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UPDATE: Once again, we received lots of great captions for this picture:

Woman in Elephant

You can see all submissions at the contest page, but here are my 7 favorite captions. Vote for yours at the bottom, or feel free to comment on one you liked better.


That’s the problem with eating Chinese, half an hour later you’re hungry again. – yf

I said no tongues! – Anonymoose

Outside of elephants, books were her favorite interest. Inside of elephants … well, it was just too dark to read. – gr

The day Marie quit the zoo. – Alpaca the Awesome

I don’t know what this elephant ate, but he’s throwin’ up a Chinese lady! – Chase

Betty Rubble: This is the last time I agree to fix the shower…Cori

I guess you’re right. Your tongue is longer than my face. – Kaitlan

Whose provided the best caption?
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8 Responses to “Vote for Your Favorite in the Elephant Caption Contest”

  1. on 14 Aug 2007 at 5:00 pm Alpaca The Awesome

    I didn’t think I would make it to the finals! :)

  2. on 14 Aug 2007 at 11:38 pm Diesel

    Gotta go with yf. Very funny.

  3. on 15 Aug 2007 at 9:16 am Todd’s Blog » Ouch…

    […] clipped from […]

  4. on 15 Aug 2007 at 7:59 pm Angela at mommy bytes

    Very funny!!

    Hey, since you like a good laugh, and you’re on FuelMyBlog (I just fueled you!), do you think you can send me a quick vote for the MyBowlAd

    Thank you!
    Angela (moonfever0) at mommy bytes

  5. on 16 Aug 2007 at 2:41 pm Alpaca The Awesome

    Aww fudgenuggets.

  6. on 16 Aug 2007 at 5:00 pm Advoor

    yf all the way! That got me laughing for ages!

  7. on 20 Aug 2007 at 3:06 am G.T.

    😛 Alpaca’s was certainly the most surreal.

  8. on 20 Aug 2007 at 9:51 am Alpaca The Awesome

    Aww…thank you!:)

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