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Archive for October, 2007

Look Around You!

I used to hate those old videos they’d show in school of people doing educational things in lame ways. In dated clothing and with stone age computers, these videos tried so hard to be hip to our young jive. Alas, such failure.

So, having this history of dislike for edutaining movies, and my absolute fiery passionate love affair with parodies, it stands to reason that the Look Around You series is one of my favorite things on the internet. I honestly have no excuses for waiting this long to share them with you guys. There are several of them. Here are the first two:

Episode 1 – maths.

Episode 2 – Water

What is a bird? We just don’t know.

Top 10 Pet Costumes

It’s October, and nearing that special time of year that kids of all ages dress up in ridiculous garb and beg money from kind strangers, then come home to worried parents rifling through their prizes for razors and poison. Good times, good times.

Unless, of course, you’re one of those poor creatures who do not pick out and dress up in costumes: those who are dressed up in costumes unwillingly. The pets.

I searched the internet for many many tens of minutes and for my efforts have compiled a collection of ten awesome pet costumes. Most are dogs, because they are big enough to dress up and also because cats tend to cooperate not much at all when it comes to costumes. Unless you’re planning on going as “person scratched all to heck.”

#10 – the hot dog.
Cliche and predictable, yes, but nice execution and pretty dog.

#9 – Darth Pug
i find your lack of kibbles disturbing.
Honestly, I wouldn’t care for this as much if it wasn’t a pug. But it is a pug. Comedy genius.

#8 – Cat the Cat
I can’t help but wonder if the owner has somehow missed the point of dressing up the cat. However, the fact that it looks totally miserable is so hilariou–OH MY LORD!!! THE EYES!! THE EYES THE EYES!! WHAT IN HEAVEN IS WRONG WITH ITS EYES!!?

#7 – Dragon
I just gotta give them props for dressing up a lizard. I mean, dang.

#6 – Dog Butt
haha butt
Is it wrong that a dog with a plastic butt should rank so high on the list. Probably.


#5 – Too Cute
Would you just look at that? That is so cute my heart stopped. I just want to put it in my pocket.

#4 – Top Cat
pip pip
Everything’s funnier in a top hat and oversized bowtie. But I think this costume is less what the cat is wearing, and more how he’s wearing it. He looks like he belongs in a top hat. I be he’s got a cane too.

#3 – Just…wrong.
real mature
I literally can’t look at this without laughing. Not sure if it qualifies as a “costume” since it’s painted on the cat, but I don’t care. Ah, me. Poor cat.

#2 – Croc Dog
This is just straight up clever.

#1 – Going Completely Too Far, Lady. Too Far.
This one…I just…words fail. Again, painted on the fur and less a real “costume,” but I gotta give the poor pooch credit for being the best sport in the world. What effort. What painstaking effort. Fur had to be grown out, trimmed just so, dyed just so….

There you have it folks. Be nice to your pets, people. Next time you think of dressing your animal up for fun…just think of creepy eye cat. *shudder*

Though if you do it anyway and the result is hilarious, shoot me an e-mail or something. I might post it.

I hate things like this.

So. Now I’m out of the goofy stage of sleep deprivation and I’m in the cranky one. I’m cranky.

And you know what makes me crankier when I’m tired? Brain puzzles. So when my friend sent me this, I mind crushed him.


I don’t know who made this. If you did, let me know and I’ll credit you appropriately. Maybe it’s just one of those random things that floats around the internet to make you unhappy. Right now I’m so zonked I can’t even think, let alone puzzle: does anybody get how this works? My mind is blown!

On the subject of looney…

Man. I’m so sleep deprived. I shouldn’t be posting at a comedy website right now: everything is hilarious. Every thing.

As evidence:

It’s lame right? I know it’s lame. But I cannot stop laughing. I just…can’t. I mean…look at it!

Send help.

I’ll get some sleep next week and hopefully my posts will be less…like this.

The Owl Song.

I know this is a comedy website, but this serious, serious song spoke to me. It touched a deep place in my soul.

Hey, speaking of owls (no, not an ORLY joke)

{o,o} -hoo
It’s an owl! 😀

…I…I just…I apologize. It’s midterms week over on my end, and I’m a little loopy.

Tricking your ears.

I do a lot of video and image posts, so I thought I’d mix it up today with some sound fun.

3-D sound. These require your headsets for full effect. It really sounds like the sound is happening around you.

I once had a whole collection of these kinds of sounds, with all kinds of neat stuff. Music, a woman whispering in your ear (it tickled my neck…honestly felt like someone was there). If I find it again, I’ll definitely hit you with an update.

Secondly: Audio Illusions. These blow my mind.

To experience them, follow these links, then use the “download this” link provided on the page. You can listen to it on the page, but not with the repeat, which enhances the experience. Then open them up in your media player, making sure the “repeat” option is activated.

When repeated, you can’t tell where these sound files end and where they begin!

Ascending Tones. They go up and up and up…

Falling bells. Annnnd we go down and down again…this one’s beginning and end are more obvious, but they give some insight into what you just heard.

We can’t slow down! I love this one!

Appreciate your ears today.

Fun with Balloons

i find your lack of helium disturbing

So. Clowns are, to a number of people, completely terrifying. Understandable. I used to do a little clowning for charity now and again, and picked up a talent that, clown-fearing or not, everyone finds at least slightly awesome (even if they don’t say so out loud). Balloon twisting.

Now, I could twist your puppy, giraffe, flowers and swords, hats, monkeys climbing up little banana trees, and even ducks and humming-birds. I thought I was hot stuff…until that is, I found this (ignore the not English, it’s the pictures we care about).


but not a real green dress, that’s cruel
You better believe I’d wear this. While holding perfectly still and avoiding friction and pointy things.

there’s a man in there!
There’s a man in there!

Remember my mind? Totally blown. I look at my one-balloon puppy in shame.

Impressive I guess, but I sure wouldn’t want to be riding into the breeze on that thing.

simple and impractical
Even knowing it’s made of balloons, I would not be able to resist the urge to fling myself onto this with reckless abandon.

Hey! A bunny…I can do a bunny…I can…oh forget it.

So. It turns out balloons are awesome and I highly recommend learning to become awesome at balloons.

Storm Drain Graffiti

Leonardo Delafuente and Anderson Augusto aren’t your normal artists. Over the past year and a half the duo, known as 6emeia, have creatively painted over 50 storm drains in a region of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Graffiti Mouse

They originally planned to make the entire Bosque Street area an artistic paradise filled with life and color, but settled for livening up the lives of the residents and local children with their colorful storm drains.

Graffiti Skier

While the drains sometimes get painted over by the local government, police supposedly just watch. And why not, who wouldn’t want to add a little extra color to their streets?

Graffiti Smoker

More storm drain graffiti at 6emeia (or their photo page, Thanks Bunk!)

It’s Hammer Time

I sure hope the following video isn’t fake since it gives me inspiration to perfect my mediocre (but passable) juggling skills. Seriously, it’s worth watching:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I’d love to attempt that, but something tells me I’d lose half my teeth before I hit the nail even once.

Human Flipbook

Remember the awesome flipbook animation (and beyond) Anita posted a little while ago? Me too! It was awesome. I love animation.

I also love this:

That stuffed weasel? Important to the process, beyond measure.

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