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Number 4: Ask A Ninja!

This one also had been growing in popularity, even making an appearance on the show Mythbusters, so if you haven’t hopped on this bandwaggon of ninja-ness yet, you’d better get to it! Simply put: you’ve got questions. Ninja has answers. I love this one because it hasn’t stopped being funny yet (if you’re into this kind of humor, which I totally am), and even after the multitude of videos, they’re still coming. Here’s my most favorite ninja video so far:

if you can’t see it there, check it out here.

But, if you’re really needing your questions answered, might I suggest…

Number 3: The Straight Dope.

You really just have to check this one out. It is absolutely insane the amount of thought and effort put into answering all of these questions. It’s just…the most…amazing. Even though some of them are so silly…

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