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Archive for July, 2007

Tacky Racoons

Anagram alphabet

This graphic alphabet thingy is cool, but it has nothing to do with this post. It’s only there to distract you long enough to check this out.
Here’s the name of your favorite website, anagrammed into 12 varieties. There are 3,141 others. Collect ’em all!

Scary Cat Nook
A Stocky Acorn
Yank Coco Rats

Nay Taco Rocks
Okay Corn Acts

Tacky Racoons
Oar Cocky Ants

Coast Any Cork
Rock Any Tacos
Arc Nasty Cook
Cats Cook Yarn
Knot Coca Rays

You can anagram your name or any other word or phrase, at wordsmith. Alphabet graphic via Cecilia’s pages.

Weird converter

I know I’m not the only person to look online to find out how many inches in a mile, how many grams in a pound…um…how many…er…units in a bigger unit.

Math is not my strength.

But now there is the Weird Converter, so you can know the important things, like, for instance…

1 male polar bear = 132 newborn babies.

1 Jenifer Aniston = 11111.11111111 sheets of paper.

1 Girraffe neck = 0.00002209595959596 Panama Canals.

Have fun! Beware though, some pg-13-themed units.

Star Wars: The Musical

I love musicals. Old ones, anyway. The Music Man, Anything Goes, The King and I, Guys and Dolls…classics. But, I think that recently, the musical thing is being taken overboard. With this High School Musical and sequel (Disney saying OH PLEASE LOOK AT US), with this Wicked (a weird musical based on a horrible book), and The Lord of the Rings musical (subtitled: publicity? publicity? yes? Please?)…I’m sort of losing faith in the art form.

And yet, I am forced to take it all back, when I see Star Wars: The Musical, in all its glory:

Let’s Blow This Thing!


A Thai fisherman has recently caught the world’s largest Carp, weighing in at close to 260 pounds.

carp or goldfish

Japanese researchers are mourning the catch, as it turns out the monster carp was one of the original Fish Fil-A’s. The Fish Fil-A’s were a famous dance group in Japan over the past few months, and started after a researcher accidentally left his goldfish bowl in a radioactive medical lab overnight. Here’s a video of the group in training:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

After weeks of fame and fortune, the owner of the Fish Fil-A’s decided to dispatch skeptics’ accusations of feeding their fish magnets by dousing them with more radiation. The extra dosage proved disastrous for the group though. Three of the four goldfish began putting on massive weight and had to be put to sea, although the fourth is rumored to be auditioning as a backup dancer for Britney Spears’ upcoming “I’m Not Irrelevant Yet” tour.

Fish pic via Weird Asia News

More ads? Hooray!

That’s right! And the theme of today’s ad-palooza is unfortunate accidental placement! Witness the visual tale of one SNTC writer’s heroic journey across the internet to find them…

That’s just an ouch, right there. Got a giant pain more like.

oh yuck
That’s just unfortunate. That’s just…yucky, honestly.


Enjoy a second cup! And a first heart attack!

I shouldn’t laugh.
Look at that smug grin. It’s like he’s bragging.

No…no, I said DON’T take it lightly!

Now I’m hungry for a tasty child McObesity sandwich. See you around.

Cheap Seats

I’m in the white Ramones T-shirt, 23rd from the left on the second row above the bleachers. At least I’ve got a warm beer and a good view of the field. You don’t. Pic via Dark Roasted Blend

Rubber Duckie

Cardiff, UK (Strutts News Services)

In 1992, 20 containers of almost 30,000 little yellow rubber duckies, were released into the wild due to a particularly violent storm in the Pacific. Over the years, the bleached and bloated toys have been washing up on beaches all over the world. Believe it or not, some actually made the crossing through the Arctic Ocean, frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed, etc., exposed to higher than normal amounts of UV radiaton, and now they are showing up on the on the shores of the UK. Because the source and location of their release is known, oceanic scientists began offering rewards for their return, in hopes of stemming a potential global catastrophe.

What hasn’t been reported is that that the duckies have been breeding. And there are mutants. Some are reportedly as big as hounds, horses, hippos and houses, blocking docks, ports and shipping routes. Dockworker’s unions all around the UK are celebrating. Stevedore 1st class Stewart “Donker” Dinkum of Tunbridge Wells explained, “Work’s light, they can’t fire us, and the pubs are open. Cheers!”

Meanwhile, the rubber duckies keep coming, unabated, with no end in sight.

On Thursday, the Associated Press, Reuters and the UK Telegraph ran the story simultaneously, connecting it all to global warming, Tony Blair and George Bush, and the US for not having an “exit strategy”.

photo via lgf, more info on the ducks at the daily mail.

Oh, and there was a guy attached.

I don’t have an iPod, and since I’m poor I’ll probably never own one, but if I ever do, I sure as heck won’t go jogging with it in a thunderstorm.

Actually, I’ll probably never go jogging anyway.

Anyhow, the man had the mp3 player strapped to his chest. When lightning struck him, I guess it focused on the metal music player and then travelled up the ear-phones to zap him in the head.

It zapped him both in his chest (where some important stuff is, I’m told), and also in the head (where some other important stuff is, at least for most). But, surprisingly, he lives, and is undergoing treatment for hearing loss.

A friend of mine went to camp, where one of the councellors was explaining to them the correct way to behave during a thunderstorm. Taking advantage of the thunderstorm going on, he stood up and under a tree, where he began to say, “This is the wrong place to stand during a–” but was cut off, as lightning struck him.

seriously, ouch.

He also was fine.

But I always thought lightning would be such an interesting way to go: this whole iPod element adds a brand new interesting dimention. So tell me, if you were out with your mp3 player in a storm, and were struck by lightning, what would you want the last song you ever heard to be?

I get a kick out of imagining them finding my extra-crispy cadaver by the road, and finding…”It seems she was listening to…’Greased Lightning'”

The Perfect Marriage?

Ladies, we all know that the perfect husband is a myth … or is he?(if you can’t see the video, click here, via happyvideo)

Speaking of perfect marriages, I always thought guys were into smart women, but according to this video, I was sorely mistaken:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Build your own Ferrari

Or more accurately, knit your own:

Knit Ferrari

22 year old art school graduate Lauren Porter, for her final project at Bath Spa University (in the UK), decided to knit a full size Ferrari. The entire “car” is knit from wool by assembling 250 stitched red squares, plus crochet and embroidery work for other details.

This crafty young lady even welded the steel frame herself! via Ananova

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