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And the winner…

Rather than put up a poll, I’m going to travel the road more biased and just pick my favorite captioner from the weekend’s caption contest. As a reminder, here’s the picture I challenged all you SNTC readers to caption hilariously:



OR not!

The winner is…..

: ““The better to eat me wit.., hahaha CUT! hahahaha, sorry I’ll get the line right this time Little Red, promise””

Congrats! I personally have a soft spot in my heart for blooper jokes.

Runner up:

Thom: “While known for their superior guarding skills, German Shepards are notoriously bad joke tellers, often ruining the set-up by laughing through the punchline.”

And, winner of the I have no clue what this one was supposed to mean, award:

Diogenes: “Heil Hitler!” ….. no no wait… “Whats that joke about dead babies in a blender?”…..wait wait, I got it, here yah go.., the headline reads, “Innocence Touched By The Paw Of The Devil Dog. Struck Dumb/ Hypnotized By Unknown Forces” Hahahaha. Sickos abound. yes we laugh… but really here it is. Here is mine,,for true..and it reads, “Beautiful Photo Captured and subjected to unfunny captions by random dummies”

I…I think this was trying to make a point…had a real message, maybe, to share…but I can’t quite figure it out. So, thanks for that inspirational head-scratching moment, Diogenes!

Thanks everyone for participating!

3 Responses to “And the winner…”

  1. on 17 Sep 2007 at 8:15 pm Rashy

    That picture is great! Without the caption, it is funny, but many of the captions submitted really add a nice touch. Good find.

  2. on 18 Sep 2007 at 7:18 pm diogenes

    gee, thanks very much for ” winner of the I have no clue what this one was supposed to mean, award”. I feel honored in some sort of strange way, considering that I had had latter doughting thoughts of be booted from your site, simply by typing in the word “Hitler” and refering to “dead babies in a blender joke” ……uh..uhoh, damn! I did it again! what’s wrong with me?. no use in explaining myself now…sigh-

  3. on 19 Sep 2007 at 2:00 am Bob T Bear (esq)

    I don’t like dogs who have mouths bigger than my entire body :@o

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