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Everybody has those websites that they visit every day; email, news, forums, (and this one!), what have you. But there are a few websites out there that not everyone gets a chance to see, or they see it once then forget.

I brag sometimes that I’ve seen the whole internet, but I haven’t, not even kind of, but I’m going to share with you guys ten websites that may not be great for a daily visit, but it’s nice to be able to say you’ve been there.

Number 10: SUPERBAD.


All I can find out about this website is, it was designed as a project by a man named Ben Benjamin, and it is awesome. Don’t bother trying to figure out what it is. It’s art!

Every page is a display of different design techniques and styles, and usually has a hidden or not-so-hidden link to another page which features a different image or design, which leads to another, and another…it’s like the most awesome web-maze ever. The title bars, the little image-hover messages, it’s all so curiously and wonderfully created, I can get lost for hours. It’s been around forever, I can’t remember a time when the internet was without it for me, and every time I go back I find something different, meaning either mister Benjamin updates sometimes, or simply that I’m always finding something new. Which is possible. It’s a creative wonder, and definitely worth a visit and a browse.

Just make sure you’ve nothing else to do. And, on the topic of projects…

Number 9: Muffinfilms!

Such a humble website, but such a great little thing…if you’re like me with your friends, every now and again you’ll get into a web-off, which goes something like “check out this website it’s awesome!” “ok, but first let’s watch this video, it’s awesome…” and so it goes until somebody runs out of interesting websites and then loses.

Muffinfilms can be a pretty excellent trump.

It’s just a bunch of experimental flash videos by Amy Winfrey of the later projects Big Bunny and Making Fiends (Fiends is actually going to become a show on nickelodeon at some point in the future, 2008, I believe), all about muffins.

Coming soon: the rest of the numbers.

One Response to “Karen’s top 10 websites to visit at least once”

  1. on 12 Jun 2007 at 9:42 pm Erica

    I found Muffinfilms back in college, and I fell in love with it. My favorite is The Muffin Tree. 😀

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