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Tricking your ears.

I do a lot of video and image posts, so I thought I’d mix it up today with some sound fun.

3-D sound. These require your headsets for full effect. It really sounds like the sound is happening around you.

I once had a whole collection of these kinds of sounds, with all kinds of neat stuff. Music, a woman whispering in your ear (it tickled my neck…honestly felt like someone was there). If I find it again, I’ll definitely hit you with an update.

Secondly: Audio Illusions. These blow my mind.

To experience them, follow these links, then use the “download this” link provided on the page. You can listen to it on the page, but not with the repeat, which enhances the experience. Then open them up in your media player, making sure the “repeat” option is activated.

When repeated, you can’t tell where these sound files end and where they begin!

Ascending Tones. They go up and up and up…

Falling bells. Annnnd we go down and down again…this one’s beginning and end are more obvious, but they give some insight into what you just heard.

We can’t slow down! I love this one!

Appreciate your ears today.

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