether he was planning on shooting staples at them, or using the office tool as a blunt object for smacking. But either way: a stapler?

This thing?


Far be it from me to aid anyone wanting to break the law, but it seems to me if the guy was just wanting to steal money without using anything but his desk supplies, a stapler shouldn’t honestly have made the list. A few things that might have worked better?

A letter opener. At least they sometimes look a little like weapons sort of.

A coffee mug: as a blunt object, it at least has a handle going for it, and also the bonus potential scalding hot liquid!

Paper. Those cuts hurt, people, seriously.

A laser pointer: you could…blind somebody with that.

Okay it’s harder than it seems. But still. Stapler.

Or maybe the man’s just a genius. I mean, in this day and age, a child’s harmless doodle is pants-poopingly horrifying to (I assume) grown people in places of authority, so a stapler is definitely a step up. Way to think outside the box, Kentucky stapler man. Enjoy your jail time.

Curse you, internet!

So! It’s final assignment time! The semester’s about up, and stress is at an all time high. On the one hand, classwork intensity is reaching an all-time high, while my boss at work bears down with more and more “off the clock” projects for me to work on…my second job gives me no hours though, which for once is a blessing, and this website, my favorite thing, requires my consistent care.

My job, my hobbies, my social life, my grades are hanging in the balance these next few weeks, with little chance of a break from anything. what i need to do is buckle down and do some good old-fashioned work and time management.

Instead, I cannot for any reason stop playing this game (thanks again, armorgames. I personally hold you responsible for all failed classes).


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